One Eye Open by Alex Grecian

Title: One Eye Open. Writer(s): Alex Grecian. Publisher: TKO Studios.Format: Paperback.Release Date: May 3rd 2022.Pages: 139.Genre(s): Horror.ISBN13: 9781952203299. My Overall Rating: ★★★ Death has a way of reorganizing a person's conception of life in dramatic and visceral ways. It can bring some together just like it can break relationships for others. Sometimes, it's much simpler to … Continue reading One Eye Open by Alex Grecian

Brood X by Joshua Dysart

Title: Brood X. Writer(s): Joshua Dysart.Illustrator(s): M.K. Perker. Publisher: TKO StudiosFormat: Paperback.Release Date: May 3rd, 2022.Pages: 109.Genre(s): Horror.ISBN13: 9781952203282. My Overall Rating: ★★★ Life has a way of challenging each and every one of us, pushing us to a breaking point and daring us to do the unimaginable. Countless individuals have gotten through such moments in … Continue reading Brood X by Joshua Dysart

TKO Presents Tales of Terror

Title: TKO Presents Tales of Terror. Writer(s): Liana Kangas, Joe Corallo, Sebastian Girner, Steve Foxe, Alex Paknadel, Kelly Williams, and many more.Illustrator(s): Paul Azaceta, Baldemar Rivas, Lisandro Estherren, Ian Macewan, and many more. Letterer(s): Jeff Powell, Steve Wands,Hassan otsmane-Elhaou, and many more.Publisher: TKO Studios.Format: Paperback.Release Date: November 30th 2021.Pages: 180.Genre(s): Comics, Horror.ISBN13: 9781952203565. My Overall Rating: … Continue reading TKO Presents Tales of Terror

Graveneye by Sloane Leong

Title: Graveneye. Writer(s): Sloane Leong.Illustrator(s): Anna Bowles. Letterer(s): Anna Bowles.Publisher: TKO Studios.Format: Paperback.Release Date: December 1st 2020.Pages: 180.Genre(s): Comics, Horror.ISBN13: 9781952203176. My Overall Rating: ★★ They say walls have ears. What if they could also see, feel, and remember everything? Isn't a terrifying thought? A place you call that might have witnessed everything and anything that … Continue reading Graveneye by Sloane Leong

Sentient by Jeff Lemire

Title: Sentient. Writer(s): Jeff Lemire.Artist(s): Gabriel Hernández Walta.Letterer(s): Steve Wands.Publisher: TKO Studios.Format: Paperback.Release Date: October 2019.Pages: 160.Genre(s): Comics, Science-Fiction.ISBN13: 9781732748545. My Overall Rating: ★★★★ Adults play a crucial role in the development of children. Where else would one find an example to follow? Through words and action, children absorb their parent's visions of the world and … Continue reading Sentient by Jeff Lemire

Sara by Garth Ennis

Title: Sara. Writer(s): Garth Ennis.Artist(s): Steve Epting.Colour Artist(s): Elizabeth Breitweiser.Letterer(s): Rob Steen.Publisher: TKO Studios.Format: Paperback.Release Date: December 11th 2018.Pages: 163.Genre(s): Comics, Fantasy.ISBN13: 9781732748538. My Overall Rating: ★★★★★ War often demands an unequivocal loyalty towards your country from its soldiers. Indoctrinated to do everything in their power to foil an enemy's plans to invade, there is little … Continue reading Sara by Garth Ennis

Djeliya by Juni Ba

Title: Djeliya. Writer(s): Juni Ba.Illustrator(s): Juni Ba .Publisher: TKO Studios.Format: Paperback.Release Date: April 27th 2021.Pages: 180.Genre(s): Comics, Fantasy.ISBN13: 9781952203244. My Overall Rating: ★★★★ Inspiration is a funny thing. It can be stimulated just like it can spring out of the blue. Yet once it knocks at your door, everything becomes clearer, even the most ludicrous of … Continue reading Djeliya by Juni Ba