Naomi: Season One by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker

Title: Naomi.
Story-Arc: Season One.
Volume: 1.
Writer(s)Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker.
Illustrator(s)Jamal Campbell.
Letterer(s): Josh Reed & Carlos M. Mangual.
PublisherDC Comics.
Format: Hardcover.
Release Date: October 29th, 2019.
Pages: 160.
Genre(s): Comics, Science-Fiction.
ISBN13: 9781401294953.
My Overall Rating: 

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.


As part of creator Brian Michael Bendis’ Wonder Comics imprint, conceived primarily with the focus to reach out to a young adult audience looking to connect with heroes that are trying to find their purpose in the world, comes Naomi, a character co-created by writer Brian Michael Bendis, writer David F. Walker, and artist Jamal Campbell. In her stellar debut, this creative team introduces us to a cunning superhero that could take the world by storm if done properly. Collecting the first six issues, this first season invites fans to meet Naomi and discover her mysterious origins as she goes on to celebrate her hidden heritage through shocking revelations that will indubitably unlock new ideas within the DC Universe.

What is Naomi: Season One about? In a small northwestern town lives a local teenager named Naomi McDuffie. The one time Superman has an epic battle with Mongul right in her town, she, unfortunately, misses out on it. All she ever wanted was to witness the greatness of the Man of Steel right in the place where she grew up. What she doesn’t know is that the town where she has lived all her life has also known such a super-powered event in the past. As she begins to uncover this mystery, she embarks on a journey to discover her own origins and adoption. But by unearthing these secrets, she also draws the attention of dangerous threats that belong outside of their own universe.

“Do something that makes someone feel better or do better or just help.
Just pick someone up.”

— Brian Michael Bendis & David F. Walker

This turned out to be much better than I thought it would be. What this creative team succeeds in doing is offering readers a refreshing and visually breath-taking origin story for a brand-new superhero in the neighborhood. Channeling his personal experience in adoption, writer Brian Michael Bendis also shapes his character into an inquisitive and composed young lady who’s thirst for the truth will lead her to slowly—emphasis on slowly—discover her true blood heritage as well as the very superpowers hidden within the palm of her hands.

Without any fear as to the story’s pacing, writers Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker take their time in building the suspense and reveal, since readers aren’t clueless as to what the end result will be, but struggle with the penultimate and final issue where they finally go on a test drive with their character’s newly found powers. Instead of maintaining the same pacing used to build up the story, they rush to the finish line with massive info dumps and a full-out fist-only brawl; I won’t lie that it was still awesome to see Naomi’s kick ass highlight moment (because she obviously has to have some of those, right?) but I wish they had taken the time to give us a cleverer denouement.

What also stands out from this graphic novel is the exquisite artwork by Jamal Campbell. It is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn’t note a single flaw in it even if I wanted to. From his use of nine-panel pages to strategic splash pages, he truly gives Naomi the chance to impress anyone and everyone throughout this journey. His character designs are also impeccable, giving us detailed insight into the tone of this story through their facial expression and body language. You can also bet that the science-fiction and fantasy elements were astonishing in the final act. The impeccable mastery of gradients in the colour adds significant pizzazz to the story as well.

Naomi: Season One is a promising and visually stunning origin story welcoming a brand-new superhero to the DC Universe.

Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me a copy for review!



18 thoughts on “Naomi: Season One by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker

  1. The artwork really does look stunning from what I can see of the pictures you have included in the post, and I do like the sound of this character too. I will keep it in mind, but at the moment I want to explore some past stories of the DC universe (currently working on that as you know!😂). But it’s great to read that new original characters can work, and well Bendis really is a pretty talented author that has some great storylines up his sleeve, and that’s a fact!😀

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    1. No worries, my friend. These newer series from Bendis’ Wonder Comics sub-imprint aren’t to be rushed into as soon as possible compared to those classics and must-read titles you already have piled up to be read/bought! 😉 It’ll be interesting to see if Naomi will remain relevant in the coming years or be forgotten though! 😀

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  2. My first thought was why do we need yet another superhero? But if folks can create one that draws in new readers and gives them someone to empathize with, and does that while putting the character into interesting stories, even if sometimes a little flawed, and flesh it all out with some great artwork, well then, why not?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahahah some people might also be looking for a hero that resembles them on a ethnical/cultural level too and I’m sure adding someone like Naomi who sort of ticks off a lot of social-justice-diversity items (adopted, part of the LGBT+, afroamerican, etc.) was a no brainer, as cynical as that may sound! 😮


  3. No one will remember this comic character in a couple of years. I realize I’m being pessimistic here, but I cannot believe that all the superheroes are already created who will stick around. I have no problems with new heroes being created, as long as they aren’t just fodder to sell another comic for a year or two. I think there should be a law though, that for every superhero that gets created, the company has to pull another one out of production (and in storylines, etc, so “in universe”?). And enforce it through the United Nations.

    Hahahahahaa. Ahhhh, I crack myself up sometimes.

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    1. Hahahah I can’t blame you there. These recent years also saw the introduction of a bunch of new heroes because of the whole Metal event (I reviewed then as most of them got their series canceled).

      Considering that this Wonder Comics sub-imprint is tightly-knit and interconnected right now, Bendis will probably try to make Naomi his next Miles Morales, and since Miles Morales did end up extra popular, especially with last year’s Into the Spider-Verse movie, nothing is impossible anymore hahah

      As for your law, it’s actually what usually happens. Some heroes get an ongoing series, some get cancelled, some are quickly completed, and so on. It’s why you’d see one year with a new Constantine series and then nothing the next year! 😉 For the time being, Naomi: Season Two hasn’t started to release as individual issues. 😀

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