Dragonslayer by Duncan M. Hamilton

Title: Dragonslayer. Series: Dragonslayer #1. Writer(s): Duncan M. Hamilton. Publisher: Tor Books. Format: Advance Review Copy. Release Date: July 2nd 2019. Pages: 304. Genre(s): Fantasy. ISBN13:  9781250306722. My Overall Rating: ★★★★☆. Who doesn’t enjoy a good story featuring dragons? These giant flying puppies with flamethrowing abilities are beautiful gems meant to be cherished for their mere existence. However, killing these creatures … Continue reading Dragonslayer by Duncan M. Hamilton

The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood

“A dragon handler with her head in the clouds is cursed. Those were my mother’s last words to me.” — Todd Lockwood, The Summer Dragon     Illustrator Todd Lockwood has decided to jump into the story-telling business with this debut novel featuring the one thing he'll never fail to draw magnificently: dragons. Known for his … Continue reading The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood