My Monthly Anticipation | February 2020

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

Who doesn’t love the anticipation of new releases and things that they plan on doing? Every month there seems to be something new and exciting ready to hit the market for our consumption.

Being ready to embrace them with open arms is all we can really do.

To showcase this, I’ll be sharing my top 3 for each category of things that I look forward to this month right here, right now!


Time to finally tackle another of Neil Gaiman’s greatest novels!
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I look forward to checking out this chunky sequel! 
The final book of this grimdark trilogy. Will she able to end it on a high note?


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A brand-new urban fantasy debut novel that sounds promising. This one comes out on February 6th, 2020.
I haven’t read his Riyria Revelations series or his Legends of the First Empire series but I’m keeping an eye out for all of his books! This one comes out on February 11th, 2020.
I really enjoyed learning about H. H. Holmes’ murders in The Devil in the White City and look forward to trying out more of Erik Larson’s work. This one comes out on February 25th, 2020. 


Writer Greg Pak offers fans a story with Mr. Vader set after The Empire Strikes Back! Issue #1 comes out on February 5th, 2020!
Who wouldn’t be excited about the return of Wolverine? And artist Andy Kubert works on this one too??? Issue #1 comes out on February 19th, 2020.
Probably one of my most anticipated releases as writer Joe Hill brings us a brand-new title for DC’s Black Label imprint! Issue #1 comes out on February 19th, 2020.



Based on writer Joe Hill’s classic comic book series comes a live-action TV series!

The first episode premieres on Netflix on February 7th, 2020!

Al Pacino coming to TV makes this a no-brainer, an instant must-watch! And Jordan Peele as executive producer? Count me in!

The first episode premieres on Amazon Prime Video on February 21st, 2020!

With Breaking Bad being my all-time favourite series, Better Call Saul is quickly gaining all my respect as the best spin-off of all time. I can’t wait for this 5th season!

The first episode premieres on AMC on February 23rd, 2020!


While there are significant changes to the original Birds of Prey team and story, I’ll still watch this and see where DC plans to go with their Worlds of DC universe.

Out on February 7th, 2020!

Anya Taylor-Joy is growing as an actress as she embarks on a leading role in a film based on Jane Austen’s classic comedy!

Out on February 21st, 2020!

Although based on the classic novel, I am very skeptical about this take and hope that it won’t be just a dull adaptation…

Out on February 28th, 2020!


What will good ol’ February have in store for me? For the time being, the momentum is building up and a certain balance and stability is quickly re-establishing itself. I liked how I started the year and want to keep doing all the things I do, if not even more. I sometimes wonder if I could cut sleep more often just to do all the things I want to do too. But then there are people around me who just tells me that’s insane. I don’t know. Batman would disagree.

Besides the Super Bowl LIV, the Oscars and Valentine’s day, I think the month has its fair share of international entertainment. Let’s not even get into the things occurring in the political landscape, especially with our good English friends on their European island.

Image result for brexit gif

Thank you all for checking out my monthly anticipation post!

Now tell me what you’re looking forward to this month! Any new releases? Anything exciting you plan on doing?

Yours truly,



47 thoughts on “My Monthly Anticipation | February 2020

  1. Hi Lashaan,
    I started reading “Neverwhere” a while ago, but had to put it down because it wasn’t the right time. However I really want to read it this month too, it is a wonderful and strange story. Have you ever read “The Ocean at the End of The Lane” by Gaiman? It’s the latest book I read from this author and I really recommend it!

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  2. Nice Emma, I am curious 😀 I;ve been on a Jane Austen adaptations bender because I wanted to see how different all the interpretations are. Interesting times I can tell you. Will keep my eye out on this version of Emma.

    And I just finished listening to Neverwhere! It is a great story. I am not really fan of Gaiman’s writing style and struggled with every book I read by him except Stardust. However, I LOVE his imagination and ideas. Audiobooks seem to be the perfect solution to me. And funny the next book on your list is written by an Islington because that is an important character in neverwhere. Enjoy both of them!

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    1. Jane Austen is actually one that I want to pick up at some point just so I could at least read Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye. 😀 But the Emma movie does look super promising! I look forward to trying it out myself.

      I agree with you there. Neil Gaiman has a very peculiar writing style that isn’t always so appealing but his imagination is amazing! I just love his stuff for that especially too.

      Hahaha what are the odds of that! I look forward to reading Neverwhere and discovering this Islington character! 😉

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      1. Oh I don’t know Jane Steele, is it a Austen adaption? I love Jane Austen, she was so forward thinking, clever and wrote in a very funny style. Especially if you like the British way of insulting people politely.

        ANd happy to find someone who agrees with me on Neil Gaiman! I always feel the odd one out that his writing style doesn’t appeal to me. He is a wonderful man though and a great champion for livign an amazing live.

        Enjoy his book 🙂

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  3. It’s always great to see what you are looking forward to this month, also as it gives great ideas ahah 😁 I actually didn’t know that there was going to be a movie based on Emma, and I’m very excited about this! For February, I hope to go more often to the cinema because I kinda forgot that it existed in the last months 😅 Regarding books I am, as always, trying to read more and I have to say it has paid off in the past month, so I hope I’ll be able to do that again! 😊

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    1. Indeed! I like doing these posts to remind myself, and others, of the exciting things they can TRY to make time for too. 😉 And yes! Emma. looks awesome and I encourage the idea of checking out your local theater for new movies here and then too. I’m sure there’s a lot of great movies out there that you’ll love to watch! 😉 I’m glad to hear about the reading too. Hope you get around to reading some great ones in February too! 😀

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  4. Looking forward to the rest of your thoughts on Islington’s work. I liked what I read in your review of the first book, but am reserving judgement for a variety of reasons.

    I can’t believe Better Call Saul is into it’s 5th season. I couldn’t even finish Breaking Bad, so I was never tempted to try the spinoffs, but the franchise seems to keep on going and going in one way or another.

    Since I’ve got Prime I might have to check out Hunters. I’ve been leery about trying most of amazon’s original stuff, as the Man in the High Tower was abysmal in my opinion. I enjoyed the Expanse but that had some solid books to give it the solid framework it needed. I don’t know if Hunters is based on something or not.

    As for the rest of the month, I don’t watch the superbowl, I’m all Pro-Brexit and the impeachment proceedings are a complete travesty and almost enough to make me seriously think about civil war. Thankfully, Mrs B is doing a 2 Week of Valentines for us, so we’re playing games and doing cooking stuff every day, plus a mystery box of prizes, so February is looking up on a personal note 😀

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    1. It does remind me of what many say about the Wheel of Times series and hopefully this trilogy will pull it off without stumbling too much.

      I can see why you would’ve had to give up on Breaking Bad 😂 Better Caul Saul is actually shaping up to be almost as good, if not better (for some). It should come to an end pretty soon since the story is inching its way to connecting itself to Breaking Bad more and more.

      Prime’s original shows aren’t that numerous and indeed, I too feel like there are only some rare shows that really make it worthwhile. I can think of Handmaid’s Tale and The Boys, for example, but I also know that they aren’t exactly things you enjoy 😂 I don’t think Hunters is based on anything though. Which is rare, after all.

      Can’t imagine how frustrating it must be with that orange’s ability to continuously call upon miracles to stay relevant today…

      Wow, your February actually sounds super exciting! Hope you get to make the most of it, good sir.

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  5. Ah, yes, Neverwhere. I very much enjoyed that story. I could see myself rereading it one of these days. I don’t read as many comics as I once did when I subscribed to far too many individual issues, but Wolverine used to be one of my favorite characters. Glad to see he’s still out there. And Locke & Key, I recently listened to a full cast audio presentation of that and thoroughly enjoyed it. I suspect it could translate well to tv.

    As for myself, I really haven’t thought ahead yet to what I’ll read/watch this month. I need to focus on finishing what I’m reading now before thinking too much about what’s next. I have a very bad habit of starting that new thing before finishing the current one… Sometimes I need to rein myself in.

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    1. I actually heard last year that Neil Gaiman plans on doing a sequel for it. Hopefully I enjoy the first to look out for the second one later on!

      Ah yes, I was in that phase a couple of years ago and now content myself with collected editions except for the canonical Batman and Detective Comics series. I do hope they won’t turn Locke & Key into something too childish though.

      I can understand that very much. I like to look forward to these things to motivate myself to get things done in the moment present now. Hope you get to complete things and start new ones this month!


  6. Beware of Neverwhere – I actually thought it one of Gaiman’s weakest books 😉
    Kubert on Wolverine looks promising, is this a war story of some kind? The cover has that vibe 😉 Pak on Vader as well – good to know it’s going to be out soon 😀

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  7. I am honestly really excited about The Last Smile in Sunder City, but not because of the content, but because it’s Luke Arnold. I crushed so hard on him when he was John Silver on Black Sails and I genuinely squealed when he revealed he had written a book haha I wish I was anywhere near the places he does events and readings at.
    Also looking forward to Emma and the Invisible Man, because the casting for both is just phenomenal!
    Hope you have a great time this next month with all the events and content!

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    1. Haahah you’re probably the only person I know who has seen Black Sails and would’ve gotten that excited about a book written by an actor! 😛

      Definitely promising movies and hopefully they deliver on all fronts! 😛 Hope February will be kind with you, Kat! Thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate it. 😉

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  8. SO excited for Better Call Saul, it’s been ages since the last season. I’m very curious about Locke & Keye, I haven’t gotten around to reading the graphic novel, but the trailer definitely caught my attention.

    You’re reading a lot of authors that are in my backlist pile, like Anna Smith Spark and Michael J. Sullivan! This month I’ve got a number of ARCs to read, including MASTER OF SORROW and A PALE LIGHT IN THE BLACK, but I’m hoping to continue reading the Spellslinger series with SHADOWBLACK.

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    1. And the finale of season 4 was soooooo beautiful too! The wait is finally over now though. 😀

      I can definitely recommend trying out the Locke & Key comic books, they’re marvelous! 😀

      Awww ye! I look forward to diving into them so much. Those are some pretty awesome ARCs you’ve got lined up. I hope you enjoy each and every one of them! 😀

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  9. Lashaaan I so understand you when you say that you want to do everything and more because …that’s me! LOL But cutting sleep does not work anymore as I only get migraines. But you are young and trong so …LOL

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  10. That Last Smile in Sunder City… wow what a cover!! I would totally check it out just to giggle over the gorgeous design for a minute even if the blurb isn’t to my taste. I have Burn Cycle to look forward to this month! I hope this sequel is as good as the first book. And I’m watching The Big Bang Theory with my roommates. 😉

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    1. Hahahahah why am I not surprised that you’d do that! 😛 I still have to get around to reading the first book before checking out Burn Cycle. I’ve heard mixed thoughts on it though and it’s why I’ve been pushing it away hahah Ohhhh soo cool that you’ve been checking out BBT! 😀 Back in high school I saw the first episode or something and wasn’t too convinced into watching the rest. Maybe I should give it a second chance now hahah

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  11. I love Neverwhere! I’ve listened to the dramatised audiobook and it was so much fun! I hope you will enjoy it as well. The Erik Larson book also sounds good – I’m not familiar with this author at all, but will look out for your review. And yes, we are having fun on our European island 😉 but at least we can hopefully move on now!

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    1. I do hope I’ll be impressed by Neverwhere! I hear there’s a sequel in the works and want to be able to read it too if I love this one hahah

      Ahhh, they’re quite informative and fascinating, based on the one book I read from him hahaah I should try and sneak one into my reading schedule this year, but we’ll see hahah

      Ohhhh maaaaaan, that’s so cooool! I miss being in Europe myself!!! 😛

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  12. I’ve seen many people show how much they have completed. But I love the fact that you have a bucket list or an anticipated reads post ahead for a month.thats really great! I hope you make good progress on this!

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  13. Great list Lashaan, you always compile quite an exciting and varied selection and a number of things here have piqued my interest. I’ve made it a must to check out some of Neil Gaiman’s prose works this year so Neverwhere may be an ideal place to dip in. Glad you mentioned ‘The Splendid and the Vile’ as it’s not a release I was aware of but as a lover of World War II history it definitely sounds like my cup of tea.

    I’m also looking forward to the new Darth Vader series but will waited for the collected editions for that (and the new Star Wars series). Wolverine may be worth a look too, have you read House of X/Powers of X? It’s pretty darn good, quite Morrision/Snyder-esque with it’s deep and elaborate concepts which Jonathan Hickman always seems to do better and less messily – you’ll love it (haha don’t I always say that, I do mean it though!).

    Birds of Prey I haven’t checked out, I’ve heard some pretty positive things about it but some more negative opinions from a few trusted sources. But, it’s a DC film and Margot Robbie is the quintessential live action Harley so I will see it, albeit I’m probably going to wait for the digital release on this one.

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    1. Thanks, Chris. There always seems to be something exciting just around the corner each month and I’m glad to share it with everyone.

      You definitely should check out something by Neil Gaiman before others realize you haven’t and shame you for it! 😛 You can start with Sandman, for example. 🙂 And yes, I think you’d enjoy his historical books indeed. He has a couple of others that are just as interesting!

      I haven’t yet taken the time to indulge more of the Marvel-era SW content and have only tried the old Dark Horse stuff; definitely need to fix this at some point.

      I haven’t tried House of X/Powers of X but you’re doing an excellent job in selling it to me by comparing it to Morrison/Snyder hahah I’ll look into it now.

      I plan on sharing a review for it soon and, like you, wasn’t overly excited by it ever since it was announced. It’s sort of the prime example of the messy marketing over at DC, if you ask me.

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  14. Change occurring with English friends on their European island? What a laugh. What about THE change that occurred within the EU in the last five years? Oh nobody noticed what the Lisbon Treaty has done? Unbelievable. Was that not entertaining? That “European Island” is already part of one union with an anthem and a flag and it is called the Commonwealth.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Brexit event. I can’t speak for all those who ignore the existence of the Commonwealth and how media focuses a lot of the Brexit event but I hope, at the end of it all, that everyone strives to making the wisest decisions for everyone, whether its for the people or the country.


  15. For some reason, I love all the covers of the books you mentioned in your post!! 😂 I see, is Valentine’s day an “international entertainment” too? 😛 I wonder what it means 🧐😛 I’m sure you’ll manage to do everything you want to do 😚 without reducing your sleeping time again 😚

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    1. They are beautiful!! 😀 I don’t see Valentine’s Day as much of an international entertainment today since I feel like many don’t really take it that seriously now. Everyone is starting to realize that Valentine’s Day should be everyday hahah

      Pffft! Who needs sleep when you can do so much more without it! 😀

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