Doom Eternal (2020) Video Game Review

Title: Doom Eternal.

Release date: 2020.
Console (player on): PC.
Console (also available on): PlayStation 4, Stadia, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S.
Play Time: 31 Hours.
Mode(s): Singler-Player and Multiplayer.
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror.
Developer: id Software.
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks.
Director(s): Hugo Martin.
Producer(s): Timothy Bell.
Artist(s): Tony Garza.
Writer(s): Hugo Martin, Adam Gascoine, Jon Lane, Chad Mossholder.
Composer(s): Mick Gordon.
Voice Actor(s): Darin De Paul, Kevin Schon, Jason Spiack, Keith Silverstein, Matthew Waterson, Elizabeth Daily, and many more!
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 9 out of 10.

When confronted with erratic evil, sometimes the only equivalent and reciprocal force strong enough to contest it is deliberate evil. While violence might not be the only answer to all conflict, for some, it is the most powerful method toward peace against foes that only speak on such terms. For the Doom Slayer, despite being feared by all, his modus operandi is the only thing that will give humans a fighting chance against a satanic invasion and demonic forces. After all, who else is supposed to save them? Following up on Doom (2016)’s success under publisher Bethesda Softworks, developer id Software picks up the story of the reboot to send the Doom Slayer on a mission where the fate of humanity rests in his hands (and his shotgun).

What is Doom Eternal (2020) about? Set fourteen years after the events on Mars unfolded in Doom (2016), Earth is now swarming with demonic forces that have ravaged 60% of the population. The remaining survivors have either fled Earth or joined a resistance movement known as the Armored Response Coalition (ARC). The Doom Slayer, having been teleported away by Dr. Samuel Hayden, now returns with a satellite fortress under the control of the artificial intelligence VEGA in hopes to assassinate the Hell Priests who serve an angelic entity called the Khan Maykr, a devilish entity ready to sacrifice humanity for its demonic creatures. His journey leads him to multiple planets, constantly looking to obliterate the evil spread across the universe. As he makes his way through the hordes of alien creatures, the question remains: Is his war on evil eternal?

(c) IMDb.

The plot is inconsequential to the game’s entertainment value. Unlike previous installments, this time around, it is a bit more elaborated, although still very much linear in its approach, with the journey being divided into chapters with unique platforming levels and environmental details. However, the story continues to mythologize the Doom Slayer in his eternal quest to extinguish demonic forces in the universe. As per usual, he refrains from speech (almost making you wonder if he isn’t of the school of those who believe that actions speak louder than words) yet his motives are always crystal clear. Some iconic moments throughout the story also profit greatly from his reputation and push the boundaries of his badass status to flirt with ridicule and insanity. Such creative diversions make for engaging and awesome moments as you continue to pummel forward through these satanic beings.

The game’s forte lies in its mind-numbing and action-packed gameplay. Through a first-person perspective of the Doom Slayer, players use his devastating weaponry and arsenal (from his iconic Combat Shotgun to his chainsaw) to blast and raze through the demonic forces of Hell that spawn in his way. The game brilliantly continues to promote a push-forward formula where players must continuously sprint ahead of them as they vanquish adversaries in their way. This time around, platforming puzzles are also omnipresent, adding an additional layer of reflection to the player’s progression. The fun part is mostly in properly selecting the right weapons, picking up arena bonuses at the right time, and strategizing according to the type of enemies players face to quickly get rid of the enemies while running around to avoid getting slaughtered.

(c) IMDb.

The game’s visual and technical performance is once more astounding. The amount of detail in each demon is terrifyingly gorgeous and even more so when you get around to executing a glory kill (a special execution on a weakened demon that activates an ultra-gory animation kill). The environmental details are also wonderful. Although the game isn’t an open world accessible for free-roam exploration, there are enough specific details in each chapter to make for a unique experience throughout the campaign. Add in the incredible instrumental metal music accompanying the gameplay and players have themselves a rhythmic and addictive escape into gory yet necessary violence against evil, grotesque, and mighty demons.

Beyond the additional multiplayer modes included in this game, two essential story-related DLCs were also released (The Ancient Gods Part One and The Ancient Gods Part Two). These add a dozen hours of extra gameplay alongside a quintessential story arc that builds up to the ultimate battle between the Doom Slayer and the Dark Lord. Re-utilizing the same gameplay mechanics while adding a couple of additional features (e.g. a grapple on your Super Shotgun for movement), the challenge is cranked up as fans obtain some extra content within the Doom franchise as the future of the series is currently unknown. One thing’s for sure, no one could possibly say no to more Doom Slayer action in their lives after such an excellent sequel.

Doom Eternal (2020) is a gory, grisly, and glorious sequel sending the Doom Slayer on the ultimate quest to save humanity against a gargantuan army of evil demonic creatures.

Doom Eternal (2020) is out Since March 20th, 2020.

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21 thoughts on “Doom Eternal (2020) Video Game Review

  1. These Doom reboots really, really, really make me want to try them. But I don’t know any gamers with the appropriate console and I don’t think you can rent them like you used to be able to back in the 90’s.

    I guess I’ll just keep playing the boardgame and call it good enough.

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  2. Lashaan, you bet that with such rating I’ll pass the information along to my husband and son! They are the gamers in the family 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I recall trying the very first Doom way back when it first came out. No clue what year that way. I was one of the folks who really couldn’t play it, at least not for long. Got motion sickness. Looks like the graphics have come a long, LONG way since those long ago days. 🙂

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  4. Finished this game a couple of months back. Overall a very fun game, with a story that isn’t exactly deep, but more than compelling enough to keep you going. 2003’s Doom 3 still remains my favourite in the series, even if there are a lot of Doom fans that don’t like its slower, more methodical gameplay. For me, that game’s horror atmosphere, sound design and unlocking the story through E-mails and PDAs that you find wins me over, especially since they don’t make a lot of those methodical story games anymore. That said, Doom Eternal is a close second, even if it’s a completely different game. Well … besides learning most of the story through collectibles.

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      1. The original is generally the most beloved. Not just because it’s the oldest one, but it had a huge impact on the game industry as a whole. It came out back when “First Person Shooter” wasn’t even a term, and most other FPS games were referred to as “Doom clones”. People are still modding the original today – Brutal Doom with all of its added attacks, gore effects and weapon changes, might have actually inspired Doom 2016’s direction, while at the same time, newer versions of Brutal Doom are inspired by Doom 2016.

        V1 trailer (v1 released at least 10 years ago)

        Version 21 trailer (V21 released in 2018)

        Some, like the original Star Wars: Dark Forces, stood out and innovated things further. Dark Forces was the first FPS that added verticality to the maps and gameplay, and was also the first where you could look up and down.

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