The Benefits of Reading

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I have come to realize that I do not understand people who consciously and voluntarily refuse to read. It’s as if there’s some kind of equation their minds can’t seem to compute or simply forgot to calculate, leaving them doomed to a life void of any form of reading.

To correct this colossal life mistake and to get the world to tilt back onto its axis, I present to you a list of benefits that comes with reading.

If this doesn’t set them back on the right path, I don’t know what will.

Intellectual Stimulation.

Did you think pleasure didn’t rhyme with reading? Think again. Not too hard though. Reading will offer your brain cells the orgasm that you have always been looking for and you won’t even realize it till it’s too late.

Brad Pitt Eye Roll GIF | Brad pitt, 12 monkeys, Brad pitt photos

Irresistible Sexual Appeal.

Ever felt like people always judged you for what you looked like? No more. Reading will set things right. They will stop, stare, drool, and undress for you.

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Selective Empathy Attribution.

Did people ever think that you were a psychopath for not understanding them? No more. Reading will fix this. It will bring you to live a gazillion different lives and empathize with anything and anyone. Even better. You will know who to not care about!

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Challenges your imagination.

Are you tired of binging shows and movies to get your imagination going? No more. Reading (sometimes with visuals thanks to illustrated editions, comics, and whatnot) will set your mind loose. You’ll wish these characters were real.

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Indisputable Self-Betterment.

Do you think that you’ve achieved the best form you could be in? Think again. Reading will unlock you. You will rediscover your mind and body. You will become the greatest example to follow.

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What can I say? Reading simply has way too many benefits to be ignored. It is the one activity that I would never dare give up on even if my life depended on it.

There are plenty of reasons that might have led some to not read in their lives but, hopefully, those who have no reasons will see the light and pick up a book.


Read on, my friends. 🙂

What do you think?

What are other benefits of reading?

Till next time,



47 thoughts on “The Benefits of Reading

  1. My brother always asked my why do I love reading? He says he only sees words, I tell him I see movies in my head, so much that sometimes I forget if I read a book or saw a movie years later. But felt bad for him, I understand why he would refuse to read. But we were brought up in different eras, me pre-TV/internet and all of that, him years later when we had all of that. I feel sad for the new generations who do not understand this.

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    1. Tell me about it. I feel like it’s a lot harder to sell the idea of reading to newer generations who have countless new technologies to indulge, whether it’s television, computers or smartphones. At least with audiobooks and ebooks, it’s a bit easier to make reading seem interesting to these people!

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  2. You forgot to add that books are an almost unconquerable shield when one is placed in a social gathering against one’s will. Find that defensible corner, put up your book, and voila, the people will leave you alone!

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  3. I see that indirectly reading has led you to adore Brad Pitt Lashaan!! Now why do these GIFs cut the picture so high??? Ha that’s right: to have us imagine!!! Lol Great post!!

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  4. You’d think after the interest in the hot dudes reading Instagram page, people would think to grab a book themselves ad channel their inner “insta-model” haha. Bonus points for the Brad Pitt gif usage. That man is always a good selling point haha.

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  5. How do you go about selecting who debuts in your gifs? Do you just search for a specific emotion and then choose whichever actor shows up first or do you have a different technique (maybe based on the film you had seen last?)?

    Reading. You know my story. As a kid, I inhaled books. The coolest thing was that at the end of the year, those who read the most books would receive an award in a form of… BOOKS! Win-win. I was a champion for many years. But then some things have changed and I had a few long years when I barely read. Now, I don’t read as much as I did when I was a kid (or as much as you), but I do borrow a new book the moment I return one.

    When I found myself locked in a room overseas with nothing to read (see my post today’s NROP post coming up in a few minutes), I logged in to my local library to listen to audiobooks. I was stunned that all of a sudden, there were multiple holds on almost every book I had searched for. Although I don’t consider that “reading,” it still warmed my heart to know that people are turning towards books. Will it stay that way? Will it translate into paperbacks once libraries reopen? We can only hope.

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    1. It’s a very sophisticated method based on the stars of luck! 😛 In all honesty, I just have a list of actors in mind that I want to showcase whenever I do one of these bookish posts and try to remember/look up the kinds of GIFs that are popular with said actor hahaha

      I can definitely understand the shifts in frequency of reading throughout time. There was a period throughout high school where I actually dropped reading books because I had no one to really share the passion with and this was especially cured thanks to you guys online. 😉 I think that rotating at least one book ALL THE TIME is already fantastic!

      I’m glad to hear about that surge of audiobooks at your library! I can only imagine the curiosity of certain people that leads them to try it out during this whole pandemic. Hopefully this new “habit” will stay for these people. 😀

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  6. Haha, got distracted at the 4th GIF, but I think, I agree with everything you said. There is so much fun, inspiration and education to be had by reading books. It is a bit like traveling, you expand your horizons and increase your tolerance towards other people, countries, ways of living, etc. Having said that I believe in the freedom to choose and if books don’t appeal to everybody, that is their choice of course.

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  7. What changed, Lashaan? We’re there no naked gifs of Joaquin Phoenix??? Though, admittedly, if you want to sell the idea of reading, Pitt is a much safer bet 🤣🤣🤣
    You can always add a point that reading gives you unparalleled internal freedom – and illustrate it with Fight Club Pitt! 😁

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  8. It’s so crazy when someone I know asks if I’m a reader and then sheepishly admit they aren’t. I’m blown away! Even when I wasn’t reading books for a month I still read light novels and manga. It’s hard NOT to read for one day. I think I understood the gifs better than your allusions but I agree that the benefits outweigh every reason you could think of not reading. I’ve missed reading your blog! I’m so glad to be back.

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  9. Hahahaha great post Lashaan! 😂 I think you made really good points about the benefits of reading! 😂 I’d add that reading will also help you have new friends! That’s great to have people undress for you but if you can share a cup of tea, that’s even better 🤗

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  10. It is crazy how many people around me, including my immediate family do not read. And I can’t believe how much they ridiculed my reading habits when I was younger. But YES YES YES to everything you just mentioned.

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  11. All brilliant reasons! I particularly liked the indisputable self-betterment 😀 I honestly can’t imagine my life without books and I can never understand how some people don’t read. Great post, Lashaan!

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