Goodbye 2020 – Hello 2021

Hello there! Every year, I try to set myself a read/watch list for the year to come. I've come to despise that moment of realization where I tend to overfocus my reading around new releases and this strategy ended up being the only way, for the time being, for me to prioritize those things that … Continue reading Goodbye 2020 – Hello 2021

Goodbye 2019 – Hello 2020

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Another decade has passed and it is time to round up all the leftover energy to spring forward and continue our search for self-actualization! Similar to my post last year, I bring you all a slightly more extensive look at how my 2019 went and what I expect to achieve in … Continue reading Goodbye 2019 – Hello 2020

Goodbye 2018 – Hello 2019

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Just like everyone out there, it is time for me to also share my top/worse of 2018 and give you guys a little look at what I'm excited for in 2019! You can expect this post to be on the slightly longer end of the spectrum as well. Do note that … Continue reading Goodbye 2018 – Hello 2019