The Boys (2019—) Season 1 TV Series Review

Title: The Boys.
Rated: R.
Season: 1.
Number of episodes: 8.
Release Date: 2019.
Genre(s): Dark Comedy, Science-Fiction.
Developed by: Eric Kripke.
Based on: The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.
Cast: Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, and many more!
Original Network: Prime Video.
My Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9/10).


In an age where superheroes are omnipresent in their entertainment forms, from comic books to movies, it almost impossible to ignore the attention they seek and live completely oblivious to their domination of multimedia entertainment. It’s no surprise that we love these superheroes as they are a symbol of the best parts of mankind, and what they achieve for the greater good is undeniably honorable. However, superheroes aren’t always infallible nor perfect. To stop a threat there is collateral damage, there are decisions that force them to weigh the value of countless lives, there are incredible powers at play that could bring them to kill rather than capture. But the most important revelation is that behind the mask is a human being and that human beings aren’t always good.

What is The Boys (2019—) Season 1 about? Set in a world where superpowered individuals are called heroes, the show follows the formation of a team of vigilantes, known as the Boys, looking to expose the ‘supes’ and their abuse of power, notably the Seven’s, a group of heroes owned by the Vought International corporation. Following Hugh Campbell, a young man who saw his girlfriend succumb to a devastating tragedy by the hands of a member of the Seven, the first season sees to introduce every member of each group as well as unveiling the darkest secrets of each and every one of these characters who are nothing like what they show the world to be.

Image result for the boys gif

With two sets of groups at the center of this show, it was astonishing how much character development was even possible in just under eight episodes. The heroes that form the Seven are mostly parodies of well-known superheroes, from Homelander who portrays a disturbingly evil Superman to A-Train who showcases all the egotistical qualities that could ever be associated to the Fastest Man Alive. Among them is also a new recruit with pure intentions to be a superhero, Starlight, who quickly discovers the dark side of this league of heroes that she once admired. Everything she discovers shatters the glass castle in which she lived in throughout her life, from the marketing that goes behind the popularity of these supes, which includes shooting movies and creating their own cinematic universe, to the publicity stunts that they have to pull off to get the votes of American. Throughout the season, you are constantly thrown a curveball as each of their personality opens up a timely and relevant matter, such as sexual abuse by people with power, that will blow your mind.

The underground team-up that constitutes the Boys is, however, just as intriguing with Billy Butcher as their leader. Channeling a deep hatred for supes as he believes one of them is the reason behind the loss of his significant other, he recruits members to take down the supes and reveal their real faces to the world. At the center of the Boys is Hugh Campbell, the lead character of the show who grew up loving these heroes until a tragedy strikes him and rolls him down a path riddled with revenge. His transformation is the most intriguing one as his morality fights with his bloodlust and leads him to makes decisions that his past-self would never have ever fancied. As the other members are introduced throughout the season, it becomes almost impossible not be invested in their cause and see what insane plans they come up with.

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The show has an underlying theme of anti-heroism but tackles various ideas pertaining to superheroes and their place in society. One of the subplots, for example, explores the militarization of superheroes and the possibility of turning them into international war tools that will allow the corporation that owns them to become the ultimate powerhouse in worldwide security. What the first season brilliantly does is set the table to this world of supes and allow the viewer to ponder the countless issues that come with the presence of superpowered individuals living among common mortals. The scriptwriters also do a magnificent job in intertwining modernity into the show by attaching social media, publicity, and marketing into the superhero business.

The best part of it all is how the show never rushes into exposing too much about the characters while still developing the story in a direction that no one could see coming. Each episode has a stunning revelation that instantly has your jaw dragging on the ground. The emotions that are lived by each, the history behind each character, the connection between them, there’s simply nothing that is undefined and gives way to an exciting show that promises a wild ride from start to finish. Although it is Rated-R, the brutal sequences are well-balanced throughout each episode and invite anticipation in the viewer, evidently shaking with excitement to see what messed up sequence the showrunners has in store them.

One thing’s for sure. The finale had me desperately craving for the next season to release.

The Boys (2019—) Season 1 is a dark and cynical satire of the superhero genre with a phenomenal cast and an unpredictable story to expose the powerful and the elite—who are sometimes one and the same.


One of the greatest surprises that Prime Video has had to offer in a while! All eight episodes are now available for you to binge!

Have you read the comic book series by Garth Ennis?
Have you seen The Boys (2019—) Season 1? Will you?
Share your thoughts with me!



54 thoughts on “The Boys (2019—) Season 1 TV Series Review

  1. I was just talking about this show! (Well, on Thursday but still, just talking about it.)
    I haven’t yet watched it, btw. My co-worker was telling me it’s great and that I’d most likely like it, so I’m all excited about it.
    I just need to get Amazon Prime…or find someone who has it.

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  2. A friend of mine also recommended this series highly. Having seen a few clips of this on youtube, and of course after reading your review, I definitely ama excited to see this as well. Slight problem though, I don’t have acces to Amazon prime, which is a bit of a shame 😅
    That said, your review makes it sound like one heck of a good show, and I love the fact that a show is still able to make something unique out of a superhero theme, especially considering that many peopl are experiencing a slight superhero fatique 😊

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  3. Let me tell you this, I watched a bit of the first episode and when the aforementioned “tragedy” happened I was out LOL Nope, nope, nope, big NOPE. I think I might’ve actually enjoyed the series if not for the brutal ass sequences (all of which I don’t even feel like are meant to be shock value, but still can’t find a good reason for having them).
    The concept is amazing and I do find myself in Starlight’s shoes because just reading about it makes me so depressed when I think about the idealism surrounding superheroes and my childhood xD
    All jokes aside, it does sound like a terrific show and I might get into it after more seasons are announced (whilst looking away during the gory parts). Right now, I just really enjoyed your review and am glad you’re having a blast, Lashaan! 🙂

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    1. Hahahahaha I do know how much you despise graphic content/gore and would have warned you sooner had I known you’d test the show out. I think it simply adds to the dark humour by showing how overpowered and insane superpowered beings can be. If you put aside the violence, the ideas are still top-notch and explore some ideas that other superhero movies couldn’t or haven’t dared explore yet. Thanks for reading, Sophie! I do hope you’ll somehow manage to experience the whole season someday hahaah even if it’s just so I can laugh at your reaction to all the insane sequences 😂

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  4. I have not seen it but after reading reviews and seeing clips, I tend to be more in Sophie’s camp. Also, from what I understand, the “tragedy” is the guy’s girlfriend/fiance/wife getting raped by a super and then killed? And that that scene was definitely rated R? Just hearing about it was enough for me to know that I won’t be trying this. Add in the fact that they just turn Captain America/Superman into this guy, well, I can’t support that.

    I was kind of shocked when the show came out and I read what it was about. Then I saw that it was based on a comic by Ennis and it all clicked. If Kripke is involved, is he no longer involved with Supernatural and is that show still running?

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    1. There is something about a rape in the show but that’s not what happens to Hughie’s girlfriend. I’ll tell you since the odds that you check it out seem too infinitely slim to me anyways hahaha **spoiler** A-Train (the speedster) runs into his girlfriend at highspeed while he was jacked with an enhancer, obliterating her while Hughie was holding her hands. She was just an inch off the sidewalk but then gets away with by saying on the news that she was in the middle of street, which then leads Hughie into a frenzy and gets sucked into Billy Butcher’s crazy plan to takedown the Seven by recruiting some peeps. **spoiler**

      Have you seen the trailer for the horror movie that basically rips off Superman’s origin story and turns this kid from space into a horror monster? We now got 2 recent alternate evil Supermans in less than a year 😂 the movie is called Brightburn, if you’re curious.

      Hahahah that’s him all right. And Supernatural is still ongoing. I haven’t seen a single episode of that snow and never looked into it though. I assume it’s some mind of milder version of The Boys? 😂 I doubt he dropped his role on it though.

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      1. Thanks for the heads up with the spoiler. I am glad to know the truth and not just a rumor.

        I did see the trailer for Brightburn and it too made me sick. Superman is an icon of pure Goodness as far as I’m concerned. So to see this deliberate desecration feels very evil to me. It is like someone wiped feces all over my favorite painting and then had the chutzpah to tell me that they had “improved” it.

        Supernatural is still ongoing? Man, that show just won’t stop! I really enjoyed the first season or two then each successive season less, as the brothers began acting more like sisters than brothers (ie, verbal fight with each other and the separate for abit, then come back together). It is about 2 brothers who fight supernatural threats. Starts out really good.

        Thanks for taking the time to write all of that out 😀

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  5. I love this show! I binged it in one day, and then again the day after. I then read the comics (Omnibus 1) and really didn’t like it. Have you read them?

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    1. I haven’t yet picked it up since it sounded more like a “silly” comic when I first heard of it before the show came out. I’ll definitely look into trying it out just to compare someday. Man, I can’t wait for season 2. That was not an ending on which you could end anything! 😂

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      1. I will definitely be waiting with anticipation for season 2. I believe it was green lit by prime even before the first season was live. Season 1 felt like one big set up and introduction (and done so very well), and it’s got me hooked on those characters and needing to know what happens next. 🙂

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  6. Someone mentioned this show to me a week or so ago, but I’m usually skeptical about the hype, so I forgot about it. Your review is character-focused. How would you rate the plot? It seems like watching 8 episodes about people trying to kill superheros might be boring (repeated plot every episode).
    I checked out the trailer and I have to say that NOPE, I do not plan on watching it for now. I laughed out loud when I saw the scene with him and his girlfriend and then him holding the hands. And then, I got FURIOUS. The superhero says that she “stepped into the middle of the street”. While that might have been an exaggeration, the guy saying that she was only “a half step off the curb” infuriated me. I do not condone killing people just because they do something stupid (like stepping off the side walk), but I cannot tolerate it when people get all righteous when THEY are in the WRONG. She would still be alive if she was fully on the side walk.
    I cannot give something like this a go.

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    1. The story works well for the first season since there’s one ultimate goal that drives the whole show forward but the first season focuses on building the team (The Boys) and introducing all of these characters and revealing their secrets.

      Hahahah I guess they were indeed both in the wrong but for her to die like that and then lie about where she was to save your reputation? It’s even more messed up when you find out why he ran into her too. Hughie only felt hatred and was repulsed by what one of his childhood hero did to someone he loved. I know I’d have lost it too. 😂

      No worries! I’m just glad to have helped you make an even firmer decision on whether or not you’ll give it a go. 😁

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  7. I’m two thirds through the season and I find this show very intriguing: what I most appreciate is seeing the human/fallible/faulty side of the so-called heroes and the way their powers seem to have either changed their original personality or enhanced their dark side. It’s a difficult show to watch at times, but it’s well crafted, indeed…

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    1. I hope you enjoyed the insane finale by now, Maddalena! I totally agree. Those with powers show us how flawed humankind actually is and what I find even more impressive is how our MODERN society corrupts us even further with social media and pointless things like fame! Can’t wait for season 2! 😀

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  8. I’m usually not into “superheroes” but I have to admit that your review made me want to see this series 😁 I think it’s a bit more “up my street” than traditional superheroes movies, and I’m quite interested in how it tackles the issues pertaining to “super” humans! Thanks for sharing! 😊

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    1. I can only recommend it highly to you! I think even those who aren’t interested in superhero-related stuff will find this super compelling. It tackles larger subjects and explores the psychology of people and of society. Do let me know if you ever end up trying it out. I’m curious to see if you’ll enjoy it. 😉

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  9. uuuuh wow Lashaan! You find he more brutal and horrifying things to watch. hahahha 😉 I watch the preview and yeah I think that scene where the girl is liquefied was plenty for me. I can totally see why that guy freaked out and joins up with Billy Butcher? Anyway the bearded guy (Karl Urban?!) is a B class actor that I really love hahaha. He made it so tempting until yeah I got to the tragedy,,, I will admit though that I am NOT a fangirl of super heroes in general so it doesn’t pain me to see them vilified. Actually it seems spot on for the over saturation we get of their supreme goodness.

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    1. Hhahahaha sorry, Dani! I am unfortunately one of those who isn’t deterred by the more gruesome stories out there and this one is pretty violent, occasionally! 😀 Hahahaha I actually didn’t see the liquifying scene in the trailers (I avoided the trailers till the show was released) and was super stunned when I saw it in the first episode… 😮 Brilliant stuff! Hahaahh And yes, I can’t blame you for being uninterested by superhero stuff. I wouldn’t force it on anyone. But this one would make the exception of things to watch for its “ideas” though hahah

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    1. Thank you! I completely agree. It’s a great angle explored in the superhero genre and a show that everyone intrigued should try out. Oh man, Anthony Starr gave us one of the creepiest performances ever. Can’t wait for season 2! I’ll definitely check out your review soon. 😀


  10. Man, what an awesome write-up that has me itching to watch the Boys even more – I just have a couple of episodes of Jessica Jones left and then I will be all over this! It’s great that we get shows like this, Swamp Thing, Titans and the forthcoming Watchmen HBO series that have a more adult approach as it keeps the genre interesting, plus, by their very nature, are less likely to play it safe and take creative risks which is always exciting.

    If I enjoy the series I my have to check out the comics as well which I’ve heard a lot of praise for over the years.

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    1. Thanks, Chris! You HAVE to check out The Boys. No kidding, I’d highly recommend it to you. I also look forward to that Watchmen series. Those creative risks are probably what makes me love DC material more than Marvel hahaah

      I too hope to dive into those comics, maybe before season 2 comes out. I, however, feel like they might not be AS impressive as the show for some reason. To be seen.

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      1. Oh, do not fear my friend it is literally next in the queue as soon as I finish JJ (probably this week).

        I’m with you on DC, I love Marvel as well but the MCU is at a point where, though still largely enjoyable, does tend to play it safe and adhere to a formula of sorts. I think also by not having absolutely everything connected to a single universe gives DC the freedom to tell the stories they want without fear of upsetting the continuity or established rules.

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