How Objective Are Your Reviews?

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Following an epistemology seminar on the objectivity of social sciences, I later began reflecting on the world in which we live in where reviews became a quintessential tool to selling a product or to at least giving consumers around the world the chance to be somewhat informed on a product before … Continue reading How Objective Are Your Reviews?

Book Blogger Insider Tag

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I feel like it has been years since a tag has graced Bookidote and there isn't a better occasion than today to profit from the little time I have now to squeeze one into my schedule. 😊 Thank you so much to the one and only Orangutan-Librarian for this! If you have … Continue reading Book Blogger Insider Tag

Why Do You Review?

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Have you ever wondered about it? Why do we bother to review? Whether it’s books, movies, consumables, or anything we possess, reviewing everything and anything is something that has become extremely recrudescent in our time. But our reasons to sharing our thoughts with everyone else isn’t always the same from one … Continue reading Why Do You Review?