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Hello ladies and gentlemen,

Having been tagged back in November 2019 (better late than never, right?) by Red Metal over at Extra Life, I present to you my answers to a series of interesting questions on just about everything!

If you don’t know Red Metal, then you simply haven’t been following the only video game (and sometimes movie) critic out there with an eye for criticism like none other in the industry of criticism!

Without further ado, let’s dive into these questions before I award others with my own set of questions! 🙂

What is your favorite variety of meat? Or if you don’t eat meat what is your favorite meat substitute?

First of all, if you see me substitute meat for something else, kill me. That’s an impostor pretending to be me. And the world doesn’t need him! My go-to meat for life is none other than this beautiful creature (once cooked):

Chicken What GIF by Sherchle - Find & Share on GIPHY

If you could permanently remove one installment from a series you like (which would erase its existence from everyone’s memory), which one would you choose?

Any fan of crime movies would agree that the third installment in the beautiful trilogy about the Corleone family is a travesty that should’ve never existed. Ever.

The Godfather Part III - Wikipedia

If you lost a bet, would you rather read the worst book, play the worst game, listen to the worst album, or watch the worst film that you know of?

As much as I love reading and gaming, I think I’d go with the worst movie. It’s by far shorter and, usually, bad movies make me want to shred them to pieces with very accurate, vivid, and illustrative words.

▷ Hitler's Rant - Original Video with English Subtitles: Film ...

If you won a bet, what kind of punishment would be in store for your friend?

Is it sad that the form of punishment I would bestow on my friends is one that would require them to read or watch something that I have only recommended them in the past at least a billion times? It sort of annoys me that it takes everyone forever to get around to things that I simply KNOW that they will love…

Just Do It GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

What is your favorite month of the year?

June. The hot weather, the beginning of vacations, the freedom to enjoy life more than usual… I still can’t disassociate it from being fun. No, it’s not because my birthday is in June. 🙂

Sorry… I just needed to torture y’all a little bit… 🙂
What is a piece of obscure trivia you like to mention during social gatherings?

i'm batman | Tumblr

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? In this hypothetical situation, assume your choice would grant you complete fluency in the area’s official language.

As much as I love nature, beautiful landscapes, and isolated areas with no strangers, I love technology way too much to suddenly give up on it. And instead of picking somewhere in America because I pretty much live in a city that serves as a hybrid Canadian/American society (Montreal), I’d pick Japan. It would probably have everything I need to be happy. 🙂

Ultimate Pixel Crew — Japan Illustration Agency

What is the longest amount of time you’ve ever driven a car or other vehicle in one sitting?

I have my license but never, yet (and even less right now), felt the need for my own car. I’ve driven to nearby cities with an undercover police car (company car) for many 2 hours straight (4 hours if we include the road back!). 🙂

Image result for batman arkham knight batmobile gif | Batman ...

What is the most annoying fictional character you can think of?

Captain Marvel GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

There’s probably plenty of other characters I could’ve chosen but this one somehow came to mind… Sorry to all fans of her live-action take on the comic book hero.
What is the most underrated fictional character you can think of?

Robin GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

I think Robin has often been ridiculed in pop culture but only those who have seen him in action will know that Dick Grayson really is one of the best sidekicks you could ever have! 🙂
With the decade coming to a close, would you say this was a good period for films, comics, animation, music, literature, or video games?

Knowing what we all know of 2020, it’s safe to say that this new decade didn’t start off on the right foot at all. I think the last decade really allowed us to learn so much on ourselves as people and as a society, pushing past so many limits and achieving amazing things that are bound to help us move forward in every possible field even faster than ever.

While I am a 90s kid and could praise all day at all the classics that have been released during that period in all industries, I have come to appreciate so much of what was achieved in the last decade. I think comics, movies, animation, and video games saw the most significant development. These industries saw an incredible boost in popularity and allowed them to strive towards success in unimaginable ways.

The evolution of AR | Evolution, Motion design, Mobile development

To continue on this award ceremony, I designate a couple of blogs to openly accept this form of recognition and to answer the upcoming questions (or not if you don’t feel like it!) :

Todd @ Todd Henson Photography.
Gayathri @Elgee Writes.
Aila @ One Way or An Author.
Ola G and Piotrek @ Re-enchantment of the World.
Stargazer @ Stargazer.
Lois @ My Midnight Musing.
Sophie @ Beware of the Reader.
Divine @ R E A (D) I V I N E.
Bookstooge @ Bookstooge.
Maddalena @ Space and Sorcery.
And you, if you want to do it too! 🙂

Here are my questions:

1. If you could do something better than you’re already doing right now, what would it be?
2. What would you like this new decade (2020-2029) to bring to your life?
3. Is there a sequel to something that you look forward to?
4. What are some of your favourite stories in any medium (comics, books, shows, movies, video games, etc.)?
5. What are some of your least favourites stories in any medium (comics, books, shows, movies, video games, etc.)?
6. What does blogging bring to your life?
7. If there’s something you could change of the world, what would it be?
8. What do you wish you could eat right now?
9. If there was one mythological creature that could ever exist in the world, what would it be?
10. Do you think there’s a cure for stupidity?

Till next time,



54 thoughts on “Real Neat Blog Award

  1. I enjoyed reading everything here, Lashaan! Haha I feel so barbaric for not having watched The Godfather. 😦 haha! It’s on my list for a looooong time so I really have to give it a shot this time. =)) another great content and I really love your layout! 😀

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  2. Whoa, I’m glad you’ve liked my reviews that much! Thanks for the compliment.

    Chicken is good – especially in soups; my own go-to meat is usually beef.

    The Godfather Part III is a popular answer for that question. There are some people who swear by it though. It seems like the people who like it really like it whereas the people who don’t can’t stand it. One thing both sides seem to agree on is that it isn’t as good as its predecessors, though.

    Haha, that meme never gets old. Did you know that the creators of Jojo Rabbit made their own parody around the time that film was released? I really ought to see Downfall at some point; I did see Bruno Ganz in Wings of Desire, which is easily one of the best films of the 1980s. Anyway, as weird as it sounds, in most cases, I think I would pick the worst game I’ve played because I feel that I’m more comfortable with a bad situation I have some degree of control over than one where I’m just a passive observer. Granted, that would mean having to play NES Dragon’s Lair again, which is probably worse than the worst film I’ve ever seen or worst album I’ve ever heard.

    I do know that feeling, though, let’s face it, life gets in the way at times.

    I myself am a fan of warm/hot weather. Once I’ve gotten acclimated, I fare against it much better than I do cold weather.

    Val Kilmer sucks! George Clooney sucks!

    It would certainly be the ideal language for gamers. Honestly, if you know Japanese and English, you’ve pretty much gotten it nailed as far as gaming is concerned because if a game worth playing is only available in one language, there’s a 99.9% chance it’s one of those two languages.

    I think my record is only about two hours or so.

    I don’t personally dislike MCU Captain Marvel if for no other reason than because there are characters like her who are far worse (Rey from Star Wars comes to mind), but I wouldn’t lift a finger to defend her.

    Even if he was completely unable to grasp that things may not be as they seem, I do like the Teen Titans interpretation of Robin. It was really cool seeing him in a lead role.

    I would say the 2010s was the decade in which video games sped ahead of most other mediums on an artistic front.

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    1. No problem! Thanks for dishing out consistent and great reviews. It’s fun to see thorough and insightful thoughts on video games. I just finished Final Fantasy VII Remake; did you get around to trying it out?

      Huge fan of beef as well. My parents simply always went with chicken and thus made me a fan of it too for life hahah

      Yep. I have a tough time imagining someone say that it’s actually a good movie though. I couldn’t see it… At all…

      That’s a good point about being a passive observer. Although, knowing that time is so precious nowadays, I’d still have a tough time putting more than 2 hours into something that’s absolute garbage hahahah

      Totally agree about Japan. I think I’m also set for life if I got both languages in my baggage. From anime, manga to video games, there’s so little of a chance that any other region of the world would develop something just as impressive and captivating than in Japan.

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  3. Love your answers, Lashaan! I totally get Robin and Captain Marvel, though I’m quite sure that despite being a nasty villain in some stories the latter’s still less of a special snowflake than a certain Wonder Woman 🤣

    Pacino is a tough nut for me: I love some of his roles – in The Heat, for example, he is simply impeccable against stunning de Niro – and some I just can’t stand – The Devil’s Advocate, or Godfather III…

    Many thanks for the tag, I’m pretty sure we’ll do it sooner rather than later, looks like fun! 😄

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    1. It’s an interesting one, I’m sure we will do it, although not immediately – we just did a couple of these 🙂

      “Is it sad that the form of punishment I would bestow on my friends is one that would require them to read or watch something that I have only recommended them in the past at least a billion times?”
      Yes! I’d do the same. Although my list of great stuff recommended by other people – including you – is at least as big as their lists of my recommendations 😉

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      1. No problem at all. If it helps you write more on your blog, I’ll gladly tag y’all ALL THE TIME! 😉

        Oh yes… My list of books recommended by you guys is also insanely long. But whenever I’ll tackle them, I know I’m in for a treat! 😀

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    2. Civil War II sure was something hahahah But the movie interpretation of the character had such a strong feminist agenda behind it that it sort of tarnished any potential of the character to be someone likable… Man… I wonder what they plan on doing next in her upcoming sequel…

      I agree. Recently discussed about him too with a friend and concluded that I also prefer De Niro in gangster movies over Pacino but Pacino’s chaotic and nutty self is sometimes quite fun to watch on screen.

      Glad to hear your interest in this one! Look forward to it whenever y’all decide to give it a go. 😀

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  4. I highly agree that chicken is the top tier meat out there and I cracked up on that Kazoo remix, that was totally unexpected but it was a hilarious “torture”. I’ve always wanted to read Dick Grayson’s arc but I’m really intimidated and don’t know where to start! Thank you for tagging me Lashaan, this was an enjoyable read :>

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That Kazoo Kid, at least the original video, was the end of me back when I first saw it. I never cringed harder before! 😛 Honestly, there’s plenty of places where you can start to enjoy Grayson’s adventures. If you want his origin story, you can always check out Nightwing: Year One, otherwise, you can also pick up his own comic book series and start with volume 1. He also appears as the leader of the Teen Titans, if you’re looking for team-based stories! 😀 Thanks for reading, Divine. 🙂

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  5. Hahah challenge acceptes Lashaan! I will try to do it faster than you LOL! And your last question…mmmm tricky 😉

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  6. Honestly, I’d say you did pretty good about doing this in a timely manner. I’ve got a tag or two that have been languishing for a year or so 😉

    That “I’m Batman” thing amuses me to no end. I first heard it at the Superhero Cafe on youtube by Hishe and that got me addicted to them.

    I’ve never seen the Godfather or any of the sequels, so I’ll take your word for it.

    And that Kazoo Kid vid gave me seizures! Thankfully, i had some emergency pepperoni pizza and soda on hand so I survived, but barely.

    Spread the Bad Word about Private Marvel all you can (she’ll not get a “Captain” from this viewer). I just watched Spiderman: Far from Home and enjoyed it and it really seemed like a great place to end my marvel movie watching. Just like with star wars, I plan on avoiding any future superhero movies, unless some specific reviewers that I trust really rave about them.

    This tag WILL happen, maybe even next month 🙂

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    1. Hahaha I know I’ve collected at least 10 of them in the earlier years of Bookidote but dropped them all since most of the bloggers who did those tag don’t exist anymore…

      Hahahah yep! In HISHE, it’s almost mandatory! 😛

      Hahahahaah the emergency pizza! I don’t think anything could save me from the Kazoo Kid. I saw the original video and the cringe it induced in me killed a part of me!

      Maaaaaan… She’s a true menace and I can’t imagine what kind of non sense she plans on delivering in her sequel. 😦 Then again, Marvel’s new phase has been a bit shaky/odd for now, which is to be expected after such a huge run with iconic actors playing iconic roles.

      Look forward to seeing what you’ll answer whenever you decide to do this one! 😀

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  7. 1. If you could do something better than you’re already doing right now, what would it be?
    – read
    2. What would you like this new decade (2020-2029) to bring to your life?
    -acting oportunities
    3. Is there a sequel to something that you look forward to?
    – The third installment of the second Spidey franchise.
    4. What are some of your favourite stories in any medium (comics, books, shows, movies, video games, etc. )
    – Unlikely/reluctant hero trope
    5. What are some of your least favourites stories in any medium (comics, books, shows, movies, video games, etc.)?
    – Anytime gore takes over the story.
    6. What does blogging bring to your life?
    – widespread pals
    7. If there’s something you could change of the world, what would it be?
    -a little more general kindness would be good.
    8. What do you wish you could eat right now?
    – buttered bagel
    9. If there was one mythological creature that could ever exist in the world, what would it be?
    -Pushmi-pulyu- Just kidding. Fire-breathing dragons. I would rather cower in fear over these guys than a stupid virus.
    10. Do you think there’s a cure for stupidity?
    -The blog ‘Bookidote’. It’s helping, but it’s a long process. :-/

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    1. 2) Stage or movies?

      3) You liked the Garfield version of Spidey eh? Do you know if there was ever a plan for a 3rd movie? I know it isn’t going to happen now, but was it a possibility at the time?

      8) Buttered bagels sound fantastic! Yuuuuuummmmm.

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      1. 2) I have been to a few stage auditions, but have not gotten picked up. I have a strong voice, and I have been told that I would do well on the stage, but it is still just an aspiration. Unfortunately, arthritis precludes me from any dancing. I have auditioned for different things but so far my only roles have been in indies and student films. The shutdown has moved a lot of things on-line. I am taking classes on Zoom, rehearsing with different actors on facebook video chat, and next week I will be in a virtual play.

        3) Yeah, I liked the British kid and the Lizard-Man and Electro villains, but no, I do not know anything about plans for a third movie, yet it just seems appropriate to rounding off the installment. I bet Lashaan knows the low-down.

        8) I almost went with cream cheese, but I have been overdoing the cream cheese as I ate a whole cheescake yesterday, and also my new habit of adding it to my mashed potatoes. Yup, the next time you mash up some taters, throw in a block of cream cheese along with a stick of butter, a couple of big dollops of sour cream. You may not even need to add any milk or cream.

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    2. First of all, thank you so much for answering these questions hahahahah I had fun reading what you had to say! 😀
      I do hope that your acting career will bloom when the time is right, good friend. I’m sure you’d make for an awesome asset on stage!

      It’s quite sad that the Garfield-Spidey movie will never get a third part. Sort of like all those Netflix Marvel shows that were cancelled.

      I had to look up what a Pushmi-pulyu was… Was… looks insane hahahah

      Stay safe and awesome, Icky! 😀


  8. Interesting set of Q&A, Lashaan. You’re a smart man, choosing to watch the worst movie. My first thought was to read the worst book because I prefer reading, but you’re right, a movie would take so much less time, after which we could get back to things we enjoy. And I’ll meet you in Japan as that’d be my pick, as well. Plenty of nature, beautiful landscapes, history, technology, amazing food and fascinating pop culture. I’d say more, but now I need to go to work trying to find answers to your own questions. 🙂

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    1. I have quickly learned over the past few years how precious time is and that bad things don’t merit more time than necessary hahah

      Tell me about it. Everything about Japan just seems wonderful. Of course, adapting ourselves to it would probably be the toughest challenge, considering that Canadian/American culture is completely different to that over there! 😀

      I’m glad to hear your interest in answer these questions, Todd! 😛 Don’t feel pressured to do it, but if you do, I look forward to your answers!


  9. I didn’t know you do awards.
    These were some really cool questions (and answers, of course).
    Why do you think that is that people don’t read what you know they will enjoy? Do they just not read at all?
    The Kazoo Kid mix made me ROFL. Ah, so many thoughts rushing through my head.
    For the longest time, I didn’t feel like having my own car, either. But then I moved to a place which has terrible public transportation and is so spread out you cannot function without one. Now that there is potential to work from home, I might have to rethink having a car again.

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    1. I do awards and tags and whatnot. I just don’t do them often hahaah I’ll usually prefer writing a review over doing a tag/award. 😛

      It’s really just a question of priority, I believe. Of taking time out of your day to read/watch something recommended by someone else hahaah
      That Kazoo Kid could really cringe me to death… 😛
      Yep, I understand your dilemma thoroughly. Especially when cars lose value over time. It’s hard to want to invest in one when you don’t NEED one…

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  10. Dick Grayson appreciation mentions are always needed! How people still overlook his significance is beyond me. As Robin, he was epic. As Nightwing, he a force to be reckoned with. Legit think that, next to Alfred, he’s the only one who can actually get through to Bats. I also have a soft spot for him and Batgirl’s relationship. Anyway, Dick Grayson rocks.

    If I could move anywhere in the world and have the move make me fluent in the language I’d probably go to Japan as well, which is not something you’d expect from someone who lives in the middle of rural Wales haha.

    Thanks so much for the tag.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. And as Batman, he’s pretty legit too! 😉 And his transformation into Nightwing shows his maturity and gives us a nice side character to root for! 😛 Glad to see someone love him as much as I do!

      Hahahah media played a huge role in my childhood in selling Japan as such an awesome place too. Who can resist the temptation! Maybe once you look into its darker corners, it might make you want to stay where you are hahaha

      No problem! Thanks for passing by, Lois! Stay safe! 😀


  11. I love your answers! “I’m Batman” is just brilliant! 😀 If you really know your friends, I guess it wouldn’t really be a punishment to make them read or watch something that you have recommended? Hopefully it would be a rewarding experience?

    Thanks for the tag! At the moment I have a brilliant track record responding to exactly 0% of my tags. I love your questions though (already thinking about my answer to the last one) so I might just make an effort. 😉

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  12. Hahaha I loved reading this post, Lashaan! 😂 I’m so surprised by your answer to the first question!! 😯🐔 Haha and the punishment for a lost bet is so so you 😂 Great thing your favourite month is just around the corner, right? 😍 The video is terrifying, though 😂
    And Japan sounds like a great choice, I’d gladly follow you there 😊

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    1. Reaaaaly?!?! I imagine you thought I was going to say fish or something huh? 😀 Yes! And I think that punishment would’ve perfectly applied to you too. 😛 AND YES TO JUNE! Although I’m not sure what June 2020 really has in store for me… 😮 I wish I could forget the existence of the Kazoo Kid… And hell yes for Japan! You better follow me and show me all the awesome places! 😛

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  13. Omg, thank you for the tag Lashaan! I’M SO SORRY I DIDN’T SEE THIS UNTIL NOW HAHA.
    I love your answer to the last question – I think the arts has come such a long way this decade (especially graphics!), and nothing shows it better than the way the populace turns to the arts in times like this pandemic. Wonderful post!

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