Justice League: The Villain’s Journey by Geoff Johns

justiceleaguevillainsjourneyTitle: Justice League
Story arc: The Villain’s Journey
Volume: 2
Stand-Alone: No
Universe: New 52
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Illustrator(s): Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Ivan Reis, and many more!
Publisher: DC Comics
Format: Paperback
Paperback Release Date: October 1st 2013
Pages: 176
Genre(s): Comics, Science Fiction
ISBN13: 9781401237653

Previously on the New 52’s Justice League:
Justice League: Origin (Volume 1)

Geoff Johns continues to deliver a fantastic action-packed Justice League story with The Villain’s Journey. Honestly, this was quite entertaining and had everything that made the first volume so enjoyable. Explosive action sequences, quirky humour, fantastic interactions between these Gods, full-page panels that conveys the godlike power of these heroes (these almost felt like long lost paintings of mythological beings; it’s crazy what Jim Lee can do when given the opportunity). I went into this volume looking to have fun with these heroes, and that’s what I got.

The story is quite simple, but it doesn’t really take away anything from the overall experience. The first couple issues presents us the daily lives of the Justice League five years of the events in volume 1. Steve Trevor now acts as a liaison between the Justice League, ARGUS and the human world. However, he’s the one who suffers most of any backlash that follows the Justice League, and that’s what sparks the premise to the whole story. There’s a lot of questions around his relationship with Wonder Woman, but by the end of the volume, the big question is answered in a spectacular fashion (one that people aren’t always fond of). Spoiler, highlight to read: « Superman and Wonder Woman having their iconic kiss? I knew I wasn’t wrong to think that they tried to tease their potential relationship in volume 1, but volume 2 definitely confirms it. 100%. » Steve Trevor’s sub-plot still plays an important role throughout the story and I liked how it was explored until the end.


The Villain’s Journey then dives into the introduction and development of a brand new villain who relishes on the anguish of others. Spoiler, highlight to read: « David Graves is his name and his final form is definitely an interesting design. » He’s not the most complicated villain or one that would have you mesmerized for days on end, but he’s visually interesting and has enough development to give us a good idea of what he’s all about, what he wants and what he can do. And when I say development, I really mean it. His character goes from love to hate like no other being you’ve ever known.

There are some plot holes and some elements that were quickly dealt with, but the volume as a whole was still fun and exciting. The artwork alone saves this story and elevates the story arc enough to make you ignore all the short-comings. Then again, if you’re looking for something complex and insanely original, this might not completely satisfy you. Personally, Jim Lee’s artwork will always be welcome in my life as his style is truly mesmerizing and does justice to the character’s emotions, powers and overall presence.

I also loved how they teased two other heroes in this volume. I can’t wait to see more of them (hopefully). Spoiler, highlight to read: « Martian Manhunter and Green Arrow? Gosh, I really want to see where things will go regarding those two, especially Martian Manhunter.» And with the way that Geoff Johns does the interaction between heroes, I think it’s safe to say that it’ll be a nice treat. What I also started realizing with Geoff Johns and his Justice League run is how everything is upscaled in terms of danger, and that it sometimes forces him to cut corners and not dwell in details that would otherwise make these stories so much better. I guess that’s the ultimate lesson from this run. Short and sweet, big and crazy, but not enough time given to marinate and savour it all.


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44 thoughts on “Justice League: The Villain’s Journey by Geoff Johns

  1. Man, I’m still impressed with Jim Lee’s artistic skills. I remember reading some of the X-Men books back in the early 90’s by him and boy howdy, did those images stick in my head. Still do to this day to be honest.

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    1. Oh man. Chris Claremont and Jim Lee’s X-Men??? Iconic. You could easily associate the artwork to him at the mere sight of it! I find that he does “sexy” just right, without it being “pornographic” (probably something that could debated). But the way he draws his characters is just darn beautiful.

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    1. Yaaas! Jim Lee could draw anything and I’d probably be amazed! Hahaha I won’t hold it against you. I honestly don’t expect anyone to suddenly start reading these anyways 😂 Thanks for reading my review though!! That really means a lot to me!


  2. GAH art is simply the best! I feel the same way about manga at times. Even if a story cuts corners like you say, art can keep me reading and coming back for more! Actually I’m glad you shared the gallery so I could see it up close… the black and white is gorgeous! ♥️ Glad you’re enjoying this Lashaan!

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    1. Absolutely! Got to love it when the artwork is beautiful and brings to life these characters. Those black and white ones are pencil sketches from the artist put right before the beginning of a issue/chapter. They really make you realize how talented these people are! 😮 Thanks for reading, Dani. 🙂


  3. Great review for this comic Lashaan, and I’m glad you enjoyed it as well. I’m not familiar with Jim Lee’s work but the artwork you featured in this review looks incredible. Sounds like a good story overall, and one you liked despite some of the plot holes which is always great. 🙂
    Again great review. 😀 ❤

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    1. Thank you Beth! Oh yes, Jim Lee is a legend in the business and has some of the best artwork in the game. He makes anything a lot more endurable, even if it were utter poo! I know the series has some great story arcs further along the line so I didn’t mind that the 2nd volume wasn’t some kind of masterpiece hahah Thank you so much reading, Beth!! Truly appreciate it. 🤗

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  4. I keep telling myself, one day i will start reading more graphic novels… i really like the artwork!
    But then i get distracted by book-books (the one with words only)… 😀 Even though these comics would take like a couple hours… i’m hopeless.

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    1. Hahaha it’s honestly a wonderful way to plug into your schedule a quick and nice read. There’s plenty of classic (not superhero) superhero stories worth checking out though. Then again, there’s also plenty of awesome book-books to read ASAP! 🤣 Hopefully when you get the chance to read a comic/graphic novel, it’ll be a good one! 😀

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  5. Great thoughts as always mate, I thoroughly enjoy reading these reviews as they often mirror my own feelings. Man, Geoff Johns’ run on Justice League in my books is monumental and probably the best JL I’ve ever read – it’s a shame that the series that began with Rebirth has been very hit-and-miss.

    Jim Lee is an absolute god when it comes to pencilling these epic, cinematic stories – my only criticism with volume 2 is that there are numerous artists helping him out which makes it a little inconsistent.

    Are you planning to read the whole run? It only gets better, the next volume is “Throne of Atlantis” which is a corker…but I really can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the final arc of the run – the phenomenal “Darkseid War”!

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    1. Thanks man! I agree. It’s hard to top off what he successfully does in this New 52 run. I still wish Superman and Wonder Woman were a bit different in looks, and Wonder Woman in terms of characterization. Otherwise, it’s truly classic. I think I might have mentioned it before, but I also wish Martian Manhunter was part of the original JL in this run and that Cyborg stayed with the Teen Titans, but hey, it’s all still pretty solid. As for the Rebirth series… Yeh.. I’ve heard about Hitch’s JL and Orlando’s JLA runs. Wish it were only good things, but right now, I’m not rushing to check them out… at all.

      Oh man, that is true. I think what made me overlook the swap in between issues for the artists is that it wasn’t the worse thing I’ve ever seen. I still remember how bad it got in that first Rebirth crossover event (Night of the Monster Men). The artwork drastically changed from an issue to another and it was pretty mediocre from one to the other (except for one artists).

      I actually have read through half of the series (I’m at the Trinity War/Forever Evil events). I already have the rest of the series on my shelf and have just been reading them slowly hahah (and reviewing them here even slower). I had to put a pause on it to read the Metal event issues now that all of them are released. I should be putting up my thoughts on those in the near future. 😀 Oh and I even got my hands on the Darkseid War omnibus just cause I know it’s going to be massive and awesome!


      1. Oh that’s cool, I wasn’t too bothered with the additional tie-ins for Darkseid War and just followed the Johns/Fabok JL issues (and the short interlude by Francis Manapaul) but hats off to you sir on picking that up! Look for to your thoughts on Metal 😀

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  6. I always enjoy reading your comic reviews. I love the comic book stories, but there is something about the extreme series nature of comics I could never get into. I never got hooked by the end of a comic issue. Trade paperbacks are often better, but still… That said, I love the art!

    The real question is: DC or Marvel? 😉

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    1. Thanks Jackie! Glad to see you’re back from your huge life-changing quest! It’s true that a single comic issue won’t necessarily hook a lot of people though. If I were to recommend anything, it’s to look into collection editions (trade paperbacks/graphic novels) before investing in individual issues hahah

      Oh, I’m easily a DC fanboy hahahah But I do love Marvel, but will never put them on top of DC. DC has Batman and Batman is life. 😀

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      1. Batman IS life. There’s something about his darkness, his brooding, his pain, and his general humanity which is really compelling. I am always fascinated by his storylines, as well as that of Wonder Woman as they are, in many ways, the complete anthesis of Batman. She’s definitely gotten darker storylines, but overall, I love the counterbalance she provides.

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      2. Absolutely. And Wonder Woman adds a mythos to her storylines too, so it’s really refreshing. I’d probably be able to write a whole thesis on the awesomeness of DC heroes (even if they aren’t getting much love nowadays on the big screen cause of Marvel’s success) hahah 😀


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