What Are Your Reading Modi Operandi?

Hello, You! 😁 Now, you might be wondering what I'm going on about today. Why is this guy bringing his job jargon to his blog all of a sudden? I didn't intend to call it as it is but every other logical title seemed to insinuate something that I wasn't referring to (e.g. How Do … Continue reading What Are Your Reading Modi Operandi?

Blogging: How Do You Blog Hop?

Hello, You! 😁 Here's one of the greatest mysteries in the blogging world. At least, it was something that I never really figured out until recent years when I found the only right way to do it. How does everyone blog hop? Throughout the past years, I've seen all kinds of bloggers out there. Some … Continue reading Blogging: How Do You Blog Hop?

Blogging: Who Do You Follow?

Hello, You! 😁 Sometimes we forget that blogging is a pretty social activity (do we really?). While some might endeavour to turn their blog into their own intimate little corner of the blogosphere, the mere fact that their domain is public makes it inevitable for potential human (and sometimes artificial intelligence) encounters. However, most people … Continue reading Blogging: Who Do You Follow?