My Monthly Anticipation | March 2021

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

Who doesn’t love the anticipation of new releases and things that they plan on doing? Every month there seems to be something new and exciting ready to hit the market for our consumption.

Being ready to embrace them with open arms is all we can really do.

To showcase this, I’ll be sharing my top 3 for each category of things that I look forward to this month right here, right now!


The Unbroken by C.L. Clark;
Release Date: March 23rd 2021.

One of the upcoming releases this month that I look forward to diving into this month!

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Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee;
Release Date: June 14th 2016.

I blame (or thank) Ola for making me so excited for this one. It sounds too good to be anything close to disappointing!

11924046. sx318
Invincible Compendium Volume One by Robert Kirkman;
Release Date: August 30th 2011.

Just in time for the upcoming animated TV series, I’m diving into this bad boy head first and I’m sort of already convinced that it’s going to be wild!


45178637. sy475
Bridge of Souls by Victoria Schwab;
Release Date: March 2nd 2021.

I haven’t read any of the books in this Middle-Grade trilogy but Schwab hasn’t disappointed me once yet so I can only imagine this trilogy being worth checking out at some point too.

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Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs;
Release Date: March 16th 2021.

I haven’t read anything by this author but I do know someone who has been thoroughly disappointed by her latest books and so I thought it be fun to put this up there and encourage fans and ex-fans to get excited for her latest book! 😉

53321887. sy475
The Fall of Koli by M.R. Carey;
Release Date: March 25th 2021.

The grand finale to this trilogy is finally here and it’s going to be a wild sprint to the finish line! Little Koli has come a long way now and it’s time to find out if he’ll get the answers he’s been seeking for so long now!


Issue #0 of Infinite Frontier comes out on March 2nd 2021 over at DC Comics.

The next phase of DC Universe begins here after their recent adventures with Dark Knights: Death Metal and DC Future State. I can’t really say that I’m too enthusiastic about it all but hopefully we get some decent stories out of it!

Issue #1 of Joker comes out on March 9th 2021 over at DC Comics.

Writer James Tynion IV, currently still writing the ongoing Batman comic book series begins a brand-new series featuring own favourite antagonist! Exciting yet scary, I do hope it won’t turn out to be a flop!

Issue #1 of Alien comes out on March 24th 2021 over at Marvel.

With Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox, it was only a matter of time before we found out what the future of the Alien and Predator franchise was going to be and it all starts now with the first comic book issue to be released over at Marvel!


The first episode of Marvel Studios’ “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” releases on March 19 on Disney+.

With WandaVision coming to and end this week, the wait won’t be long now that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier releases its first episode this month! Marvel’s next phase is slowly accelerating its pace now and it won’t be long before the movies start releasing!

The first three episodes are coming to Prime Video on March 26, with weekly releases through April 30 after that.

This going to be so insanely awesome! Everything about smells success! 😀 I can’t wait to dive into the comics and share it all with you guys!


Out in theaters or upon order on Disney+ with Premier Access on March 5.

Disney’s next movie is coming out this month and it’s filled with loads of action!

Out HBO MAX on March 18.

The fans around the world have been heard. The wait is over. The Snyder Cut is here. 4-hour long. Never-before-seen scenes. The true directorial vision of the Justice League. Judgement Day is upon us. Will it convince critics and haters or will it ruin a man’s career once and for all? 😉

Out in theaters and streaming exclusively on HBOMax on March 26.

I won’t lie that Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island weren’t particularly good but were so much fun to watch. Who can not get excited when these kaijus start wreaking havoc? And now this upcoming sequel will have them going up against each other? That’s pay-per-view material!


You’d think that March would seem like a kinder month especially when it begins with the renown March break but all I see is a month of transition, the end of winter and the beginning of spring. I’m foreseen a lot of busy days with loads to look forward to but I think the key is to find a balance in the things you need to do and the things you want to do. Last month allowed me to experiment with my time management ability but ultimately had me deciding to take a break from strict schedules to focus myself on things that my mind and body could handle instead of overexposing myself to things that could’ve drained me dry.

But hey, did you not see all the exciting things coming out this month? I’m definitely going to be enjoying a lot of these new releases this month, it’s bound to keep me happy and entertained as I deal with the more serious things that I also know are in store for me this month! 😀

Im ready gif 4 » GIF Images Download

Thank you all for checking out my monthly anticipation post!

Now tell me what you’re looking forward to this month! Any new releases? Anything exciting you plan on doing?

Yours truly,



61 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipation | March 2021

  1. Waaah!!! One great book and one terrible flop in one review, Lashaan! That’s too much for my poor heart 😛 At least start with Mercy Thompson series, I’m not sure even you can swallow an Alpha and Omega novel which by its author was advertised as “steamy” 🤣🤣🤣

    Btw, thanks for the shout-out! 😀

    I grew to appreciate WandaVision, especially these last few episodes, but I don’t have high hopes for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Let’s get one thing clear: however well-meaning and nice person he may be, Mackie just can’t act if his life depended on it 😛 whereas both Bethany and Olsen show a really admirable range in WandaVision. And you’ll never force me to willingly submit to the torture of 4hrs of Justice League 🤣🤣🤣 I’ll just wait for your review!

    Happy March, Lashaan! 😀

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    1. Hahaahahah I doubt I’ll be dipping my toe in such waters but I did have a quick giggle thinking about you reading it! 😀

      I’ll probably share my thoughts on WandaVision soon but I agree that it needed a couple of episodes before getting interesting. And I’m 2000% with you hahahah I’ve never liked Mackie’s acting skills (or lack of). It’s unidimensional in my eyes but I don’t mind giving the show a shot, especially with the direction it’s going for.

      Oh come on, you know Justice League is just a wonderful masterpiece and the extra minutes will make everyone want the promised sequel even if the odds of it ever happening are close to none! 😛

      Hope March has been kind to you, Ola! 😀

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      1. I was fairly sure you did exactly for this purpose 😛
        I really enjoyed the middle episodes – the last one was a bit of a letdown b/c of the redundant and unnecessary fight – but apart from that, it was really solid.

        Hahaha… NO. No JL, thank you 😛

        Thanks, Lashaan – and same to you!

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  2. Yeah man, if you want to try Briggs, do as Ola says and read the first Mercy novel 😉

    I need to watch more TV. That’s a thing rarely said, but while I’ve a nice start with reading in 2021, I’m lagging behind with my shows… I definitely plan to watch WandaVision, and Falcon… finish Discovery S03 and a few others. When I have time.

    Oh, and there’s a new thing on Netflix, Kajko & Kokosz, an animated adaptation of classical Polish comics. Comedy in early medieval Europe… I wonder if it’s something that will find appreciation outside our little country, I haven’t seen it yet, but the comics were very amusing. If you have some time, see the first episode (it’s might not be available everywhere yet).

    As to the Justice League re-cut, I need you to watch it first, and if your review will be properly enthusiastic, I’ll give it a chance – but my trust in you will be hanging on that 😉

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    1. Hahahah I’m hearing you loud and clear. I wouldn’t mind paying a couple bucks to see you go through this latest novel though! 😉 I wonder what it’be like… Piotrek + steamy novels… Hmm… 😛

      I personally cut down my consumption of TV series by A LOT in the last 2 years and I prefer it like that too. There’s just too many shows that take too much of my time, time that I’d prefer putting elsewhere (gaming, movies, books!).

      Wow, Kajko & Kokosz reminds me so much of Asterix and Obelix! I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t some kind of influence on one another there!

      Hahahahahaha I’ll gladly watch it first and share my thoughts on it afterward. I was personally a fan of the original movie because I went in looking for a “comic book” movie and that’s what it was in the end. I could also see the influence of Joss Whedon and the various scenes cut out. Hopefully, this new version will make the haters hate it less! 😛

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  3. I was surprised tonsee Patricia Briggs book on your list as it didn’t seem like something you’d read…until I read your caption! LOL. Now I need to subscribe to Disney+ !!!

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  4. If Invincible is on Prime, it’ll probably end up on my queue.

    And I’m definitely going to be in line to watch the Snyder cut of Justice League. The directors cut of BvS was so far above the theatrical cut that I can only believe the same of JL…

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    1. Hopefully, the violence in it won’t make you think you’ve wasted your time with it if you do check it out! 😉

      I’m with you. The director’s cut of BvS was clearly a better version than the theatrical edition. The cut sequences really filled up the holes and made everything much more cohesive. I’m convinced we’ll get something similar out of Justice League too. Although it’s still sad to know that the planned 2-part Justice League movie won’t be pursued this time around and that the 4-hour movie ends on a massive cliffhanger that will never be followed up with a sequel…

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  5. The Unbroken is also on my radar, although I’m not sure when I will be able to add it to my TBR, while Ninefox Gambit has been languishing there for far too long, but since I’m aware it’s the kind of story that requires my undivided attention I’m still waiting for the right moment…
    Have a great reading March! 🙂

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    1. Ahhh the good old “too many books, too little time” dilemma hahaha I remember you saying the same thing for Gardens of the Moon too. 😉 Hopefully, you’ll be able to squeeze both into your reading rotation sooner rather than later and rejoice in love and ecstasy for both of them with me someday!!! 😀 Happy reading to you too, Maddalena! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s really interesting, Jake. I appreciate the advice. It sounds like there’s some hard science incorporated into the story. I look forward to discovering it!

      Same here! Maybe it’ll hint us as to what will happen in the upcoming Alien/Predator reboots too. 😮


  6. I’ve been curious about Ninefox Gambit since it first came out, but still need to try it. I try to keep schedules for some things, but if it came down to it I’d sacrifice them for overall health and balance, so I think that was a good call on your part. And now it’s time for March!

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  7. I feel pretty good about March, especially since my husband just got his first vaccination. I hope you have a good month, Lashaan! And I hope we both love The Fall of Koli:-)

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  8. The cover for “Wild Sign” looks like something for a middle school girl. We shall see if I was right or not once you share the review.
    March is shaping up to be busy for me, too. There might be some transition/changes, but I’m not sure. We shall see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t plan on reading Wild Sign for the reason you mentioned there and because of what other readers had said about that series in particular hahaha

      I do hope your life changes won’t be too dramatic or emotionally-draining on your end then. Life has a way to screw us when we least expect it. Stay safe, my friend!

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      1. I enjoyed Raya a lot. We had to pay 30 here in the states. I split it with my parents, I figure I haven’t been to the movies in a year, might as well! I’m 150 pages into The Unbroken and really liking it!

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  9. I’m also looking forward to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and will be doing weekly reviews, just like I did with WandaVision, just with a lot less theorizing, I suspect haha I’m really glad Marvel content is releasing again. Last year felt bleak without it.
    I hope your March won’t become too busy and you will get to enjoy many of the things you are anticipating.

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    1. That’s an awesome idea and I hope you have a blast checking it out! WandaVision definitely had more room for theories and did well in building it all up too. Hope March is kind to you so far, Kat, and that you will also be able to enjoy all the things you plan on accomplishing!

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  10. That is a Lot of exciting stuff!!! I really enjoyed the Schwab series so far, and saw an interview she did the other day for Bridge of Souls and it sounds Amazing. I love my middle grade, but even if you don’t this series is great. She writes dark stuff really well.

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  11. Happy March, Lashaan! 😊 So many things to look forward to, that’s amazing! I had no idea Raya was going out this month, and I’m really curious to watch it, even though that was the name of my “huscarl” in Skyrim and she was very annoying, getting stuck in between doors and such 😂 but I will try to go past that! Hope you’ll find a good balance this month, and that spring will soon come your way too!

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    1. Hahahahahahaahah I honestly didn’t expect that story from you! Hopefully, the movie will change your association of that name to your huscarl! 😛 I do hope that March has been kind to you so far and that you’ll have a blast for the remaining days of the month too!

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  12. Alien as a comic book? That sounds interesting, I could see that it might work well. I have been looking forward to March because of the new Ishiguro (not being one for keeping the best for last, I am reading it already – good so far!) Of course I also look forward to the Easter holiday, even if I probably still can’t go anywhere.

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    1. Especially under Marvel’s imprint! The Alien/Predator comics have been around for a while now but the quality of the recent stories have been a bit disappointing. Hopefully things get better now!

      Ohhh my girlfriend’s currently reading the Nobel Prize winning one right now, which I probably need to read after she confirms the necessity! 😛 I too can’t wait for Easter… I need my long weekends ASAP! Hope March has been treating you well so far! 😀

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  13. It looks like you have a lot of good reads and things to watch coming this month Lashaan. They changed our March Break in Ontario to April 21st. There are a lot of teachers that are not happy, they are getting burnt out. Enjoy your month.

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    1. Oh! A fan! I do hope it meets your expectations then! 😛 I’ve never read anything by her myself but I know there’s an urban fantasy series by her that could maybe work for me if I tried.

      Hell yes! I’m really happy to hear from another fan! I look forward to sharing the excitement as the show comes out and maybe even on my review when I write that one up! 😀 Hope you’re having a fantastic month of March so far, good sir! 😀

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  14. I’ve never read the Invincible comics but man I was totally in for the Amazon series as soon as I saw the trailer, fingers crossed it’s good! The Snyder Cut approaches and the truth will be revealed…for better, or for worse! Oh and premium VOD has just been confirmed for Godzilla vs Kong over here…wahoo (now, it better be good…or at least entertaining).

    Quite excited about Marvel’s new Alien series, I listened to an interview with the writer and sounds like he has some great ideas up his sleeve! I read the first issue of Joker…interesting, it has me intrigued but I’ll remain sceptical about the sustainability of an ongoing Joker series for now.

    Falcon and Winter Solider next week as well! Did you get through WandaVision at all? I think these Disney+ shows have a lot of potential!

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    1. Oh man, maybe I can push you into trying the comics someday with my review of the Invincible comics then! 😉

      I’ve been seeing positive things for the Snyder Cut, at least a lot more positive than what the theatrical cut got from people. I can’t wait to find out for myself if the wait was worth it. 😀

      Oh, that’s pretty cool! If there’s anything that needs to be said about the Godzilla/Kong-verse is that they are entertaining but I could never go around and say that they are exceptional movies though hahaha

      I’ve always been skeptical about villain-centric series but I can’t resist them nonetheless hahaha

      I have a review of WandaVision coming right up. 😉


  15. I really need to read more of Schwab’s work. I really enjoyed her writing style in A Darker Shade of Magic and I always hear such great things about her other books. 🙂
    The new releases I’ve been enjoying through March are all the new episodes of the final season of Attack on Titan and of season 2 of The Promised Neverland. Both shows have me so hooked.
    I hope March has been kind to you so far! 😀

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    1. I read the first book of ADSoM and need to finish that trilogy someday hahah Maybe when the movie gets a trailer drop, I’ll finally push it higher up on my priority list! 😛 Otherwise, the other adult fantasy stories she wrote were fantastic for me! 😀

      Ohhh yes! I have been reading AoT but had to take a break for it a while back. I should finally get back to it and see how it all ends there! 😛 I’ve heard about TPN though! Glad to hear how excited you are for them!

      Hope March has been kind to you too! 😀 Stays safe!

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      1. Thank you, you too!! ^_^
        I actually just started binge-reading the manga for AoT and I’m so amazed by how well the anime has stuck so well to the source material thus far as I’m reading. I’m all caught up on the anime so it will be really strange when I pass that point in the manga, especially with how close it all is to the end.

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