Blogging: Who Do You Follow?

Hello, You! 😁

Sometimes we forget that blogging is a pretty social activity (do we really?). While some might endeavour to turn their blog into their own intimate little corner of the blogosphere, the mere fact that their domain is public makes it inevitable for potential human (and sometimes artificial intelligence) encounters. However, most people knowingly enter the game with the intention to find and talk to people who are curious or interested in the topics they want to chit-chat about.

But who do you follow?

Whenever you post an article with tags to help people to discover it, you’re bound to gain followers along the way. Some will engage in conversation with you, others you will never hear of in your life. But what about you? As a blogger, I feel like a good chunk of the game is about discovering other blogs, other people, other content too. People who refuse to do so probably have other priorities set for themselves when it comes to blogging.

So what makes us follow others?


The easiest lure is probably content. After all, I doubt we’d follow someone who posts things that we don’t find interesting ourselves. However, I found myself looking beyond this element when visiting bloggers over the past years. I’ve learned that being open-minded gives you the opportunity to discover more things in life. 😜

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This is why the blogger’s personality became much more important to me when it comes to following someone. You could be posting about things that I’d never read about, things I’d never look into, things I never knew existed, but as long as what you say about it and who you are interest me, you’ve got me on your hooks. 😁

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This isn’t something I care about much. What do I refer to? The artistic vision you have for your posts and your blog. The visual graphics that you create. The way you organize your stuff to make it pleasing for the reader to go through it. Yes, it does do wonders, just like a book cover can seduce me upon our first meeting, but that is not what I look for in the people I follow. For me, words alone will do the trick. Art is just a bonus here. 😏

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What am I talking about? This is something that people don’t always think about. For me, it’s about engagement. It’s about how curious you are in me and my content. When I can genuinely feel like you see a potential for friendship in me, I will make an effort to learn about you too. Sometimes, it’s not about having similar tastes. Sometimes, it’s just about being like-minded or being complementary. 😉

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It’s not easy for many to simply follow someone and support them just because they love what they see in the person and their content. Sometimes it’s all we really just want to do. To become a fan and expect nothing more from them but to see them strive towards success. ❤️

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Here were some reasons why we’d follow other bloggers. What makes you want to follow them? 😁




74 thoughts on “Blogging: Who Do You Follow?

  1. Of all your reasons (and I agree with all) the personality is the one that became the most important to me. I began following blogs out of my comfort zone because people engaged with me and slowly, I fell in friendship with these bloggers because, beyond books that I don’t read, it was the person that shone. The connection is something I am looking for. And same as real life, I don’t follow thousnd of blogs as I don’t have lots of friends because I just need a few true ones!

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    1. I’m with you all the way, Sophie! I find that sharing a passion for something, even if it’s not a common passion, makes for a beautiful relationship that stands out for both as something worth cherishing. I don’t see what’s much the point of interacting with people who don’t care about you and who prefer themselves/their blog’s statistics/etc. Thanks for being awesome, Sophie! 😀


  2. Well…one of the things I have always enjoyed in blogging is the interactivity. People that never leave comments on posts, are really missing out on one of the best aspects of blogging. (Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I criticizing them, but I feel it’s just a shame). I have always been humbled when people take the time to read my posts, and even better leave a comment. In the past I have followed blogs where I left loads of comments, but never even got a reply back. That is a bit of a shame.
    That said, there is a limit to the number of blogs one can follow. As much as I would love to follow everyone that follows me, I know that’s pretty much impossible. It would also be disrespectful as I don’t like leaving likes without even having read a post (I always love when someone leaves 10-15 likes in the space of 1 minute. Unless one is a robot with a cybernetic brain, there’s no way you can read that fast😂) I always like to follow people that have interesting content, but also have a good and fun personality. Pretty much that’s the way how I choose to follow blogs, although like you I always keep an open mind. That’s how you sometimes discover the best things in life right? 😃

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    1. I am absolutely with you, my man. I don’t understand the absence of interaction. You could be the busiest person in the world. Why put yourself on a platform LOOKING for interaction when you’re not going to give any effort to respond and get to know these people who take the time to read what you have to say, right? Let’s be real. It’s a shame, it’s sad, it’s disrespectful hahah

      I know exactly what you mean! Those people who smash that like button on everything you’ve posted without taking the time to read them. What’s the point??? I sure as hell don’t need the likes. I want to know what everyone is thinking! 😀 I too can’t follow everyone and that’s why I prioritize those who take the time to check my content out. That’s the best way I’ve found to know that whoever I interact with is actually heard and just as much loved!

      Thanks for sharing your point of view on this matter, Michel! 😀

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  3. Interesting question, particularly because I believe that the choice of following any given blog is partly based on subconscious drives…
    Still, when needing to actually THINK about those reasons, I would say that it’s a combination of content and affinity, without forgetting however that each new discovery has the potential of branching out in new, unexpected directions: when following a blog we might become curious about other blogs connected to it and make discoveries we had not imagined or planned for….

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    1. Ouf, that got quite heavy for a second! 😛 But you’re right. Some people never stopped to think about what makes them want to follow some people and when you really think about it, it’s often due to a desire to know more about something: the content, the person, the niche in which they are. 😀

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  4. Well said! There are a couple of people I follow who read stuff that I know I’ll never read. But I like getting that extra bit of expansion into my head, so it’s all good.

    People do blog for so many varied reasons that I have to remember to tell myself that just because Blogger X isn’t doing A,B and C that I shouldn’t follow them. Comments however, ARE very important. If I can’t have a back and forth, at some point I’m going to drop following that blogger.

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    1. I think for me it’s about respect when it comes to engagement and comments.
      We have busy lives. Some more than others. I understand that if I leave you a comment or two you might not be able to return the favor the same day. Our posting schedules might differ, too. That’s not a deal-breaker. It becomes one when you continuously leave comments and get none back. From my experience, those people rarely engage in replies to your comments on their sites, too. So… what’s the point? I can talk to a wall without wasting my hands on typing.

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      1. I agree. I prefer talking to myself/to a wall than to waste my time trying to show any kind of support or appreciation to someone who doesn’t even show their own appreciation of it. After all, commenting/replying/conversing doesn’t take countless hours in a day. If you have time to watch shows, read books, go outside, take a shit, I think you’ve got time to answer comments too hahahaha But, hey, to each their priorities. 😀

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    2. Yep, same here for the expansion of the mind. So much to take away from just learning things through people who have lived through different things, believe in different things, and do different things every day!

      Same for comments. I find it ridiculous to find it so difficult to interact with someone who just doesn’t answer. Makes me wonder what they blog for and then I move on to other things understanding that I’ll just not understand those kinds of bloggers hahah

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      1. Many claim lack of time. Well, I guess if you get thousands of comments a day, it might be hard to respond to all, plus engage on other sites. However, I notice that more often than not, it’s just an excuse. Some people just want to be insta-famous. Post something and then get a million likes and comments without having to do anything else. Writing is a totally different beast.

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  5. There are so many potential reasons and I think you’ve done a great job covering many of them. Content will pull me in when I’m searching for something specific or trying to learn more. In one case a favorite blog on a particular subject closed down and I felt a void so I searched for blogs to fill that void. But there usually has to be something more than content to keep me coming back, and that’s where voice and personaliy come in. I also like what you and Bookstooge said about not necessarily only seeking out folks with similar tastes, that there’s value in exposuing ourselves to other viewpoints and interests. Who knows how that might posivitely affect us over time. I also like the engagement, the sharing of ideas. In some cases I love the education some provide. And I love how following one blogger does tend to lead you to others, as Maddalena said, though it becomes more of a challenge the more you try to follow. Even so, though, it’s always fun discovering something or someone new, starting that exchange of ideas, learning and appreciating the quirks of their personality (at least what’s shown online 😃).

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    1. I completely agree with you. I can’t imagine if some of the blogs out there (including yourself) were to suddenly disappear… Where am I going to find such wise and fun people sharing such beautiful photography and educational tips on how to do it right?! The personality that comes with the awesome comment is the cherry on top of the cake and I’m amazed by who I’ve managed to meet through this blog. I’ve learned so much through it that it almost feels like people out there are missing out on so much from not connecting with others through blogging. And, of course, the problem about having too many awesome people is time and that’s why we don’t have much of a choice but to prioritize sometimes hahah Thanks for reading, Todd! 😀


  6. I think it’s a combination, where the relative weight of each point differs depending on what you are looking for. I follow some blogs because of beautiful wildlife photos or certain type of news within areas I am interested in. For those, personality or interaction don’t matter.

    I mostly follow book blogs because I like to get inspiration and to talk about books. For those, personality and interaction are important.

    Also, I am apparently more shallow than you, because I find that style to some extent matters. If posts are written as one long paragraph without any breaks or pictures, or – dare I say it – if I can’t read the blog in the wordpress reader but have to go to the actual blog, I am less likely to follow. But that is probably just me. 😉

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    1. Yep, that’s true. If you know what you’re looking for and there are people who provide just that without asking for much, then the person behind the blog might not be that important at the end of the day.

      Oh man, it’s true that if that person doesn’t care about how they present their content, I’d want to turn away too. It’s those that over-glitter-fy their blog with pretty stuff that only they can make that I give less weight to in my decision to follow or not. 😛

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  7. You basically listed it all out! When I find a new blog (I generally go looking for new ones quite regularly through social media or through others’ comment sections), the first thing I do is find a post where their personality would be shown. Like discussion posts or life updates. Book reviews and such generally don’t show the blogger’s personality as much so I leave those for later. And yes, the style or what I personally call “readability” of posts really matters.

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    1. That’s an interesting strategy to discover the right bloggers to follow for you. I actually find that reviews tell me a lot about how a person sees the world and how they communicate their mind. That’s probably what would help me more to identify a blogger that I’d want to follow myself hahah 😀 Thanks for reading, Sumedha. 🙂


  8. Great topic.

    In an ideal world, whenever I get a comment on my post, I would visit the comment’s author page. (This is something I still hold on to!)
    I would also scroll through the comment section under a post on which I commented and search for people I might find interesting. In reality, I don’t do this as much as I would like to anymore.
    Moreover, I would periodically check the “Conversations” tab in my Reader to look for comments that were left after my comment (That way no one gets overlooked.). I haven’t done that in a while…

    Whenever I stumble onto an award post with someone nominating just a handful of bloggers, I check them out, too. However, these posts have become somewhat rare recently (compared to before).

    How do YOU discover new blogs?

    Content is very important when it comes to determining if I will follow a blog or not. (It’s harder to engage with someone on a topic you do not enjoy discussing.) However, you are absolutely right – personality is very important. It can make or break things. I mean, your content is great but the fact that you are an interesting person to converse with adds a lot to your site’s appeal.

    Since I don’t really stylize my posts, I don’t care if others do or don’t. I might give you extra kudos for certain things but I will not stop reading just because you don’t have any photos.

    “Curiosity” I like that term. I think it explains my interactions with some of the other bloggers quite nicely.

    “Support,” though? Lashaan, don’t get too soft on us!

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    1. I never thought of checking out that “Conversations” tab myself. Although long conversations are a bit on the rarer side for all the reviews I post anyways hahah

      I have a similar method to discover new ones too. I try the comment section of bloggers I already visit just to see who’s active on their own blogs but it’s rarely as fruitful as I wish it was.

      Considering that I already have so many blogs I follow, I simply do the comment-for-comment technique to see how invested that person will be in sticking around to my blog and to see if they take “commenting” seriously themselves. That gives me an idea of what kind of person/blogger they are.

      Right? I’ve conversed with some people who sound like they just want you to leave them alone too. At least it doesn’t take long to figure out if you click with that person or not hahah

      At the end of the day, I feel like the connection you’re able to establish with me through words and the support you show regarding my content helps me want be just as kind and supportive too. 😀

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      1. Totally.
        It’s like the community sandbox that we all frequent. We’re all from different backgrounds and might like building different things. But, we just might be able to build a friendship even if you’re working on a sandcake and I on a castle.

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  9. I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago when I followed a bunch of folks. For me, it’s mostly style and content. I like following folks who have a bit of meat in their post, so not just pictures and gifs but also share their thoughts and opinions and don’t shy away from disagreeing with the majority.

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  10. I agree with all that you’ve listed! Common interests too, and yes, these days when I see Bookidote’s post, I go woohooo time to stalk his post! I love getting to know you better, which makes me want to read your posts 🙂 And yes, PERSONALITY! You’re right on that! 🙂 Great post, my friend!

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    1. Hahahaha you’re way too kind, Jee! I also have loads of fun dropping by your amazing posts making me discover fascinating books that always have you connecting to your characters and their conflicts! 😛 You make the blogging world a much better place with your personality! 😀


  11. All of the above. You literally just took the words out of my mouth. Style is probably the least important factor for me, but it’s nonetheless influential to a degree, but support is definitely up there, as is content. I love the discussion that comes from the content created, especially when it puts a different perspective on a topic. I find it fascinating. As always, lovely post!

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  12. oh yes completely agree with you that being open-minded gives you the opportunity to discover more things in life- I’ve discovered so much with that mentality- like graphic novels that I love thanks to you and your blog!! 😀 And personality is so important. Really agree with this post!

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    1. Absolutely! And the opportunity to discover leads to the opportunity to love something you might never have known existed too! 😀

      Oh man, I still remember that time when you made a shoutout to me with graphic novels too. I felt like some sort divine entity just recognized my existence and gave me too much credit!!! 😀 Thank you so much for dropping by my posts. I appreciate it a lot. I hope you’ve been doing well. 😉


    1. I definitely appreciate your time, your thoughts, and your appreciation of my posts, Karina! It has always made me happy to see what you have to say about what I have to say! 😛 Thank you for being who you are and for sticking around for so long! Here’s to many more years of blogging. 😉

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  13. A great, but “nerve-racking” post! I barely read it without trembling 🙂 So many “tests” to pass. If we really wanted to show our personalities, I think we will be on youtube, not wordpress – I do find wordpress more “content”-oriented, rather than “person-oriented”. A blogger shows just as much as they want to show of themselves. I definitely follow bloggers for their content and ideas – not sure if I am qualified to know or even have a glimpse into their real personalities over the net 🙂

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    1. Thanks for reading, Diana! I understand that it almost sounds like there’s a pressure to showcase your personality, based on this post, but it’s not the case hahah I feel like the writing style of a person says just enough to me about the person for me to know if they’re someone I want to interact with and follow or not. They don’t need to try to do anything but being themselves on their blogs though. Their own natural flair and charisma will shine through their words without having to put any effort and that’s what I look for in the people I follow. 😀

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  14. That’s a really interesting question! I think that I follow blogs based on all the reasons you’ve mentioned 🤔 Of course the content is important, and curiosity too: I like following blogs dedicated to a certain niche I don’t particularly belong to but that still interests me (like makeup: I like it, but I won’t certainly spend all day reading or thinking about it) ! 😯 I’m also not so proud to admit that I’m quite sensitive to people’s style, so a beautiful blog always gets extra points 🥺
    I think the most important thing, for me, is personality: if I can get a good interaction with someone, then chances are I’ll keep reading and commenting his blog! 😊
    But what REALLY makes me click on the “Follow” button, the unconscious decision-making process, is still a mystery! Maybe sometimes you just randomly read some sweet post about video games and following the person who wrote it feels like the right thing to do… 🤷‍♀️🥰

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    1. Hahahah it’s okay to be seduced by pretty blogs! After all, if we’re to spend so much of our own personal time reading content created by random people, it would be nice that there’s some style to most of those that we read! 😀 Hahahahahahhaha I’m glad that your unconscious told you that it was the right thing to do to follow that one person who wrote about video games for THE FIRST TIME ever! 😛

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  15. Couldn’t agree more Lashaan! I obviously follow blogs that talk about things I am interested in, but it’s usually the rest (personality, style, etc.) that keeps me interested for a longer time! 😊

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      1. The feeling is mutual! 😄 I have significantly broadened my horizons when it comes to DC 😆
        We’ll, I did not comment on their acting talent, only their visage 😂 Btw, have you watched Old Guard?

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      2. Hahahaaha I’m glad to be of help on that front, at least! 😛

        I have seen it! I was planning on featuring it at some point in a digital mini reviews post too hahaah I read the comic first to be sure that I knew what I was getting into. It turned out to be a fun movie that knew how to fully play out the premise. The action scenes are particularly well choreographed too but I wasn’t completely blown away by the movie though. Still very decent! 😮

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      3. Yeah, it was pretty solid, all things considered. A tad too predictable, and nothing very original, but surprisingly good for a Netflix production 😉 It’s always good to see Theron, and action scenes were very decent indeed!

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  16. Of course the above mentioned in this post is why I follow other bloggers, but I have also followed bloggers by the way they just express themselves with such passion that it makes me feel inspired. They hypnotize you with their words and they lure you into a world where you never thought you would enter before. It’s an amazing experience and in some way they help you to become a better blogger yourself.

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