Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition 3 by Yukito Kishiro

Title: Battle Angel Alita
Series: Deluxe Edition Vol. 3
Author(s): Yukito Kishiro
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Format: Hardcover – Deluxe Edition
Release Date: March 6th 2018
Pages: 436
Genre(s): Manga, Science Fiction
ISBN13: 9781632366009
My Overall Rating: ★★★★★
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Alita might have had some fun encounters that led to some deadly moments in the past story arcs, but this is where the character is pushed to her limits and explored with immense depth. This third volume in these beautiful and robust deluxe editions by Kodansha Comics puts together both volume 5 and 6 of Alita’s original classic run. Taking place after the big showdown during the motor ball game, the story kicks into overdrive and brings back a character from the past in order to tackle some fascinating ideas through the eyes of a cyborg that is still trying to understand her place in this world as well as trying to piece together the past life she once had that she still can’t remember to this day.

What exactly do we have in this volume? The first story arc explores the whole concept of karma by drawing upon all the events that Alita has lived through so far in her life. While it isn’t the most clean and gore-free life she could’ve lived, she has had moments of epiphany and self-discovery that truly overshadowed all the destruction that she inevitably brought upon the citizens of the Scrapyard. It’s however upon the realization that her incredible killing instinct has carried around a lot of harm in her shadow that a whole rhetoric on karma is unveiled. The re-introduction of one of the greatest threats in her life pushes her into a desperate and depressing state that ultimately leads her to reevaluate herself and her impact on the lives of others.


The second story arc serves as a depressant compared to the stimulant that was the previous event. Alita finds herself having to bargain with the devil in order to get another chance at finding her purpose and satisfying her vengeance upon certain key characters. This is where she truly embraces her identity as an Angel of Death and finds herself discovering the very essence of what freedom is all about. Themes of betrayal, power and fate are also brilliantly interwoven within the action. The new allies she also forms a bond with serve as great catalysts to the lessons she is bound to learn. It’s amazing how her character keeps on having kind-hearted people gravitate around her, yet her actions always end up pushing and pulling them in and out of her life.

What especially made this volume stand out from the previous two is the author’s fearlessness in dragging Alita into some of the toughest challenges in her life. For a cyborg that is only able to taste happiness in small doses and who has yet to understand where she fits into the whole puzzle that life is, the events in this volume really puts everything she knows into perspective and forces her into introspection. Yukito Kishiro’s grasp on the dialogue in this volume was also remarkable. There was a much finer touch to it, giving us a poetic flair to everything that was said by everyone. The artwork also improved and seemed much more refined and powerful. With a blend of kindness and violence, there isn’t a moment throughout this volume that you didn’t see the uniqueness behind this original cyberpunk classic.

This was definitely the highest peak in quality, both in artwork and story-telling, for Battle Angel Alita. Where things will go from here on out is beyond anyone’s knowledge. If anything, Alita still has plenty to learn about life, but also about herself.



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Thank you to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me a copy for review!


Did you know we were soon getting a live-action adaptation of our little Alita? Check out the trailer above!



31 thoughts on “Battle Angel Alita Deluxe Edition 3 by Yukito Kishiro

  1. Yeah, pretty much the same comments as before. Jealousy, “not for me”, happy for you, blah, blah, blah 😀

    Almost makes it sound like you’re pregnant and I’m a jealous spinster, lol!

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    1. Hahahah next thing you know, this turns into a psychological thriller plot. Your jealousy transforms into envy, your envy gets fuelled with hate over time, you devise a plan to ruin my life, I turn miserable, etc etc 😂😂😂

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Heck, who told you my master plan? I swear, a villain can’t catch a break these days 😉


        We could turn out to be long lost brothers and we both have a gift for reading. So it gets turned into a tv show about brothers, who read. Now THAT sounds like a money show!!! My goodness, the possibilities are almost endless…

        Wow. It is way too early for this level of silliness from me…

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      2. Maaaaan, I thought I was going to be the villain… Isn’t that how plot twists work? 😂

        Brilliant!!! I’d set it during WWII just to give it an emotional edge to the already emotional story. We’ll be millionaires. 😱

        Same here… What is going on… 😂

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      3. Hahahahaah!

        Well, you just ruined that plot plan! We would have switched roles in the last act and turned the whole story on it’s head.

        I like those additions. Specially that “millionaires” bit. I could use some money 😀

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  2. Yes, you definitely have me sold on this. But that is never hard for you to do haha. You really must stop, or I will hold you responsible when they have to come dig my body out from under the mountain that was my TBR 😂 I do love that this volume really pushes her to her limits as a character! Growth is so important in any series or collection. And no complaints on continually improving illustrations and art. Fantastic review 🖤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaahah what can I say? It was that good! I’m glad to share the truth with everyone and that your interest in this series has only been getting stronger and stronger with each review. 😛 There’s only 2 more deluxe editions before it completes the original series, but then there’s two sequels, Battle Angel Alita: Last Order (which is completed) and Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle (which is ongoing). I originally only intended to check the original run in preparation of the movie adaptation, but at this rate I’ll probably turn into a hardcore fan and check out everything related to the character hahah There’s also the anime if you ever want to watch her in action first and read later. 😉 Thanks for reading, Danielle! 😀

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  3. This is the volume I haven’t bought yet (but that said…I haven’t even started with reading this yet anyway), but it sounds like things are only getting better and better. As you know I love this character, and the storyline (I read the series partially before these deluxe series came out) and it’s just one of the best mangas ever. Glad to see you are enjoying it so much yourself: and of course wonderful post! 😀😀

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    1. If you’re collecting the deluxe editions, then rest assured, you won’t be disappointed by these hahah Hope you’ll get the chance to go through this soon (or save them up to binge them closer to the live-action adaptation). I’m definitely curious to see where things will go next though. If it can actually get better, I’ll turn out to be a real hardcore fan of this character/series. Thanks for reading, Michel! 🙂

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      1. Yes, I am collecting them (but then again I am collecting the entire Alita series, I already have the follow up to this series ) I’m really looking forward to starting with these. And as for the live action movie: also can’t wait! Hopefully it will turn out good 😊

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  4. I’ve read this years ago and you made me think I wasn’t paying enough attention 🙂 I was burning through volumes and volumes of manga then, maybe time will come to carefully re-examine the best of them. I started last year, with GitS, but I’m adding Alita to the list 🙂

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    1. Hahahah I do tend to read between the lines even more than others would when I see great writing/story-telling. I find that any creation that can get the reader to think beyond the plot is one that is pure quality. Would be nice to revisit it if it’s been a pretty long time since you last read this series. Did you also check out Battle Angel Alita: Last Order and Mars Chronicle, or did you content yourself with just the original run? I’ll be checking out GitS really soon too. Pretty excited to see what the original story was like.

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  5. I refuse to turn green with envy! Haha! I haven’t even started the series yet and the live action is coming out. I agree with Danielle, you are burying me under a mountain of my TBRs! Love it when an author improves with each piece of work, excitement mounts at the expectation! ♥️♥️ Awesome review!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahah it’s going to take some serious self-control from y’all cause it won’t end with this beauty! 😀 I believe the live-action is due closer to the end of 2018, so there’s still some time to check out the first volume, at least! 😉 There’s always the anime of course, if you have a preference or are in a rush! 😀 I’m just glad to finally see why this series is so loved and is considered a classic for many! Can’t wait to see how it’ll all “conclude” (even if there are sequels to this series)! Thank you so much for reading, Dani! ❤


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