Lashaan’s Monthly Anticipation | December 2019

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

Who doesn’t love the anticipation of new releases and things that they plan on doing? Every month there seems to be something new and exciting ready to hit the market for our consumption.

Being ready to embrace them with open arms is all we can really do.

To showcase this, I’ll be sharing my top 3 for each category of things that I look forward to this month right here, right now!


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It was a 2019 resolution to read up to the epic grand finale of Geoff John’s New 52 Justice League run and I can’t wait to crack open this bad boy this month!
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The final must-read book as part of my 2019 resolution as well. I can’t wait to finally discover what Kurt Vonnegut is all about. 
I’ll be completing this grimdark trilogy this month and look forward to seeing what Anna Smith Spark learned from her previous two books.


The second installment of the Borne series is coming out on December 3rd, 2019. While I hoped that Borne would have stayed a stand-alone piece, I’m curious to see what Jeff Vandermeer hopes to accomplish next. Check out my review of Borne for more on my thoughts!
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The final chapter in the Gods of Blood and Powder trilogy is coming out on the 3rd of December, 2019! I’m currently reading this and love it so much! Check out my review of the second book for more on my thoughts
Comic book writer Charles Soule continues his wonderful foray in the world of novels with Anyone coming out on December 3rd, 2019! Check out my review of The Oracle Year for more on my thoughts!


Batman #85 is writer Tom King’s final issue before handing over the mantle to James Tynion IV. While he gave us a very interesting take on the Dark Knight, I’m excited to see the next legacy unfold. Coming out on December 18th, 2019!
The final issue to Geoff John’s epic universe event that began ever since the launch of Rebirth is just around the corner. DC goes up against Watchmen. Who wins? Coming out on December 18th, 2019!
The final issue of Fight Club 3 is finally here and it’s time to see if Chuck Palahniuk learned from his experience with the second volume. Coming out on December 25th, 2019!


Another new adaptation by FX of A Christmas Carol is coming our way. Are you ready?

The first episode premieres on December 12th, 2019!

The long-awaited adaptation of The Witcher book series is coming out on Netflix! Will Henry Cavill do justice to his take on Geralt of Rivia?

The first episode premieres on December 20th, 2019!

The second season of Lost in Space is upon us and it’s looking great!

The first episode premieres on December 24th, 2019!


I haven’t been much of a fan of the latest Star Wars trilogy but the masochist in me will probably check it out and then bash it. At least this will mark the end and the beginning of a new trilogy in the near future.

Out on December 20th!

Director Sam Mendes, the one behind Skyfall and American Beauty, is back witha World War I movie with similar vibes to Dunkirk.

Out on December 25th!

Based on the classic novel, the world is offered the chance to check out the wonderful story of the March sisters on the big screen.

Out on December 25th!


While it might sound weird, I do have a good ol’ love-hate relationship with snow. Its overabundance throughout the year out here can be exhausting but it’s how rewarding it feels to get back home and to make yourself warm and comfortable that makes it all so good.

I do have a couple of assignments due for the first half of December but I mostly look forward to the calm days of the upcoming Holidays this month. I remember how much I craved going back on vacation after my Euro trip but man, I think the calm days of winter are what I look forward to the most right now.

I also feel like December is often a month of introspection for many, especially because of our habit to reflect on our resolutions, even if many don’t believe in them or do them. I do think 2019 had plenty of fantastic lessons for me and it turned out to be one of the best ones so far. Let’s make the most of the final month of the year now!

Sonic Movie GIF by Sonic The Hedgehog

Thank you all for checking out my monthly anticipation post!

Now tell me what you’re looking forward to this month! Any new releases? Anything exciting you plan on doing?

Yours truly,




33 thoughts on “Lashaan’s Monthly Anticipation | December 2019

  1. OMG ‘Blood of Empire’ is coming out tomorrow?? AAAAAAH!

    And I am so looking forward to ‘The Witcher’! The only reason I haven’t cancelled Netflix quite yet.

    Didn’t know they were making another ‘little women’ movie! But I love the story so I’m always happy about those.

    Have a great December!!

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    1. Hahahaha love your reaction! It is indeed out today and it’s both a tremendous but also sad day to see the trilogy come to an end!

      Hahah glad to hear that The Witcher has you that excited! I just hope the adaptation will be worth the wait. Also glad to hear your interest in Little Women!

      Hope you have a fantastic month of December as well! 😀

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  2. A Christmas Carol that is a mini-series? Hmmmm, not sure how I feel about that. Honestly, all I can think of is “how will they destroy this class with modern political correctness”?

    And that is the exact same thought I also had for Little Women. Little Women is a Christian Morality Story, and while saccharine at points, to change the story to remove that destroys the very foundation of it.

    I’ve truly given up on Star Wars myself. I’m not outraged, incensed or even a little bit angry. I’m just sad at what has been done to it. More melancholy than sad, if you know what I mean.

    I am interested in the Witcher, even though I’m not interested in the franchise. Cavill made me a fan with his Superman movies so I figure he’s got a couple of movies of grace before I lose interest in him 🙂

    Speaking of snow. We’re currently getting hit with snowstorm Ezekiel. I didn’t even know that storms got named but I guess this one was big enough? Started snowing yesterday afternoon about 3pm and it is supposed to keep going all today as well. We’re supposed to get another 4-8inches today on top of what we’ve already got. Needless to say, today is going to be a snow day for me…

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    1. I am curious as well for A Christmas Carol, considering that I think BBC are usually the only ones who do Dickens some justice hahaha This one looks a bit dark and mystical, so I’d definitely give it a chance before spitting on it. 😛

      Welp. When it comes to adapting classics, I wouldn’t be surprised nowadays to see changes made to the source material for the sake of originality or modern politics.

      Definitely understand your feelings for Star Wars. It’s change in the series for an “identity politics” really changed the franchise at its core… I am, however, hearing great things about The Mandolarian, as in… people saying that it’s a “back-to-basics” approach that doesn’t follow what the latest trilogy has been doing.

      Hahahaha love how Cavill is the reason why the Witcher is on your radar. I do hope he will come back for at least one more Superman movie…

      Wow. I too did not know that snowstorms had names. At least those out here never had names to my knowledge. Hope you and Mrs. are surviving it nowadays. Stay strong, good sir! 😀

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      1. Considering that I love the Muppets Christmas Carol, I should probably actually check this one out before castigating it 😀

        That is good to know about Mando. Maybe some day I’ll get around to watching it. I doubt it, just because I don’t watch hardly anything and two, Disney isn’t going to let that show go ANYWHERE 😦

        My support of Cavill was shaken with MI: Fallout, even though I liked the movie (to be honest, I’ve liked every single Mission Impossible movie since the beginning). It was tough seeing him as the badguy. I got over it though. As for him playing Supes, I thought there was a statement from him or something saying he was done with that?

        We are surviving, but barely and with lots of complaining! and thoughts of moving South 😀


  3. I read several Vonnegut books in High School and enjoyed them. I hope you like this one.

    The comics look intriguing, though I do not think it was a particularly good idea to try to bring ‘Fight club’ to the comic world.

    ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Dunkirk’ were disappointing to me, so I have low expectations for ‘1917’.

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    1. I too hope Vonnegut will be my cup of tea.

      Fight Club 2 was very exploratory; it was Chuck Palahniuk’s first attempt at comics. I imagine that he must’ve learned a couple of things to want to continue with the medium and give us a 3rd volume. Hopefully it will be better.

      Oh yes. I know your feelings for those two hahahah Hopefully it won’t break your heart with bad historical representation, if you ever decide to test it out in the end, Icky! 😀

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  4. I can’t say I have been reading much at all lately, but I think we are very much on the same page in terms of TV shows and movies (although I’ll probably skip 1917, even if my former roommate’s favourite cinematographer was involved. War stories aren’t my thing). I am suuuuper hyped for Little Women, Star Wars, the Witcher, the new season of Lost in Space and in a way even for the Christmas Carol.

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    1. Oh man, I do hope you’ll find some time in December or next year to fit in your usual reading, Kat!

      I do like to check out at least one new war movie every year just to see if they can do as good as some classics but otherwise it’s not my go-to either.

      I do hope they’ll all be as good as we hope they’ll be! 😀 Have a fantastic month of December, Kat! 😀

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  5. I am so excited for The Witcher. I’ve been itching for a new epic fantasy to sweep me away. I just hope my expectations aren’t too high. Lost in Space was a pleasant surprise and I’m really curious to see how the second season plays out. I must say, I was quite disappointed with the last Star Wars film so I’m hoping they improve on this one. Good luck with your December assignments. 😀

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    1. I am complete with you there. Since the disastrous GoT final season, I too want a new epic fantasy TV series to do better (maybe the upcoming Amazon Lord of the Rings series will do it). Hahah I do hope Lost in Space S2 will be even better as well! And yes… SW Episode 8 was horrible… I do hope it will somehow redeem itself with the Episode 9… Thanks, Lois! Have an awesome month of December as well! 😀


  6. Yay for Slaughterhouse Five! Prepare for a ride with this one, Lashaan 😀 And Blood of Empire – that’s the one I’m waiting for 😀
    And another yay for Witcher, though I still have my doubts 😉 We’ll see! The first season of Lost in Space was meh enough for me that I didn’t finish it, and the only good thing I can say about new Star Wars is The Mandolorian 😀 Though I’ll probably see The Rise of Skywalker anyway, spitting venom all along 😛

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    1. I’m definitely excited for Slaughterhouse-Five if it at least has your stamp of approval! 😛 Ohhh, you already know what McClellan is capable of. Blood of Empire is a much-awaited finale!

      I too have doubts for the Witcher but I hope it’ll have potential for improvement and not be mediocre right from the start. I actually haven’t seen Lost in Space S1 yet hahahah I had doubts about it but I’m allowing the later seasons to prove me wrong before trying it.

      Aaaaaand I’m 200% with you and SW. I hope the final chapter in the trilogy won’t ruin the franchise even more… Have you heard about Benioff and Weiss (the heads behind GoT) backing out of the next SW trilogy? With the terrible last season we had, I can see how they might have lost a lot of confidence or support in their ability to make something decent anymore hahaha

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      1. Slaughterhouse Five is a masterpiece, and a unique voice in the war literature. Very highly recommended! 😀

        As for SW, yes, I did hear about Benioff and Weiss, but considering the current state of SW franchise, I really doubt they’d be able to make it any worse 😜
        I do enjoy The Mandalorian, though!

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  7. Ooh curious about slaughterhouse five- I’ve heard really good things! Definitely looking forward to checking out the witcher when I get the chance too. haha fair enough about being a masochist and watching rise of the skywalker- I’ll be sitting this one out since I’m not enjoying the trilogy- but I look forward to you (potentially) bashing it and filling us all in so we don’t have to watch it ourselves 😉

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    1. Whaaaaat? I would’ve sworn that you had already read that classic with your 300/books a year speed! Hopefully it’ll be so good that I’ll recommend it to you a bunch of times soon. 😉 Ahhhh, can’t wait to watch it all burn (yep, low expectations till its release)! I do hope the next trilogy won’t go in the same direction though. It’ll be a shame for the franchise…


  8. Great list Lashaan, yep, there’s still plenty to look forward to in the next few weeks before we greet 2020! I’m looking forward to the conclusion of Doomsday Clock (the delays may have hurt the flow of reading it in individual issues but I’ve enjoyed the ride non-the-less) and although “City of Bane” has been a bit uneven, I’m still fairly excited to see how Tom King wraps things up in Batman #85 (and look forward to the new creative team and Kong’s own Bat/Cat series).

    I anticipate Rise of Skywalker and I’m pretty stoked for season 2 of Lost in Space. Curious that FX have produced a new version of A Christmas Carol, the BBC also have a new three-part adaptation (starring Guy Pierce) commencing on Christmas Eve!

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    1. Thanks, Chris! Yep, it’s what I’ve always hated about picking up individual floppies for comics. I too am waiting for the final issue but will probably still get my hands on the collected editions as well. As for City of Bane, I’ve lowered my expectations A LOT now. I’m already ready for the next creative team to take over honestly. Hope that Tom King will still be able to give us solid graphic novels à la Sheriff of Babylon, Vision, Heroes in Crisis, etc. I prefer his self-contained content over serialized stuff.

      I’m definitely more excited about BBC adaptations than any other channel’s attempts. But I won’t completely disregard them if they get the casting/story right hahaha

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      1. There’s been a slight uptick with the last couple of issues of Batman but I’m also ready for the fresh start with James Tynion/Tony S. Daniel. Despite being underwhelmed by City of Bane I’m still looking forward to the Bat/Cat maxi series and also Strange Adventures which could be another Mister Miracle in the making.

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  9. Since it’s already the end of December I hope you had a wonderful month! I was so excited with The Witcher but now that we saw the first episode, I’m hesitant about the others 😂 I can’t wait to watch all of it, though 😂 The more I think about it, the more I’m curious about the new Star Wars movie! It’s definitely not my priority right now but I might watch it! 😊
    Also, did I mention that I love the expression “crack open”? I can hear the sound of the book being opened for the first time and it’s so satisfying 😍

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    1. It was indeed a bit lackluster for a pilot episode… However, all I hear nowadays is that it isn’t that impressive of a season but that it’s still fun and VERY popular.

      Hahahaha you’ll have to watch The Last Jedi first… which was probably the worse movie of the trilogy for me for now! 😛

      Yes! That’s exactly the experience to which I refer to with that expression too hahahaha Love that feeling ❤ ❤

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