The Walking Dead: Compendium Two by Robert Kirkman

Title: The Walking Dead.
Compendium: 2.
Writer(s): Robert Kirkman.
Penciler(s): Charlie Adlard.
Letterer(s): Russ Wooton.
Publisher: Image Comics.
Format: Paperback – Compendium.
Release Date: October 16th 2012.
Pages: 1068.
Genre(s): Comics, Horror.
ISBN13: 9781607065968.
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Previously in The Walking Dead series:
The Walking Dead: Compendium One by Robert Kirkman.


Once death becomes a normal sight, there is little in the world that can reach deep enough into the heart to break a person any more than they already are. While some will wish to hold onto an illusion of normalcy, life will find ways to bring them back to reality, a reality where they’ll wish that it was nothing more than a nightmare they can wake up from. But in a world overrun by zombies, only the most resilient will find ways to survive, to hold onto life, and to find ways to keep hope alive. Collecting issues #49-96 (or volume #9-16), creator Robert Kirkman continues his brilliant foray into the horrors of a zombie apocalypse by raising the stakes and exploring the psychological trauma with frightening accuracy.

What is The Walking Dead: Compendium Two about? Picking up after the disastrous event at the prison, Rick Grimes and his son find themselves on the run while dealing with the terrifying and unexpected losses they witnessed. As they regroup with the remaining survivors, they set off into the wild world looking for hope and an opportunity for respite. A chance encounter leads them to cross paths with a peculiar group promising answers in Washington but their journey, through hell and high water, leads them to find short solace in The Community, where everything seems possible once again. However, there’s a price to living and the dead isn’t ready to give up just yet. Will the group ever be able to find a semblance of peace?

“You said some people… It was like a switch went off… One minute they were good people—then this whole thing started and poof—they’re monsters. Thing is, I don’t think that’s an entirely bad thing.”

— Robert Kirkman

What a dark, dark road they walk on! Relentless, ruthless, and gruesome. Their journey is unforgiving yet temporarily and continuously rewarding. Creator Robert Kirkman achieves an unprecedented level of terror, despair, and chaos once again with this group that is never spared of the evil that roams this post-apocalyptic world, living or dead. While the pacing is breakneck, it brilliantly delves into the broken psyche of each key character and offers mindnumbing insight into the horrors of this period void of any true form of a social contract to assure one’s security. Unfortunately, the sinister nature of this chaos, aptly epitomized by the pitiless walking dead, does not forbid these morally grey characters from doing all that is within their power to recreate a life they once had but the realization of its fleeting essence is what drives them to ponder the psychological sacrifices that they must make to become the very creatures they would have never dared to become if they are to survive.

Charlie Adlard’s black-and-white artwork continues to be phenomenal as well. The very concept adds a much-needed air of oppression that simply captures the group of survivors’ sense of loss and hopelessness. Brilliantly playing around with shadows, the emotions drawn and depicted for each character throughout the story also tells far more than any words could ever describe, sometimes hinting at evil intentions and enhancing the dark atmosphere filled with danger and mistrust. Although human characters are central to this narrative, thus making it crucial that the artwork properly conveys their emotional state, there’s no denying that the walking dead themselves are also drawn perfectly. In fact, whenever they do appear, it is hard to forget how worrisome and distressful it can get for these survivors. Their rotten allure is a not-too-fresh reminder of what fate awaits them if they do not continue to survive.

The Walking Dead: Compendium Two is an unparalleled and illustrative zombie apocalypse odyssey shedding light on the foul and grisly nature of humanity.


The Walking Dead (2010-2022) live-action TV series adaptation is currently at its 11th and final season. Its second half should premiere in February 2022.



21 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Compendium Two by Robert Kirkman

  1. It seems to me that if even a very small fragment of the worlds military survived, they could fly around in jets and kill zombies by the bucketload. And since the zombies can’t reproduce (I assume), then eventually they’d be wiped out.
    Obviously, bring “real life” to a zombie apocalypse isn’t a winning combination, but things like that always pop into my head when I hear about things like this.

    Are issues like that addressed?

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    1. The thing is, what’s going on in the world is a mystery to everyone. The protagonist woke up from a coma to find the world in a state-wide quarantine. It’s deserted pretty much everywhere, everything is abandoned, zombies roam around, etc. The mystery behind the origin of these zombies is what<s super slowly exposed throughout the series. Since the military seems pretty absent in this series, so far, it can be assumed that the origin of these zombies could be from them, for example. I also imagine that they couldn't just hop onto jets and raise hell on cities since that means killing innocent people too. Just like they can't just nuke the States and move on hahah I also imagine that fuel is not unlimited there too. Since all the production and trade markets will be closed off, embargoed, and all. Then again, I guess anyone could start speculating and trying to explain those "logic" / "real life" things that could stop a zombie apocalypse hahaha The story is still lots of fun if you're intrigued in a survivor tale filled with nightmarish human behaviour! 😀

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      1. stupid wordpress! I was using the notification area to reply and it didn’t include almost half your reply. sigh.

        Anyway, all that stuff you mentioned, is exactly why I wouldn’t watch a show like this. I’d be like “Well, why don’t they X, Y and Z?!?” and get extremely frustrated that the writers are living in hollywoodland instead of the real world.

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  2. Glad to see you’re halfway through and still loving it. I hope the final 2 volumes deliver just as much. I noticed in your review of the previous volume that they were planning to rerelease these in color. Is that something you’re interested in, or do you think you’ll prefer and stick to the original black and white?

    Just watched the video. What’s up with the Star Wars characters? I thought it was a zombie story! 🙂

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    1. Having seen the later seasons of the show, I can only expect things to remain amazing in the 3rd compendium! For the time being, I don’t plan to but, once I finish this series and look into rereading these, I might give those colour editions a try just to see if it adds anything. I won’t lie that I grew to love this black and white style.

      Hahahah I don’t know what to tell you. I stopped around season 9 or 10 myself. I can’t imagine where things have gone nowadays. I told myself that maybe once I finish the comics, I’ll finish the TV series just to see if they stuck to the source material or went in… a different direction. 😀


    1. I personally prefer the comics far more than the show. The first couple of seasons of the show aren’t bad though, but as of, maybe season 3 and onwards, it gets a bit mundane/repetitive with an occasional amazing episode. I’d tell you to give the comics a try IF you are interested in the premise.

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  3. I’m still hesitant to start this series. Looks good, but zombies are not my jam 😉 Have you finished the whole series or are you writing reviews as you go?
    Great review, Lashaan!

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    1. I’m actually spacing out my omnibuses and reviewing them when I get around to them. It’s mostly because I watched a good chunk of the show and vividly remember key plot lines and am trying to forget the details as much as possible so that I can fully enjoy the source material. 😛 Thanks for reading, Ola! If it’s any help, the series is more often focused on the characters, their psychological trials, and the whole survival aspect of the post-apocalyptic setting than the zombies themselves. 😉

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  4. This has probably been said before but I will say it anyway – I feel like this show IS the walking dead. I mean 11 seasons?!
    How do you feel about reading the same tale over and over again? If you know the plot, does it matter if it’s a TV show, a novel, a comic, etc?

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    1. Hahaha I gave up somewhere around season 9 because of how tired I was of what the showrunners were doing with the story but people tell me that it got better… It definitely matters, especially when you’re checking out the source material because it delivers the story differently. All mediums offer something different in terms of experience and it’s what I appreciate from it all. I also space these out so that my memory of the story in one format is blurry enough to properly appreciate the story in another format. 😀

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