Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

Title: Fate of the Fallen.
Series: The Shroud of Prophecy #1.
Writer(s): Kel Kade.
Publisher: Tor Books.
Format: Advance Review Copy.
Release Date: November 5th 2019.
Pages: 352.
Genre(s): Fantasy.
ISBN13:  9781250293794.
My Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆.


There’s this conception in life about saviours that has been utilized countless times to tell tales larger than life. With an individual that is burdened with a destiny to save the world from knowing its end, often spread through rumours, legends, and prophecies, we’ve come to admire their trials, facing some of the worse challenges that life could throw at them. It’s the frequency at which we’ve heard these kinds of stories that turn them into such derivative adventures, tales where everything seems so predictable with an ending so foreseeable. As we come to get used to this formula, we often overlook these stories with the classic chosen one trope serving as its fundamental premise, hoping to lay our hands on something more original, where the general idea of the story doesn’t solely rely on one hero making the big decisions. However, what would happen if destiny was to be defied? What would happen if the one who was meant to save them all had to depart from this devoir by giving it to the next available hero? Leave it to Kel Kade, author of the King’s Dark Tidings series, to explore this in a brand-new fantasy series.

What is Fate of the Fallen about? The story follows two best friends living their lives to its fullest. While Mathias lives under a draconian grand-mother and is content in becoming the town mayor someday, Aaslo is an orphan who strives as a forester, tending to the needs of nature, while he has the love of his life by his side. It’s when they discover that the world is threatened by an unknown force and that Mathias is its saviour that their lives are flipped upside down. Completely putting aside the plans they had for each other, what they had envisioned for themselves, they are rerouter onto a mission that requires them to think beyond their own selves if they want a future at all. What they don’t know is that Aaslo might not be the chosen one but it is his faith to accompany his best friend to accomplish his prophecy, no matter the costs.

“Life and death, peace and war—the first would not be appreciated without the second.”

— Kel Kade

There’s plenty to love in what Kel Kade accomplishes with Fate of the Fallen. The fact that this story kicks off by taking the familiar chosen one trope and giving it a dramatic twist assures the reader of a very enchanting adventure. In fact, this story takes away the odds that the reader knows beforehand that there is only one possible outcome for this story by inviting doubt into the reader’s mind as they wonder if our heroes can accomplish a prophecy without the chosen one being at the heart of all the decisions. Unfortunately, that’s where this story ends in its ability to entice me from start to finish. While there are plenty of obstacles for our heroes to face throughout the relatively linear mission at hand, these very obstacles were never really fleshed out to my taste as it ended up feeling like there were a lot of small-time events without ever really exhaustively exploring each of these elements. Don’t get me wrong. It has all the pieces to play the game, it just didn’t feel like every piece was polished to my satisfaction.

Where it also struggled to keep me hooked was in its characters. I found myself conflicted as my interest in them wavered as I progressed in the story. Besides some excellent side characters introduced later in the adventure (especially the thieves Peck and Mory), I couldn’t get behind the banter between the two best friends, and this was even more the case when Mathias turned into what can be understood as an extremely annoying nagging voice at the back of your head. Something about the arrogance and psychological torture felt unnatural and uncharacteristic when compared to how they acted before the chosen one story kicked in. This unfortunate issue was also felt when the overlaying plot revolving around Gods playing humans like pawns was introduced as I couldn’t wrap my head around their portrayal despite my curiosity regarding their role in the grander scheme of things. I simply felt like I was dragging a corpse to the finish line, hoping that something would eventually fix all the flaws I ran into.

Fate of the Fallen is an original yet depthless take on the chosen one trope as it explores the innocent quest for survival of ill-fated heroes.


Thank you to Raincoast Books for sending me a copy for review!



42 thoughts on “Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade

  1. So I’m feeling your review. I started this and I’m having trouble finishing it. I had to put it aside because it just wasn’t grabbing me. I’m not too fond of the characters either. I’d like to pick it up again and push through, we’ll see! I’m glad it’s not just me:-)

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    1. I’m actually quite relieved to hear this from you too. I thought it was just me but to know that the issues I had are things others felt with it is good to hear, and also a bit unfortunate, considering we were both looking forward to this. Thanks for reading, Tammy! 😀


  2. I’m so bummed other readers aren’t enjoying this as much as I did. I’m thinking maybe it’s the humor that’s not registering? I felt like once I finally got to the meat of the story the humor kicked in, I enjoyed the banter between Matthias and Aaslo. 🤷‍♀️

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      1. Eh. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. The truth of it is, I almost always have the unpopular opinion. People love a book- I usually don’t love it. People think it’s mediocre or meh- it’s probably perfect for me. I should be used to it by now.

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      2. I wish that was the effect it had! I really just need to stop paying attention to reviews all together. It’s tough when you are a blogger lol. 🤪 the other book I had pretty much the exact opposite reaction to this year was The Gutter Prayer. People seemed to love that one and I think it’s going to go down as my 2019 worst book read.

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      3. @ Sarah – I read the gutter prayer and I didn’t really like it either. @ Lashaan – I actually got it based on yer five star review. I haven’t written the review yet though because I am still mulling it over. So Sarah’s comment doubly entertained me. And of course I am going to make sure in me review to give Lashaan all the blame rather than the author. 😉
        x The Captain

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  3. I figure I’m done with authors “surprising” me with a twist on the Chosen One once Sanderson wrote his Mistborn trilogy. I loved that twist but it really made it hard to read books by later authors without comparing them. And lets be honest, most other authors aren’t Brandon Sanderson 😀

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      1. Well, if you take into account that I’m almost 42 and Sanderson is the first author to spoil me this way, you’re odds are looking pretty good. Of course, Sanderson is the measuring line now. I wonder what people will say about him in 100 years?

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  4. The cover looks intriguing. There are so many different pieces that shouldn’t go together, but do. However, I’m not a big fan of non-title titles on the cover. It makes it seem like the author is a god and we should know what the story is entitled just by looking at the cover.

    Your review makes it sound like there is potential, but it does not go anywhere. Like others, I , too, enjoyed your corpse dragging line. I’m a little tired of the cliche of people from different worlds coming together to become partners (in crime).

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    1. Actually, it’s an advance review copy, so the final cover isn’t like that. I believe it has the title and all like most books but I can definitely see what you mean by the author seeming like a God. I might have seen one or two books that does that but what it does for me is to WANT to pick it up to find out what the title is and who’s the author hahahah

      Thank you for reading. That’s exactly how I’d sum it up. It has potential but it doesn’t exactly achieve what it could’ve.

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  5. *before reading the review*
    WAIT 3 STARSS?!? 😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺 When I saw this on your Twitter I was so sure that this one was a hit! 😭😭😭😭 I JUST LOVE THE TITLE SOO MUCHHH!!! 💔

    *after reading the review*
    Okay yeah now I get it! Whats even the point if the main characters – the hearts if the story – fail to entice us? Yeah, that’s definitely a miss!

    I also get that the threats seemed a bit well not-so-epic (i can’t think of a better word right now 🤣) With a title that grand and the plot that thick, there has to be something to validate it with. 😅


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      1. Epic’er! yesss!! THATS THE WORDDD!! AND MEE TOOOO!! 😍😍❤️ When the stakes are high, like END OF THE WORLD high, THAT’S WHEN IT GETS INTERESTING!! ❤️❤️❤️

        Nope, weren’t unjustified AT ALL! 💕

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  6. When banter goes wrong for you it’s hard to save it. It seems to sour the friendship that is driving the story. I don’t really get this twist on the chosen one trope… sounds kinda dumb 🙈 I am sorry it didn’t work out better. Twists are some readers measure for a good book! Hope your next book is treating you better. 😉

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    1. Indeed, some people really do hunt down books with a twist with loads of motivation but man, I wasn’t too thrilled by the chemistry between the two characters. Hopefully the next book will do better on all fronts, who knows. Thanks for reading, Dani! 😁


  7. It’s such a shame when you as a reader don’t quite click with the characters, it’s definitely something that has been happening to me a lot lately and I’m sorry to hear that it happened to you too with this book! Nevertheless it seems like there was still a lot to enjoy in this book although it didn’t quite deliver. Brilliant review as always, Lashaan!

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    1. Thank you so much for reading, Darina. It honestly doesn’t happen that often but when it does, it sort of catches me off guard and has me slightly disappointed while reading, which is unfortunate. I just hope the sequel will deliver a much more engaging story with a much more refined characterization of these heroes. 😀

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  8. Great review Lashaan!! The title sounded so promising and, I don’t know why I also really liked the name of the characters 😂 Too bad it wasn’t as good as it sounded 🙁 Somehow, the relationship between the two friends reminded me of Frodo and Sam! 😯

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