My Monthly Anticipation | January 2022

Hello everyone,

Who doesn’t love the anticipation of new releases and things that they plan on doing? Every month there seems to be something new and exciting ready to hit the market for our consumption.

Being ready to embrace them with open arms is all we can really do.

To showcase this, I’ll be sharing my top 3 for each category of things that I look forward to this month right here, right now!


Where the Drowned Girls Go (Wayward Children #7) by Seanan McGuire. Release Date: January 4th 2022.
Welcome to the Whitethorn Institute. The first step is always admitting you need help, and you’ve already taken that step by requesting a transfer into our company.
There is another school for children who fall through doors and fall back out again.
It isn’t as friendly as Eleanor West’s Home for Wayward Children.
And it isn’t as safe.
When Eleanor West decided to open her school, her sanctuary, her Home for Wayward Children, she knew from the beginning that there would be children she couldn’t save; when Cora decides she needs a different direction, a different fate, a different prophecy, Miss West reluctantly agrees to transfer her to the other school, where things are run very differently by Whitethorn, the Headmaster.
She will soon discover that not all doors are welcoming…

I’ve been meaning to read this series of novellas for a while and it’s already at its 7th installment! Better catch up sooner rather than later.


Issue #1 of Daredevil: Woman Without Fear comes out on January 12th 2022 over at Marvel.
The next pulse-pounding chapter in the saga of New York City’s Guardian Devil, this time starring ELEKTRA as Daredevil! Joined by Rafael De LatorreChip Zdarsky continues his landmark run and the DAREDEVIL story that spins directly out of the shocking revelations in the pages of DEVIL’S REIGN! Elektra is the world’s deadliest assassin—and she’s taken a vow not to kill. Someone puts themselves directly in her path with deadly consequences. What else would you expect from the MARVEL UNIVERSE’S GREATEST HUNTER?!

The title reference to one of the most successful classics by Frank Miller is ambitious as hell but who knows, maybe writer Chip Zdarsky knows what he’s doing here as Elektra becomes Daredevil!

Issue #1 of She-Hulk comes out on January 19th 2022 over at Marvel.
The best character ever is back in her own series and about to glam up the whole Marvel Universe! Jennifer Walters, A.K.A. the Sensational She-Hulk, is no longer savage and needs to put her life back together. She’s got a career to rebuild, friends to reconnect with (and maybe represent in a court of law) and enemies to…well, she may not want to connect with them, but they are DEFINITELY going to connect with her. And the last page of this first issue is going to send Jen down a road she’s never traveled and that will shake up her life and possibly the whole Marvel Universe.

Just in time for the upcoming Disney+ TV series, critically-acclaimed writer Rainbow Rowell takes on the character in her next phase in her life.

Issue #1 of Batman: The Knight comes out on January 18th 2022 over at DC Comics.
The origin of Batman and his never-ending fight against crime in Gotham City is modern mythology, but what about the story in between? How did an angry, damaged young man grow into the most accomplished detective and crime-fighter the world has ever known? How did the Dark Knight…begin?

Creator Chip Zdarsky is on fire this time around and now he looks back at Batman’s origin story. What does he have in store for us? 😀


Out on January 11th, 2022.

Creator Brian Michael Bendis’ character Naomie debuts into the CW Network DC superhero universe! Who would’ve thought? Remains to be seen if she can get enough fans to justify her show’s existence.

Out on January 13th, 2022.

After his epic debut in the recent James Gunn The Suicide Squad (2021), John Cena’s Peacemaker gets his own HBO MAX tv series and this will probably be the only show I’ll be watching this month!

Out on January 21st, 2022.

Having seen season 1 and 2 in the past, I do want to catch up and finish this series someday. Fans are sure to be happy that this one got greenlit by Netflix in the end!


Out on January 1st, 2022.

If you’re looking for something nostalgic, look no further. The grand Harry Potter reunion is here!

Out on January 22nd, 2022.

It’s time for a new villain/anti-hero to join the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (SSU)! I fear theaters will be closed here when this comes out but I look forward to seeing what Jared Leto brings to the table this time around.


Out on January 28th, 2022.

I’m currently replaying through the first three games of this personal all-time favourite franchise as I await this remastered edition of the last 2 games! The excitement is real!!!


And so it begins! A new year, a new opportunity to start anew to aim higher or bigger! While there are people who prefer seeing every day as a chance to set new resolutions and whatnot, I still like to see the 1st of January as an easy way to track your own evolution, without crossing off the opportunity to do so throughout the year too.

Reading-wise, I’m going to be steering clear far more than ever before from new releases to focus much more on the books that have been on my TBR for FAR too many years. The thought has crossed my mind so many times in the past years that I’ve come to realize that I don’t have enough time in my life nowadays to read as much as some can to be able to keep up with new releases. I’m pretty excited by this idea since, while I was packing up all my books, I’ve realized that I have so many of them that I’m dying to jump in sooner rather than later!

Blogging-wise, I won’t be changing much of what I’ve been delivering so far in my blogging career. You’ll always see pretty much of everything and at a pretty consistent frequency. I love my blog too much and see it as my own way to journal my thoughts to even think about letting it go. I also enjoy my interactions with those who care, even a little, about what I have to say. Once again, thank you guys for being amazing, for supporting me by simply being around for my content, and for being yourself around me.

With all that being said, I wish you all a wonderful month filled with new resolutions and a continuous pursuit of happiness!

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Thank you all for checking out my monthly anticipation post!

Now tell me what you’re looking forward to this month! Any new releases? Anything exciting you plan on doing?

Yours truly,



37 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipation | January 2022

  1. It sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in 2022 Lashaan. I also look at my overflowing bookshelves and think I really need to get to my older books, then a new one catches my eye. Good luck to you.

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  2. When a comic book relies on the success of a previous fantastic entry to even drum up interest, I am immediately skeptical. I need to just get over it though. New comics aren’t for me and I need to accept that. It’s hard to accept though. Thank goodness there are so many old comics I can read 😀

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    1. It’s a nifty marketing trick that is sure to catch the attention of a lot of readers. I just hope they get it right though because, failing when doing something this ambitious, you know it’ll stick to our memories for a while… “Remember Frank Miller’s classic Daredevil story? The Man Without Fear? Oh yeh, good stuff. Remember when they tried to do a female version of that story with Elektra? Yeh, you shouldn’t…” Ouch… 😛

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      1. Well… seems like our lockdown will be extended (we just hit another positive record today), so maybe cinemas will be open by then 🙈 (Spiderman played for 2 days before everything had to close down here – I guess somewhere lessons were learned 🙆🏼‍♀️😋)

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      2. I got so lucky seeing it on premiere night. Theaters closed a couple days right after here too. It makes me wonder how much more successful it could’ve been if it weren’t for a pandemic. 😮 I hope you both get the chance to watch Spidy and Morbius in theater in the near future though. The former will be so much fun for sure! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. We did get lucky enough to see Spidy as well. They announced the closing as we sat in the cinema (already went to the 9in the morning showing just to be sure). Def one we wanted to see in theaters, the reactions of the audience made it so much better.

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  3. Great post! The new release by McGuire is on my radar but I haven’t even started that series yet. One day! Im also hoping to catch up on older items on my tbr after I finish my immediate reads. Best of luck!

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  4. Every time I see a new Wayward Children book I think the same thing you have, that it’s about time I finally get started trying the series. And yet, as you said, it’s already up to 7 books. But at least they’re novellas. I sure hope I like them because I’ve already purchased the other six. 🙂 I wish you much success with checking off some of the books on your TBR. I think many of us suffer from the same thing. One of these days perhaps I’ll do an actual count of all the unread books I currently own and divide that by the number I typically read in a year to see if I do actually already have enough to last the rest of my life. And if I find I do have enough, do you think that’ll stop me from buying more? 😉

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    1. Same! I have maybe the first 4 books waiting for me but if they’re as fun as Murderbot, I’m convinced we’ll both binge through them fairly quickly! Hahaha it is indeed quite a challenge not to be tempted by new releases, especially when we’re surrounded by all kinds of awesome reviewers who make us want to drop everything we’re doing to read them! 😛 I look forward to seeing what else you plan on reading this year, my friend! 😀

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  5. “Where the drowned girls go” sounds alluring, but will it just be another Harry Potter wannabe?

    I was so disappointed that the HP reunion would not be an actual HP movie!

    Morbius actually got me excited. I just hope it’s not going to turn into a Twilight saga (which I actually never watched).

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    1. No idea but I know that series of novellas has only known love from its readers. To be seen how impressed I’ll be when I finally give it a try.

      Hahah I doubt they could come up with a story for all of them to show up in without J.K. Rowling publishing something about it first.

      I hope so too… Unfortunately, Sony just announced that it’s getting delayed for the 6th time to April 1st… The wait is on… Again.

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      1. The delays are rather puzzling to me at this time. I understand summer of 2020. Shouldn’t we have figured things out by now? Does someone responsible for the planning process need to get fired or….?

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      2. No idea… It must have some consequences… I just know it’s usually such a bad sign when a movie gets delayed and there’s post-production editing going on but I’m not sure if they’re doing that or just trying to push it further away because of new variants and all the theater closures going on…

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  6. Seems like there is lots to look forward to! I never do new year’s resolutions, but I still see it as a *fresh* start. Exciting to see what will come to your blog in 2022 and glad to hear you don’t have any plans of giving it up.

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  7. Wow looks like you have lots to look forward to in 2022! I’ve been meaning to clear my tbr too but every year I fall into the trap of FOMO! Lol we’ll see how this year goes! Always love reading your posts, Lashaan! Wishing you all the best in 2022!

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    1. I think I’ve been discretely living through FOMO every past year too and I hope to break free from it because there really are soooo many amazing books that I want to read that have been published for yeeeeears now hahah Happy New Year to you, Jee! Wishing you the same for 2022. 😀


  8. Happy New Year Lashaan! Have you watched the Harry Potter reunion yet? 😊 I did on the day it came out (just a few hours later) and loved it, it was very nostalgic indeed! I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! 😊 I think the resolution to read more things that you’re dying to read rather than new releases is a great idea too, and one doesn’t mean you can’t do the other either! 😊

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    1. Happy New Year to you too, Juliette! We haven’t watched it yet. I’ll have to try and remind Caro of its existence every time we have an opportunity to watch something so that we get around to it sooner rather than later hahah I look forward to the nostalgic experience and just to hear them all talk about the past so many years later. And you’re absolutely right about those reading ideas. I’ll still try and turn a blind eye to new and shiny things unless I reaaaaallly can’t help it. 😛

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  9. All the best for this new year, Lashaan!
    Morbius looks interesting, that’s for sure. It has more horror vibes than any other MCU/Sony movie, so it may be an intriguing take on the genre in movies – maybe at some point we’d get Kraven’s Last Hunt, too?? 😉

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    1. Thanks, Ola! It’s great to hear from you again. I hope you made the most of your December break! 😀 Wishing you a wonderful year as well. May it allow you to accomplish as much of your goals as humanly possible! 😀

      I’m both intrigued and skeptical with Morbius, considering that Sony’s Marvel projects have been at best “ok” so far with serious narrative issues. They do get some awesome actors to do lead roles (**looks at Mr. Hardy**). 😛 Unfortunately, they recently just announced that Morbius will be delayed AGAIN until April 1st. Not sure if that’s an indicator of the movie’s mediocrity though… 😦

      I heard they wanted to do a Kraven-centric story for No Way Home. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go down that route in the future. Video game-wise, the next Spidy game will have Kraven and Venom, so that’s already super exciting for Spidy fans! 😀

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      1. Thanks, Lashaan!!! I do hope your wishes come true, I’d certainly appreciate some successes coming my way this year! 😉

        Hmm, Venom was a mixed bag, but the new Spider-Man was amazing and I loved every minute if it 🤩 I’m kinda hopeful when it comes to Morbius, Leto can be sufficiently unhinged to carry the role and I saw Keaton as Vulture in the trailer, too, so that’s a nice bonus 😉 Considering how much game and movie worlds of Sony seem to bleed into each other in case of Spider-verse, the new game should be fun, indeed! 😁

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  10. I’ve been wanting to see Morbius since… 2020, lol. I think it was supposed to come out then but the shut downs pushed it back. It really does seem that we’re in a loop, as you mentioned in another post.

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