My Monthly Anticipation | June 2020

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

Who doesn’t love the anticipation of new releases and things that they plan on doing? Every month there seems to be something new and exciting ready to hit the market for our consumption.

Being ready to embrace them with open arms is all we can really do.

To showcase this, I’ll be sharing my top 3 for each category of things that I look forward to this month right here, right now!



We Ride the Storm by Devin Madson;
Release Date: June 23rd, 2020.

A brand-new epic fantasy trilogy begins with this June 2020 release and the buzz around it has been quite positive so far! Fingers crossed that this will deliver!

The Hollow Ones by Guillermo del Toro

The Hollows Ones by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan;
Release Date: June 23rd, 2020

I’ve been meaning to finally read something written by Guillermo del Toro and this might as well be my gateway to his work.


The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien;
Release Date: July 29th, 1954.

Does this book even need an introduction? After falling head over heels for The Hobbit, it’s time to finally tackle the first book of the Lord of the Rings for the very FIRST time! My excitement cannot be contained!


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Burn by Patrick Ness;
Release Date: June 2nd, 2020.

I remember when I first read a book by Patrick Ness and was surprised by how human it felt. And then A Monster Calls hit me hard. And here he is again. But with dragons.

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The Obsidian Tower by Melissa Caruso;
Release Date: June 4th, 2020.

A brand-new trilogy by the author of the Swords and Fire trilogy! Although I’ve never read anything by her, this does sound like fun!

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The Girl From Widow Hills by Megan Miranda;
Release Date: June 23rd, 2020.

I read a couple of books by this author in the past and had a good time with them. I can only imagine that her latest novel continues to be a great thriller for fans of the genre!


Batman: The Adventures Continues #1

Batman: The Adventures Continues #1 by Paul Dini;
Release Date: June 10th, 2020.

Batman: The Animated Series is one of my all-time favourite animated series (ha)! To see Paul Dini return to continue a story set within that universe just makes me feel nostalgic!

Norse Mythology #1 by Neil Gaiman;
Release Date: June 10th, 2020.

If you didn’t already know how much Neil Gaiman loves his mythology (see American Gods, Norse Mythology or the Sandman series, for example) then let this be another reminder of his joy to write these tales! And look Todd, David Mack does the variant cover art!

Predator: The Original Screenplay #1 by Jeremy Barlow;
Release Date: June 10th, 2020.

Dark Horse Comics is killing it with these original screenplays as we get another one that sees the day! This one is adapted from the 1984 screenplay Hunters by James E. Thomas and John C. Thomas, before it became the 1987 film Predator. You’re going to have your hands full with these, Chris!


Season 1 premieres on AMC on Sunday, June 2nd, 2020.

Based on Joe Hill’s critically-acclaimed novel of the same name comes a live-action TV series adaptation that promises a treat for fans of supernatural horror!

Season 1 premieres on HBO on June 21st, 2020.

Based on characters created by Erle Stanley Gardner, this adaptation looks solid! As a huge fan of HBO’s repertoire (I mean… They now have all of the DC stuff too), this would definitely go up on my priority list when I got more time on my hands!

Season 3 premieres on Netflix on June 27th, 2020.

While Season 1 quickly drew comparisons to Stranger Things, I found this series to be darker and twistier. I look forward to this final season to what is so far a fantastic series!


Similar to the last two months, most of the promising movies—at least to me—have been delayed due to the corona virus.

That'S Too Bad Fox Broadcasting GIF by Gotham - Find & Share on GIPHY


Let’s begin by ranting a little on the goddamn new block editor. I knew I should’ve started familiarizing myself with it before this dreaded day came, but here I am. I took twice as long to do this very post that is usually considered a pretty fun and quick post to do. You have no idea how frustrating it was to try and figure out how to do everything again. Whether it’s to insert symbols (which apparently you can’t unless you know the proper shortcut) to html codes (how non-intuitive it is to play with codes now), everything was a pain in the ass! 😂

All that being said, this is to be expected from change. It’s always a shock at first but I know that it should get a lot easier going forward since… I’ll mostly copy-paste my way to the end! Good thing CTRL-C and CTRL-V will never disappoint or disappear from my life! 😅

As for June, I’m a bit merrier than usual since it should be a month filled with surprises in all spheres of my life and hopefully I’ll know how to make the most out of everything. As I pray that the weather remains stable and NORMAL throughout the month, I also hope that it will allow me to go practice outdoor sports (basket-ball) sooner rather than later. I think I got enough energy in me to overcharge a battery! 🤣

As I’ve mentioned before, procrastination has been my master for the month of May and I want to show it who’s the boss this month. To do so, I want to re-establish some kind of order and structure where it won’t be able to do anything on me and I hope this month will be a good start in that regard. 😜

Boss GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Thank you all for checking out my monthly anticipation post!

Now tell me what you’re looking forward to this month! Any new releases? Anything exciting you plan on doing?

Yours truly,



72 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipation | June 2020

  1. Great post! I’m using block editor ever since I got that pop up ‘try this new features’. It looked tough at first but I’m use to it now. I agree copy paste is aweomest thing and it wouldn’t disapear ever. I’m going to read May NetGalley blast I was sent from publisher.

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    1. I quickly looked at what it was all about back then too but didn’t want to make my life difficult so I didn’t bother… I’m getting the hang of things now so there shouldn’t be anymore ranting though hahaha Ohhh that May NetGalley blast sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you discover some amazing reads in June, Yesha! 😍

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  2. Wow, good luck with LOTR 🙂 Fellowship is my favourite of the trilogy (although if we’re being pedantic it’s split into 6 volumes) it actually has humour in it.
    I read the books before the films came out and I loved Fellowship so much I saw it at the cinema 3 times (I was aged 12)!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I never doubted that I would get around to it at some point so I’m very excited to finally share the experience with everyone. You’re definitely making it even easier to get ultra excited about it now though! You’re so lucky to have seen it in the theater! I believe the extended trilogy deserves to be re-released for a limited time in IMAX or something today hhahah

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  3. That Norse Mythology cover rocks! 🙂 I never get enough David Mack (and Neil Gaiman, as well). I’ve been increasingly interested in We Ride the Storm, so I’m really looking forward to your take on it. And I LOVE The Lord of the Rings, so I can’t wait to read your thoughts on The Fellowship of the Ring. I also love Guillermo del Toro’s movies, but I don’t know that I’ve read anything by him, just about him. I watched a couple seasons of The Strain and enjoyed it, but never read the books. And I wish you well taming that procrastination beast. All the best to you this June, Lashaan!

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    1. If anything, I prefer Mack’s variant over the original cover hahaha But I think I’m just in love with Mack’s work ever since you got me to read Kabuki hahaha 😁 I look forward to sharing my thoughts on both We Ride the Storm and the Fellowship of the Ring. So many exciting adventures await! I know that The Strain is one of Guillermo del Toro’s most popular books and, besides that, I also know he wrote a book post-movie for The Shape of Water! Hope you have a fantastic month of June as well, Todd! Stay safe! 😀


  4. Enjoy LOTR!
    I’m dreading the extra investment of time to create my first post in block editor! I heard that there’s still an option to switch back to classic within the new block editor?

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    1. Thank you so much, Carol! There is indeed an option that allows you to use the classic editor, I think. I’ve gotten used to the complexity of the block editor now though and hope that, if you’re playing around with it, you will also get used to it and enjoy writing posts again! 🤣

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  5. I look forward to your thoughts on The Fellowship of the Ring. I remember when I was 15, I was so addicted that I pretended to be sick for a whole week so I could spend my time reading that trilogy in bed 😂

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  6. Hogan and Del Toro’s The Strain trilogy was decent.However, I am constantly getting them mixed up with Cronin’s The Passage series, so…. your mileage may vary. Also, I ended up giving the final book in the Strain trilogy 2 stars. So unless I see some stellar reviews for this new collaboration, I doubt I’ll dip into it.

    Looking forward to what you think of the Lord of the Rings. Having just done my own re-read a little bit ago I’m hoping I can keep up with your post and say something semi-intelligently instead of something like “Oh yeah, cool…” 😉

    And preach it about that stupid editor. I wrote my first full post with it last night and it was a flipping nightmare. Getting spaces between paragraphs was one of the most arduous things I’ve done in a long time. I’m getting pissed off all over again just thinking about it 😀

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    1. Mixed in the sense that you were reading those two series around the same time or that they have similar plots and made it difficult to remember which one had what in it? 😮 I have the Strain on my TBR but I’m not exactly rushing myself to finally reading it. I do hope that this new book will give me a good idea of what these two authors are capable of.

      Hahahaha That rarely happens anyways. Your memory for books you adore is usually crystal clear. I look forward to finally diving into it and striking it off my life-bucket-list. 😀

      Oh man, tell me about it. So many functions from the classic editor disappeared and forced me into using HTML codes to get it done (like justifying my text instead of leaving it aligned to the left!). But things got a bit easier now. Hopefully nothing complicates this any more than it already is for many!


  7. Woohoo Lord of the Rings!!! 😀
    That Gaiman comic looks promising… though one raven is missing, and I cannot help but wonder whether it’s Thought or Memory 😛
    And Dini coming back to Batman – this may be pretty cool! 😀
    Have a great month, Lashaan!

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      1. Oh yeah, you’re right, it’s there all right! 🙂 I needed a second look to find him – well spotted 😉 No problems with Thought or Memory, then – just with Sight! 🤣🤣

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep. Just like how Dune was a revelation to me. I feel like Tolkien’s trilogy will work its magic on me again. 😁
      It’s always nice to have Dini write stuff instead of only sitting high up in the hierarchy at DC! 😂
      Hope you have a fantastic month of June too, Ola!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, Lashaan! Will do my best 😉
        I do hope you’ll love LotR as much as I do!

        Agreed, Dini should work more on comics, not on the brand 😛

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  8. Ugh I really hate the block editor too! It’s sure easier in terms of copy/pasting, but I can’t figure out the simplest formatting options! When I first tried it, I couldn’t figure out how to make my list in justify alignment; after a few tries I just gave up and switched back to the classic editor. Now this day has come though, I have no choice but to struggle my way through 😭

    Have a great June!

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    1. I just had the same exact problem as you hahaha I ended up centering my text, switching the block to HTML and changing “center” to “justify”. Hope it helps if you ever go back to the block editor hahaha It’s definitely such an annoying new feature but I think we just need to get used to it… At our own pace hahaha Have an excellent month of June, Tasya! 😀


  9. Good luck with reestablishing structure! And …isn’t Perry Mason an old show????? I don’t know why but I have a good feeling for We Ride the Storm LOL

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    1. Thanks, Sophie! Yes, he is an old man, based on books that are just as old! But here he is, all-new, refreshed, and ready for dark tales for us! 😀 Ouuuuh, the Great Sophie has spoken her prophecy! I look forward to cracking open my copy! 😀 Have an awesome month of June, Sophie!!


  10. Haha, thanks for the mention Lashaan – yep, I am indeed looking forward to the Predator original screenplay which should be interesting (isn’t the Alien one due soon as well?).

    Likewise, Batman: TAS is one of my all-time favourite tv shows and can’t wait to check out ‘The Adventure Continues’ (I’ve avoided the weekly digital chapters in favour of waiting for the collected issues).

    I actually didn’t know that Del Toro also wrote novels! Great list as always Lashaan, it’s awesome to have things to look forward to in various mediums at any time, but even more so in the current climate, they prove even more sweeter a reward for us all.

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    1. I think the Alien one has a December 2020 release date but can already be collected in single issues!

      I heard that The Adventures Continues is only six issues long and not an on-going series? If it’s true, it’s a bit sad. I can definitely see potential in the idea but if they only got enough juice for one volume, I’m okay with that too hahah

      Yep, he did! He wrote The Strain before it became a TV series, for example. And yes, absolutely, Chris. Even during these tough times, politically or health-wise, there are still things that can help us decompress… legally! 😀

      Have an excellent month of June, my friend. Looking forward to your upcoming articles.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ah ha, right – I’ll definitely wait for both the Predator and Alien original screenplays to be collected then!

        Unsure about the Adventure Continues but maybe the limited run is to test the water and they may do more (a bit like how Batman ’66).

        I’ve got a few posts in the works so stay tuned!

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  11. Supposedly, you can click on some 3 dots for more and you will see the option of keeping the Classic Editor. I say supposedly because I read it on another blog but I have not had to do it. (Shhh… it looks like maybe I’ve been spared?)

    The books look so good! And look at the Predator’s cover. Stunning.
    “Perry Mason” has a couple of actors I recognize from some previous shows I’ve enjoyed, so I’m pumped!

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    1. Hahahah I hope you were indeed spared. For your own sanity. I got used to its relative complexity now. It’s just not an easy ocean to swim in for newcomers if you ask me.

      Tell me about it. Loving the cover work on many of these! Hurrah for talented artists! 😀

      Sweet! Usually (most of the time), HBO shows rarely disappoint in terms of quality. I hope you enjoy this new take on Perry Manson if you decide to give this show a shot.

      Have an excellent month of June, Goldie. 🙂

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      1. Every time I try the block editor, there’s something that doesn’t work so I end up switching back to classic. Like for today’s CW post – all was going well until I wanted to link the post to Twitter. I’m assuming there is a block for that, but I liked doing it in the options panel on the right. Quicker that way.

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  12. I’m quite eager to read your thoughts on the LOTR! In the impossibility of granting myself the re-read (would it be my 10th? I’ve lost count…) I have looked forward to, I will travel with Frodo & Co. through your eyes – and I hope you enjoy the journey!
    Book-wise, I’ve had my sight set on We Ride the Storm for a while now, but my TBR is already staring daggers at me and mouthing “don’t you dare!”, so I will bide my time for a while now… 😀
    And I find it curious that you mention the Del Toro/Hogan book, since I’m doing a The Strain tv marathon these days and having fun with it – well, as much fun as one can have with a vampire apocalypse…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahah your unparalleled love for Tolkien has me super excited to finally take on the first of his trilogy and I look forward to sharing my thoughts on it with you! 🥰

      I’m really curious about We Ride the Storm. I’ve only seen praise for it so far and, hopefully, this only means that we’ll both be discovering the existence of a must-read for fantasy fans soon enough! 😁

      Hahahaha the coincidence is indeed staggering! Have you read the Strain? 😮 I’ve always been curious about it and I feel like asking you this question is blasphemous considering your love for vampires too hahaha 😛 I hope I enjoy this new one though. It sounds promising!

      Have a fantastic month of June, Maddalena! 🥰

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      1. I have not read The Strain (the usual “too many books, too little time” applies here…) but the tv series keeps me glued to the screen, also thanks to the possibility of binging on it through the Sky box-sets archive, and I’m not intrigued enough that I want to know how the human/vampire war will progress… 🙂

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  13. Patrick Ness can do no wrong. Love ‘The Lord of the Rings’ books and to be fair the movie adaptations were really faithful, although there is this one character in the first book who didn’t make it into the films. He’s called Tom Bombadil. Never been quite sure what to make of him.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t read anything bad from him yet so I’m with you on Ness. That’s very interesting! I’ve indeed never heard of that character but I’ve heard that there are things cut from the book that make the book really good. I look forward to discovering the original Tolkien piece this month! 😀 Oh and thank you so much for dropping by, I appreciate it! I look forward to checking out your own corner of the blogosphere soon!

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  14. so so excited for you to start lotr!! It is my absolute favorite and i really hope you like it! Would love to know your thoughts after you’ve read it. I’ve been hearing so much about Dark. It sounds like something I’ll enjoy. Looking forward to it. Have a great month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohhhhh that makes me sooo excited to finally read it!! I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you as soon as I’m done with it. It has been on my TBR for… EVER!

      If you want a darker, stranger, twistier take on Stranger Things and are fine with a German production, I think you’ll enjoy Dark a loooot!

      Have a fantastic month of June, Anushka! 😁

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  15. I am so ready for new Patrick Ness. His novels are always so thoughtful and surprising.

    I’ve never read Lord of the Rings either! I look forward to reading your thoughts about it. I keep thinking I should dive in but I don’t quite have the enthusiasm…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you! The one’s I’ve read have been quite the ride.

      Ohhh, I see. I’ve heard both camps of the readership for LotR and I look forward to finding out what I’ll think of it for myself with all the fantasy experience I have from other known and new authors!

      Have a fantastic month of June, Lydia! Stay safe! 😁

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  16. Obviously, I fell a bit off the radar myself lately, so I can relate to wanting to show your blog who’s boss! I’ve been doing a good job staying on top of posting lately, but it’s been stressful. Book reviews and blog hopping I’m still working on. Give yourself baby steps and don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t the head mob boss by the end of the month. It’s okay to just be boss over your small portion of the city– you’ll grow back into it. 🙂

    Ah! First read of Fellowship! Now, if you’ve seen the films, it’s worth noting that in the film they reach Rivendell about 45 minutes (1.25 hours in the Extended) into the film. They reach Rivendell in the last 45 pages in a 300-page novel. So, prepare thyself for something different from the films. Totally worth it, but Jackson cut a lot of singing, walking, and poetry. Plus a few of my favorite characters and their personalities… I cannot wait to see what you think of Aragorn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahah loving the mob boss analogy. 😉 I’ve been doing really good with the blog though. I’ve disciplined myself for it to make sure that I’m able to post a consistent frequency while interacting with all those who show interest in me/my content too! And I agree. Baby steps and not beating yourself up are key! I was mostly referring to everything else in my life, like university work hahaha When you don’t have classes or any real “obligations” but still need to write articles and whatnot, it’s not always easy to not let procrastination kick your butt hahaha 😛

      You have no idea how your love for Tolkien’s work through this comment has made me super excited to drop everything and crack open the Fellowship of the Ring!!! 😮 I’ve seen the movies when I was a kid and plan on revisiting them once I finish the book but what you’ve mentioned here does make the books so much more promising!!! I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you when I’m done! 🙂

      Have a fantastic month of June, Jackie! 😀

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      1. I find that I’m always more successful during work days where I have random meetings spread throughout the day. That forces me to manage my time effectively. If I only have open swaths of time, I’m more likely to blog than work. Oops!

        Brilliant! I’m glad my comment was inpsiring and not dread-filling. I use that example to scare off a lot of people who I don’t believe will ever appreciate Tolkien’s works. His writing certainly isn’t for everyone.

        It’s been almost a decade since I’ve last read LotR and I am due for a re-read. My husband and I always listen to audiobooks together during road trips. We originally had enough road trip time scheduled this year to get through The Hobbit and The Fellowship easily. Alas, with COVID and quarantine and all that, our plans have been thwarted. We are going to wait to listen to them now… but we’re both being impatient. Anyway. That’s a long way to say I hope that you’ll love reading it and I look forward to reading your thoughts; hoping I can add more of my own modern thoughts on the trilogy sooner than later, too.

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      2. Hahaaahha I love your passion for Tolkien’s work! I do hope you both get the chance to re-visit it soon! I think that reading the first volume will inevitably lead me to want to get on with the rest as soon as possible too. It’s going to be a wild 2020 finish! 😉

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  17. Oooow I can’t wait for you to start LotR! 😍 And yeah, I’m sure June will be an amazing month for you and I also hope the weather will be stable through the month! 😂 Wishing you all the best for this new month 🍀

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  18. A bit late for this post but YAAAAY The Lord of the Rings!! 😍😍 I can’t wait to read what you think of it Lashaan! I haven’t read The Hobbit (I know, I know…) and really enjoyed The Lord of the Rings, but they are very different apparently! 😊
    Also, if you want to share any tips on beating procrastination feel free to share them my way, they are desperately needed 😂 Have a lovely month Lashaan! 😊


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