United States of America 2023: New York

Hello everyone! Last weekend, my family and I decided to do a road trip to New York City. It's been a couple of years since I've been there for the first time and the opportunity to revisit The Big Apple seemed fun, especially this time around when I'd be driving us there (around 6-7 hours)! … Continue reading United States of America 2023: New York

Westside by W.M. Akers

Title: Westside. Writer(s): W.M. Akers. Publisher: Harper Voyager. Format: Advance Review Copy. Release Date: May 7th 2019. Pages: 304. Genre(s): Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Mystery. ISBN13:  9780062853998. My Overall Rating: ★★★★☆. Have you ever been drawn by a book by the marketing behind it that casually compares it to authors or books that you have loved in the past with all your heart? … Continue reading Westside by W.M. Akers

The Gods of Gotham by Lindsay Faye

“Hope, I've discovered, is a sad nuisance. Hope is a horse with a broken leg.” — Lyndsay Faye, The Gods of Gotham        This novel is quite special for me. After several years without cracking a fiction for the simple love of reading, I was gifted for Christmas 2015 with a copy of … Continue reading The Gods of Gotham by Lindsay Faye