The Greatness of Video Games

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

With Ready Player One (2018) directed by Steven Spielberg just around the corner, I thought it would be a nice idea to share something I am pretty passionate about, yet rarely openly ramble about: video games.

Lately, the subject has been a nice source of controversy that was openly discussed by some presidents out there who sought to connect some invisible dots between playing video games and committing mass shootings. As much as I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone who wants to claim something as ruthlessly ignorant as that, this is one subject that doesn’t merit negative press like that. 🤨

Sure, there are video games out there that offer mindless fun and has absolutely no particular benefit to those playing, except maybe its ability to make time fly by real quick. Running around to shoot things? Yeh. It sure does make it easy for some people to say that shooting things in game will lead to shooting things outside of games. To assume causality between the two and put the entire blame on it? Damn. That’s deep. I know I ain’t no killer; don’t push my buttons though. 🤣

I’m just a gamer. 😉


I have been one since the day I’ve seen what an Atari 2600 could do. I still remember the first day I got my very first Game Boy Colour and developed my undying love for Pokémon, as well as gaming. It’s also probably how I ended up getting glasses. Any regrets? Hell nah. I’ve followed the flow of video game evolution since the day I could add one and one. Reminiscing about it now, I’m sort of in awe at how far we’ve come. Honestly, I think the 80s and 90s kids are the luckiest ones in terms of being alive to enjoy the video game industry. Technology has evolved in ways that still blows my mind today and man does the future look bright for it too.

With every year, new processors are developed. With every new processor, a new console (handheld or home video) is developed. With every new console, new games are developed. And for every game, there’s an awesome group of people who use their unique brain power to make games that are as expansive and boundless as possible. The passion they put into their creation is remarkable and sometimes, just taking a moment to reflect on how the final product even came to be can be quite baffling.

 Games used to be just be a pixelated character going up, right, left and down, trying to complete his quest. Simple and addictive, but now? Goddamn. We’re already at the point of developing some pretty decent virtual reality video games. While I still think there’s a lot to be done in that domain before I actually get myself into the whole virtual reality business, it’s still incredible what we’ve achieved to this day. But even without the virtual reality. Video games have reached crazy levels of detail and originality today. Some games are so immersive and brilliantly conceived that they almost seem like movies where you’re the hero.


In all honesty, there’s a game for everyone. Maybe it does require you to explore a little bit to find out where to start, but gaming is far from being a world that seeks to put barriers around it and forbid eyes from looking into it. It doesn’t matter if you suck at it or if gaming is second nature to you. With time you’ll get the experience to figure out the learning curve, and along the way, you’ll also deepen your love for it.

Video games have offered me a way to challenge my mind and hand-eye coordination like no board game ever could. Except chess. I love me some chess. And UNO. No, but honestly, I revel in challenges, and video games gave me exactly what I needed.

Something that would challenge me.

I’d continuously fail missions, come across a dead-end and even find myself completely oblivious to what my next move should be if I wanted to progress, but I never gave up. I’d put so much time into beating games that it built in me that extra layer of competitiveness in life that drives me in everything I do. And boy, let me tell you. When I start something, I always finish it.

And then there’s the stories. The whole point of this post. Video games aren’t just some dumb past times that only twelve year old boys can enjoy while their parents are busy dealing with responsibilities. Hell nah. Video games, just like books, can deliver some of the most amazing stories ever. While also developing a whole bunch of other skills in you (improving decision-making skills, or even simply stimulating your own creativity), some creators really put a lot of thought into the story they tell. From characters who come to life thanks to some of the best voice actors in the business as well as formidable writers who know how to tell a story to the complex world-building that enhances the immersion and portrays the insane ideas that our brain conjures, video games are another form of story-telling that I just can’t ignore. Some of the best stories I have ever known are in video games and I’ll always cherish them.

And if there’s one thing that will always catch my attention in life, it’s a good story.

Before I put an end to all this rambling, I do want to share with you some of the video games that I deeply love and that I believe deserves a lot of recognition and praise. I’ve added a video to each of them that lets you experience the game without actually playing them (they essentially put together all the cinematics to create a movie of the game). Maybe some day they’ll adapt these games into TV series or movies, but we all know how video game adaptations are a bit tricky.


The Uncharted series is my favourite video game series of all time. They revolutionized video games and gave us the most cinematic experience imaginable. This series follows Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter as he hunts down historical mysteries all around the world. If you thought Lara Croft and Indiana Jones were awesome, you simply don’t know Nathan Drake and his friends.


Let me just straight up tell you that I have a lot of respect for Ubisoft Montreal. Nothing like having an industry straight out of your hometown. They’re known for a bunch of games, including the whole Assassin’s Creed franchise, but Far Cry 3 is the best thing they’ve ever created in my books. Jason Brody and his friends are stranded on a island filled with unhinged pirates. He needs to finds his friends and escape the place, but things are far from easy, as this will be a trip through insanity. The story even has a touch of Alice in Wonderland in it too!

P.S. Recognize the dude on the picture? That’s Michael Mando. Far Cry 3 made that voice actor so popular that right after the game’s release, he started to become much more presenting in the acting world. Anyone who watches Better Call Saul know this guy as Nacho. He even appears in Spider-Man: Homecoming!!!! Did I mention he’s born in Quebec? #REPRESENT !!!!!!


This game was particular. Its cutscenes were literally movie scenes. It was just that long! You sometimes even felt like you barely played the game but was actually watching a movie unfold (slight exaggeration). The story follows an aged Solid Snake as he hunts down in archnemesis Liquid Snake. There’s a whole artificial intelligence plot that plays out too. Hideo Kojima is just an insanely amazing game creator. Just look up his next project, Death Stranding, featuring some famous actors like Mads Mikkelsen. Dude has a helluva mind.

batman arkham

Come on, guys. Did you really think I wasn’t going to mention Batman? The whole Arkham series is the best superhero video games series that has ever been released. And man, everyone has missed out on some of the best action scenes and dialogues of all time with this. Especially for Joker. Holy sh*t. I highly recommend looking up all of the Joker cutscenes from the Arkham games. Voice acted by Mark Hamill himself (and Troy Baker in Batman Origins), you’ll get chills every single goddamn time!


The Last of Us was an emotional and amazing ride. It’s a survival horror game that follows Joel, a smuggler tasked with the job of escorting Ellie to a certain spot. Along the way, not only is there a whole special relationship that gets built up, but a lot of lies and truth are uncovered that simply complicate every action they take.

Of course, nowadays, we’re all busy, including myself. I don’t have as much time as I used to in high school to play regularly, but when I do, I make it count. Gaming is one of my personal hobbies, alongside playing basket-ball, hitting the gym, watching TV shows/movies and reading. It’s a release that I will probably never stop enjoying and will continue to stay up to date with the latest news and development in the industry.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 50 years (maybe 2045?), someone creates an insanely complex virtual reality game that would transpose all the dynamics of modern society into a structured and controlled virtual world that would become everyone’s “real world”.

Maybe they can even call it the OASIS or something. 😉

If you read through all that, I have to thank you. Your time is precious to me and I’m glad you stuck around!

I honestly don’t expect everyone who reads this to be a gamer, but I would love to hear what you think about video games.

Pro- or anti-, your opinion matters. ❤

Till next time,



109 thoughts on “The Greatness of Video Games

  1. I used to play computer video games, I was obsessed with a game called Myst for a long time (I never did figure it out though!) These days I just don’t have time, but I love the way games have evolved and continue to get better and better. My son is going to school to become a game designer so I will always have a close connection to them, even if I don’t play anymore:-)

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    1. I haven’t heard of Myst, but man does it look like something I might have seen way back then as a kid when I perused the shelves for games hahah Time is definitely everything when it comes to gaming. It’s soooooo easy to lose track of it when you’re enjoying it! Okay, that is definitely amazing, and I hope someday I’ll get the chance to play something he worked on. 😉 In another life I would’ve totally loved to venture in that industry myself hahah


  2. First, your love of gaming definitely shines through in this post. Just in case I was ever in doubt 😉

    Second, while I don’t think that videogames CAUSE violent behavior like mass shootings, I do think they desensitize people (and especially teens whose whole ID is still being formed) and allow for that kind of action to happen easier. Like drinking alcohol, it lowers certain thresh holds.
    Of course, I played such games as Doom2, Heretic,Quake, etc back in the day and look at me now, a model citizen if there ever was one 😉

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    1. It does doesn’t it? Hahahah I swear I wanted to make it short and sweet too. Guess that was an impossible task that I sure as hell didn’t plan on accomplishing post-publish. 😀

      I feel like desensitizing is something that EVERYTHING nowadays is successfully doing. Books, movies, shows AND media. Especially media. And the safer we are/further we are from real problems (shootings, terrorism, etc.) the more everyone go “Oh no…. Oh well…” But I won’t deny that video games will still be an easy way to desensitize too, depending on the game. But I also think there is more to it than the video game being played… Parental control, values being shared within the family and friends, etc. But man… solely putting 100% causality on gaming for any shooting nowadays? That’s uncool.

      I played the recent new (super high quality) Doom game on PC and man… the amount of gore is insane. But hella fun. 😀 Long live peepz like us who can control their urges to do Doom’esque things. 😀

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      1. 👍

        I concur with you. Placing the blame simply on one area is to ignore everything else in the world and that’s not how things work. Real people know this.

        It is funny you mention the new Doom. I took a look at it and decided it was above my threshhold 😀

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  3. Omg! I wish I was as into video games. There was potential for that to happen. I was born at the end of the ’80s, so I’m a 90s baby. I remember when that first PlayStation came out and I loved playing games like Gran Turismo and Spiro the Dragon and even the Bugs Life game, but I couldn’t get past the training stage, which turned me off video games. But I want to get back into them now. I’m itching to play Assassin’s Creed and as soon as I find some time and a method to play it that works well for me, I will.

    I actually know several people (all the old heads in my fam) who believe playing video games lead to violence. We’re influenced by many things so I think it’s wrong to lay blame on just one thing. I think some folks blame video games because it’s convenient/easy to lay the blame there.

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    1. Yoooo I loved Spiro, although I barely recall the story anymore hahah And racing games are everything! Need for Speed is my go-to though since racing simulators sometimes get boring real quick (yep.. I’ve tried Gran Turismo on PS3). Aw man, I know some games were crazy hard as a kid, but something in me always made me rince and repeat. It was sooooo rewarding to finally beat a level and progress. It truly built my real-life character hahah Yaaasss, I do see your interest in Assassin’s Creed nowadays and it’s totally worth checking out (the first two at least). And #MONTREALREPRESENT again!!! 😀 😀 😀

      I totally agree. It’s so easy for people to connect those dots that they just do. Their own bad experience with video games probably also fuels this love to connect the two, but maaaaan.. It’s soooo wrong. There’s more to a kid going to school to shoot up everyone than video games. 😦

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    1. This makes me soooo happy! Thank you so much Nicole for the kind words. I always did want to find some way to quickly mention video games somehow at some point on the blog and this just seemed perfect hahah I’m glad that it wasn’t utterly boring/repulsive!! 😛 Thanks for reading!

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  4. GAH what a post Lashaan! Your passion shines through… it’s too bad adulting takes over our lives! I have to agree I think it’s extreme to say there is a connection between gaming and shooting people. I’ll never forget a guy I met going 8bto the FBI… we played WoW together and he killed thousands of things everyday virtually but was scared to death to kill someone in real life… he got drunk and spilled all his innermost fears.

    I honestly believe kids get desensitized because they don’t feel loved. No one gives a red cent about them… could parental and friendship attention be replaced by video games? SURE, but it’s the neglect that is the cause… (sorry soap box)

    I watched my brother play Batman so I understand your love! I love posts like these… 😆

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    1. Yay!! 😀 The love is real. 😉 Definitely extreme. Maybe it does give some people ideas to pursue, but it’s no causal relation. There are way more things to consider to fully understand such tragic events. Hahahahah I’m telling you. Not all gamers are killers! And that’s a helluva’n example!

      Neglect is definitely something I’d put some money on. Parents and friends, and the values they instigate in the person too! School shootings don’t occur as frequently as robberies for example, so it’s not something that can be easily understood, but all these folks pointing their fingers at gaming as the biggest and only reason for these tragedies? Saddening. 😦

      Your brother is 200% AWESOME just for playing them. I’m telling you. The story is amazing, and if anyone turned those Batman games into movies, people would do nothing but love them forever! 😛

      Thanks for reading Dani! 😀

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  5. I like how passionate you are about that ! 😀 I personally really enjoy video games even though I’m not a huge player and I actually kind of suck at it… I never had any console when I grew up and I discovered the amazing gaming world only in high school. I used to play to MGS and Final Fantasy 🙂
    The game I fell in love with is Skyrim and I can’t describe how much I love it, the story, the universe and everything

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    1. Yay! Thanks Caroline! 😀 I’m so glad that we share the love for gaming!!! And MGS & FF?!?! If makes me all giddy to know that you’ve played them!!! I’m actually revisiting FF7 right now before they release the remake (which will probably be in a long time hahah) and recently explored FF15!

      I sadly haven’t played Skyrim, but did try Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I think it’s cause none of my friends invested any time in Skyrim and that held me back from putting time into myself. But man did it look soooo good when it first launched!

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      1. Yes but it was a long time ago and I actually never finished one of them because I always get stuck in hard fights hahaha ! 😛 I played only FF7 Crisis Core that was on the PSP, the only thing I had (and still have) but I liked it so much and it got me so much in the whole FF universe. Unfortunately never had the chance to try another one… Since my computer sucks and I don’t have any console I can hardly play video games now but I miss it so much… !

        You should really give it a try, it’s a bit old and they’re constantly trying to release it again on every console but I personally enjoy it so much !! The map is so huge and there are so many quests that it’s almost never ending hahaha 😀

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    1. Thank you so much Nicki!! And you have to be an awesome mum for letting him enjoy those. Borderlands is such a colourful and awesome cartoonish game. Truly had a nice time with that one myself! And Just Cause 3, although I never played it, looked sooo chaotic. Your son has nice taste. 😉


  6. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but I do log on one platform or another weekly. Non-FPSs (some FPSs too, but mostly not) have great storylines. Alice: Madness Returns is one of my favourite all time games and I adore the storyline and capturing bits of her backstory. I know I’m behind in the world, but I just started Dragon Age: Inquisition and again, GREAT storyline. Couldn’t agree more about Uncharted and Arkham. Final Fantasy, even simpler games like the Lego franchise offer so much more than video games are labelled for.

    Awesome post. Thank you.

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    1. During high school I would easily classify myself as a hardcore gamer, alongside my friends, but man.. over the years I barely have time for gaming, except on weekend too. I totally agree. The non-FPS games are the ones that have the best stories. I did play some FPS games that had some decent stories too, and that is always such a nice thing to discover. Dragon Age: Inquisition!! I’ve played that one and totally agree. Fantasy games tend to be so much more immersive and awesome too. Have you tried The Witcher series or Shadow of Mordor? Might be worth exploring, if time ever allows you! 😛 YAAYY! Someone who knows about the greatness of Uncharted and the Arkham series!!! I totally agree about FF too, although some of them get real cheesy at times hahah But the creativity behind the universe is still impeccable!

      Thank YOU for reading!! I truly appreciate it. 😀

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      1. I’ve been meaning to try the Witcher series, but I’m forcing myself back because I have this HORRIBLE habit of starting a game, then leaving it for three months to pursue other games/interests, then forgetting all the controls. I can’t begin to tell you how many games I’m “in the middle of” haha. I think we do have Shadow of Mordor on our shelf somewhere….

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    1. I knoooow!!! Ready Player One gave me so much life and really pressed that refresh button on my own love for gaming hahah I never really played arcade games though, but wow, Wade Watts sure did know how to make you want to play them huh? 😛 Thank you so much for the kind words and for reading this, Poulami!!! I really appreciate it. ❤

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  7. About twelve years ago, I went through a short gaming phase. I played the Japanese Demon war game, ‘Onimoshu’ {sp?}1,2, &3. up until I wasted an entire weekend playing. I like to stay productive, and the hours spent in front of the tv seemed wasted. Miss Plumtartt has been wanting to get into a bit of gaming. I have been a little leery of returning, but this post makes these games appealing.

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    1. Onimusha?! I actually remember that game as a kid! I don’t remember much of it though, but based on what I just saw, it reminds me a lot of the recent new game called Nioh! Samurais are pretty cool though, can’t blame you for investing a whole weekend to it. 😀 Oh man, Icky. I can understand the feeling of “wasting” time on certain games. There are games that I see as being “lifestyle” games where you simply rince-and-repeat the same process, but because of how you progress, level up, get new pretty gear and attempt to reach 100%, you’ll feel like you wasted A LOT of time once you complete the game hahaha I know this beforehand and yet sometimes I just “need” something like that from time to time. It’s a nice release that no other hobby can really do the same way you know. But hey, it’s all about moderation at this point. I definitely don’t have as much free time as I used to back in high school, so there’s no way I’ll freely look to “waste” time. I pick the games that have true potential and great stories/characters/worlds to explore and enjoy!

      I do hope you both find the right games to check out! Let Miss Plumtartt to add parental control on your side of gaming so you don’t ever feel like you wasted a weekend hahaha 😉


  8. I often play video games to unwind, I find it a great way to relax, and often games are a nice challenge too. I had a big break from video games when my PS3 broke, so didn’t really get into them again until I got a PS4 a couple of years ago. I tend to like survival horror games best, or anything with a bit of strategy like meal gear. ATM I’m a bit hooked on playing Monster Hunter World, its great fun that game. Looking foward to the new God of War next. Great to see the Arkham / Batman games get a mention in your post, those are great games as well 🙂

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    1. 100% agree with you on that. I swear I had to pay extra attention to my phat PS3 back in the day. I didn’t want it to overheat like the ones some of my friends had. It’s the console that I played the most with (more than the PS2!!) and cherish it so much. So many great games came out on it.

      Survival horror you say? TLOU was the best one for me, but I’m also a hardcore fanboy for Naughty Dog games. They just make the best stuff. I’m also playing MH:W right now hahah Did you get around to killing the pickle monster yet? 😀 It really is a great game, even if there’s a pattern to it. There’s just so many ways to enjoy it!

      Duuuude, I’m a huge GoW fan too. Got the new one pre-ordered and can’t wait to see how the new gameplay mechanics work out. And the new direction the story is going? It’s going to be a BLAST.

      Oh yes. The Arkham games are truly special. I do wonder what the company’s new project is going to be (what superhero they’re going to focus on next). Maybe at E3 we’ll finally find out. 😀

      Thanks for reading man, I truly appreciate it. 🙂

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      1. Oh yes, spent so much time on PS3 as well, that console had brilliant games. Yeah, always been a big fan of survival horror as well. Really enjoying MHW, not got to the pickle monster yet – completed the Tickled Pink mission at weekend and found the tracks and research for the new Rathaian. So once I do that I believe it unlocks the pickle LOL! Going to be fun taking that one on! Can’t wait for God of War, going to be awesome. Hopefully we will find out what the team behind the Arkham games will do next. Cheers and have a great week 🙂

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  9. I have one more thought to share:
    Dogs do not play video games. Dogs do not understand your interest in video games. Dogs require love and attention; if you ignore them to spend inordinate amount of time on a video game, they get their feelings hurt.
    Gotta run, my little buddy Sam is looking at me with heart-breaking appeal in his eyes.

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    1. This actually had me thinking about a future where dogs could be put into a virtual reality game alongside you. How cool would it be to go on an adventure with them. Okay, it might be far-fetched, but it still sounds soooo cool!! 😮

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    1. You definitely fooled me there hahah Those are some really cool dogs you got there man! I’ve always wanted a dog (a husky) as a kid. Currently living with a cat that looks like Bagheera. Closest thing to a tiger, I guess. 😀

      No worries hahah, like I’ve mentioned earlier, that feeling of “wasting” time is universal. As I grew up, I definitely look back at some games and half-regret how much time I put into them instead of doing something more productive in life. But then I tell myself that everything I did in the past built who I am today. 🙂 And then I’m back to being a happy man. 😀


  10. Awesome post! I love gaming and you name some stellar games there, fantastic ones!

    For me, I’d add Dead Space (the first two anyway), Horizon Zero Dawn, The Witcher 3, the Bioshock franchise, GTA, God of War and finally, Red Dead Redemption to my list of top games.

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    1. Thanks dude. You were definitely one of the other bloggers that I knew shared a love for gaming too, and it’s awesome that you’ve played all the great ones too! Bruuuh, 200% agree with you. And based on that list, I can also tell you’re a Sony fanboy too. Hell to the yea! 😀 I know my list would have been endless if I didn’t stop at 5 hahah


      1. Yeah, I guess I am a Sony fanboy. Had a PS2, PS3 and have a PS4. I did have a 360 instead of a PS3 for a few years and there was some good games on it, Gears of War is epic but I traded in most my games and got a PS3 which I loved and when the newest generation of consoles came out it was PS4 straight away. Each yo their own though, gaming is gaming and its awesome.🤘👌

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  11. Firstly (and I’m probably really late saying this but) COOL REDESIGN!! Honestly, I find myself getting frustrated on behalf of gamers (even though I’m not one, I used to like Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon though 😉 ) when people make claims about them leading to violence because it’s not true and it’s such an unreasonable thing to claim- so I can’t imagine how annoying that must be for people who do enjoy this hobby! Anyway, it was so cool to hear about your passion. I do like the storytelling aspect when people tell me about it and I can see how there’s a game for everyone. Great post!

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    1. Hahahah thanks! It was a completely spontaneous decision by Trang, which you probably also know by now because of one of her recent posts. 😀 I think I got a copy of Rollercoaster Tycoon in a cereal box as a kid hahah! 😛 I know, right… There are smarter ways to make statements like those, but ultimately, it won’t make a very nice conversation hahah There is so many other factors that can influence a kid to grow into committing a school mass shooting than JUST video games. Just that crime alone is far too complex alone to think that we can ever completely prevent them. The States are definitely having the worse time with the subject since their gun carrying life has been prominent since.. forever and is starting to bite their arse real hard nowadays. Yess! I can guarantee you that if some of these games had a decent novelization, they would turn out to be pretty good books! Thanks for reading yo!! ❤

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  12. Great post! I grew up with a Commodore 64…and then tried out PC gaming (but to be honest I couldn’t be bothered messing about with PC specifications and whatnot) before discovering the PS1, PS2, PS3 and now PS4 (loyalty?). I couldn’t agree more with your choices around Uncharted, Last of Us, Metal Gear…fabulous ways to spend time…although I do wish that there was more originality around than there is sometimes. It feels like so much has been done before nowadays…although I adored the Last Guardian for that reason. 🙂

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    1. Thanks a lot Graham! I appreciate it a lot. As a kid I hated how complicated it was to get good performance on PC. I did enjoy some time on it during high school, but then I dropped it when I got a console and realized how huge the upgrade it was to my PC. But console-wise? I was born to love Sony. I too went through all generations. They are the best. 😀 Dude, I totally understand what you mean. I felt that way with the PS4’s game collection. It’s the smallest game collection I got, whilst my PS3 collection is insanely huge with original titles! I don’t know if it’s the lack of ideas or something more about resources of each company, but man, they do need to come out with more original stuff like the Last Guardian. I also feel like there’s a lot more support for the indie games? I need more triple A titles yo! At least Sony have the best exclusive game line up ever! 😀

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      1. Couldn’t agree more with you! I also think the Sony controller has always felt best to use. At least Nintendo seem to try original concepts still but they’ve never really had the games for adult players I think which is a pity.

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  13. Loved this post. I’ve always loved video games, both for story and challenge, and also find it quite frustrating that the tired argument of video games leading to violence has been brought up again. It’s all speculation based on no research, and the few times research actually has been conducted, nothing has suggested that there’s a link. I remember hearing a large study mentioning it could actually release aggression in a safe way.

    Anyway, great post and great selection of games. I love the Naughty Dog games as well.

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    1. Thanks man, I appreciate it! Exactly. Video games is one of the best medium for mankind’s imagination. To look at them like they were the toys of murderers????? That’s just blasphemous. Same here. I’ve seen research showing pros and cons of it, but never has it been concluded to being as deadly as alcohol or any other drugs. I once played the UFC games with friends over at my place and saw how it really, literally, released so much emotion from both players. The button-smashing, yelling, and laughing was just an amazing release.

      I see you noticed the love for Naughty Dogs hahahah 😀 😀 Yep. I’m a huge fanboy of everything they’ve ever created. They are truly genius!

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  14. I really like mmos and rpgs. I almost exclusively play these kind of games.
    For me it started for real in 1998 when I first played Baldur’s Gate. I still consider that one of my favourite games ever.

    I also love The Secret World with all the templars, illuminati, all sorts of conspiracies and mythical creatures. It’s such an atmospheric game.
    My other favourite is Wildstar, with the space opera style humour and story line.

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    1. They are so much fun and super crazy addictive. World of Warcraft alone stole a huge chunk of my teenage life, to say the least hahahah Nowadays, me and my friends know that if we were to go into an mmorpg, we would need to be smart about it and know that it is bound to take a lot of grinding and time! But RPGs is definitely one that I always look forward too. I love customizing and building a character’s stats, making it unique. I never played Baldur’s Gate but it definitely looks like something I would’ve have tried if anyone I knew had played it. 😮

      I 200% feel you. The RPGs I lean towards are usually always fantasy games too. The world they create are sometimes soooo beautiful, and if done properly gameplay-wise, insanely immersive! And waaahhh, Wildstar looks sooo cool! Reminds me of a cross between WoW and Rachet & Clank hahah Love the sound of it!

      Thanks so much for reading and sharing, Norrie! I appreciate it a lot! ❤

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  15. Much love and respect for this! I am a gamer (at heart now due to illness) ❤ I spent years raid leading on a PC game and favor RPGs and some FPS. My nonhubs and I met gaming 😉 Your list is fantastic, I would add Bio Shock! We were just discussing how often people try to link gaming to violence, particularly with kids and weighing in. I think anything can have an affect on kids (to an extent). Gaming, films, etc are NOT the issue. It is guidance and being aware. Again, love this Lashaan.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Mah fellow gamer!!! ❤ I already knew about that side of you from peeking at some of your comments on other posts through the past years hahah I know all about your raids on WoW. 🤣 I should mention that I spent a crazy amount of time on it back in high school. While I sometimes find myself crazy thinking about how much time I spent on it back in the day, I also got to admit that I had a lot of fun during those days and met so many awesome (and some crazier) gamers on there! Absolutely agree about Bioshock! It is a classic. Did you also get the chance to play Bioshock Infinite before you had to stop? 😮 Get your kids to play it for you or something!! 😀 Totally agree with you. The supervision is definitely a key element to it all. The values parents and friends share with that individual too. People just need to raise awareness on the crimes and what not and find the real root causes, rather than point fingers strictly at gaming! Thank you for reading, Danielle!! 😀


      1. I have Infinite here, but did not get to. I will watch the nonhubs or my son play through at some.point though 😉 Yeah, I made some incredible friends through WoW. Many of which come to visit and still call, but it was a total life suck. I had to step away more than once. So addicting 😂 and yes, all about instilling values and raising awareness. But some find it easier to misplace blame.

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  16. While I used to be very big on MMORPG games (because I apparently loved the pain that came with 24/7 grinding…?), I play more MOBA style games in recent that are a quick in-and-out daily win; which is kind of therapeutic.

    There’s definitely a “feel” of online gaming that is difficult to capture in books like RPO or Warcross, from recent memory. And rarely is it even done justice.

    I guess I’m also extremely biased because nothing will ever compare to the journey that most Final Fantasy storylines have given me, inclusive of all the OST music that have forever moved me (because video game music is A+++)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bruh.. I know what you mean. The amount of grinding I had to do on WoW back in the day was insane. There was literally no self-control in me. I still look back at those days and laugh at how much I played those MMORPGs. I sort of repeated that period of my life with FF14 around last summer (up to the Heavensward DLC, didn’t bother with Stormblood). Hahahah hell yes to FF! Currently playing FF7 before the remake (if ever) releases. OST of most GREAT games are amazing indeed. Especially JRPG games. Holy sh*t.

      RPO is the only one that I read (it’s what even lead me to do this post) and it sort of just refreshed my love for gaming momentarily. But man, it’s as close as they’ll get to bringing that gamer’s love for gaming to life.

      Thanks for passing by man. I appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Those were the days of being on time with world boss drops more than the schedule in my own life 😱… and the most stressful thing being upgrading (read: failing to upgrade) your armor etc.

        I wish I had time to play too. I had really wanted to play Blade and Soul…but then it took like 10 years to translate and now I’ve a lack of time to play the grind game (which is why I now appreciate and can be compassionate to those who paid to win 😂).

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Duuuuuude, I’m super impatient about TLOU 2 too!!!!! The first one was a masterpiece as a stand-alone, but when they announced their intention to make a sequel, I didn’t even hesitate to jump off my seat!!! 🤣🤣 I actually played Overwatch on PS4 with some friends, but… boy… was that a mistake hahah Everything felt slower/heavier and it was way too strategic for my friends to get into. Definitely a far better purchase on PC.

      P.S. Speaking of PC, I also know about your gaming endeavor with your bf cause of instagram way back then hahah Saw you build that insane rig with a gtx 1080. You MUSSST be having an amazing time every time you’re gaming! 🤣

      Thanks for reading, Cat. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Bahahaha yeah I’m loving my PC It was probably one of the best purchase I’ve ever done, I’m happy he convinced me into the PC master race 😂😍. It was his first built also, he’s the best 🙌. And I can’t imagine OW on console, I’d be so bad!!!

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  17. I’m glad that you said “there’s a game out there for everyone” I hate it when people try to argue “what is a gamer” there are too many people out there that think that if you don’t play something mainstream like “Call of Duty” or “Final Fantasy” or other Triple A titles than you’re not a “real gamer” I think that in a world of more mobile and Facebook games, etc. The term “gamer” really needs to be expanded, because there really IS something for everyone!!

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  18. Great Post, Lashaan! VIdeo Games are so addictive. I used to play Nintendo games when I was a kid. I love Super Mario, Galaga, PacMan, and King Kong. I loved playing Contraband, and Kung-fu with my brother. Years later I was introduced to Street Fighter, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat. Street Fighter is my all time favorite game. As for the PC games, I liked F.E.A.R, Hitman, and Call Of Duty. I also played Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance that features Raiden and it was so damn good but the game seemed short to me. It’s been a long time since I played a video game. My last games were Devil May cry 4, Metro 2033 Redux, and Thief. I hope I get back to the gaming world someday.


    1. Ohhh, you meant you looked up with Ready Player One was! I’m glad that it piqued your interest hahah Check out the trailer for the movie adaptation if you haven’t already too (and if you don’t plan on checking out the book). It’s quite the fun ride! 😉

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  19. As an avid and passionate gamer myself, I really enjoyed this piece Lashaan and all the heartfelt effort you clearly poured into it.

    I’ve been a gamer all my life, growing up with games like Desert Strike, Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and many many a Marvel Comics based game, all great but the evolution of games is truly astonishing.

    It seems our enjoyment of games hinges on the same elements, I too like a challenge (and the same determination to finish something which I always try to pull through into my life in the real world) and a good story.

    My favourite series nowadays are Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Assasin’s Creed and of course the Batman Arkham games. I’m also now getting into Uncharted and plan to check out the Far Cry series which I’ve heard a lot about.

    The Last of Us is without a doubt one of the greatest games ever made, in fact it transcends being ‘merely a game’ with its gripping story – did you know it won a BAFTA (sort of the UK’s equivelant of the oscars)…quite a barrier breaking achievement!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks man for the kind words. I have fond memories with Sonic too; I still hear the chiming of those rings when you rolled into a gazillion of them in a row. Good times. I also had a nice time as a kid with a bunch of platform games, but I don’t recall their names.

      I totally love your taste in games too man. Seems like we always have similar taste no matter what field we’re in. Duuuude, can you imagine what Rocksteady might be working on now that the Arkham series is done? Although I do hear rumours of another Batman game being developed on the side, but I’m definitely not one to complain. The more Batman I can get, the happier I can be. 😀 You need to check Far Cry 3 at least. It’s definitely the best one in my books. I do hear good things about the recent one too, Far Cry 5.

      Totally agree with you about TLOU. That game was a masterpiece. I honestly can’t wait for TLOU 2 to come out. It’s going to be EPIC. I didn’t know about the BAFTA, but I’m not surprised! That game could’ve won an OSCAR man.


  20. I find it (sadly) funny that Americans are willing to blame literally anything (video games, films, probably books, as well as the weather) for mass shootings, but not the obvious things – that anyone, including a baby, can pick up a gun and do things with it. In my life, I have not even seen a gun. Obtaining one would probably be hard, very hard. And that’s probably why there are no mass shootings here xD

    I’m not a gamer though, but my boyfriend is. I don’t game because I react very badly to that adrenalin. Like, super badly. If something gives me a jolt (which is the point of many games xD) I can be shaking for hours and just… it’s just really bad. Also, I kind of suck at them xD about the only thing I’m (surprisingly) very good at is those space pirates on VR I talked about the other day on a Sunday post – but that’s so different to normal gaming – I guess actual space, 3D and being able to use my body instead of pointing devices makes all the difference 🙂

    I absolutely agree about stories though! So what if I suck at the actual gaming part? I like to watch my boyfriend play – it’s like watching a movie with less participation than he gets, but still enough. I’ve gone through Assassin’s Creed and Mass Effect (OH YUS T_T what a story!) that way, also Uncharted, which by the way is my favorite game series – so much so that I’ve played games one and two myself (boyfriend has to deal with some of the bosses though xD not because I can’t shoot, I normally do well with the small guys, but I just can’t emotionally deal with something like “you get one shot” xD)

    Oh man! You love Uncharted too! Well hey, I knew you would. You know that zombies in the Nazi bunker thing? Dealed with that well enough and didn’t get killed much, but during the ENTIRE sequence I was low key screaming DON’T KILL ME ZOMBIES DON’T KILL ME AAAHHHH WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE HERE while playing it xD they seriously freaked me out. To this day, boyfriend is sorry he didn’t video that cause he even stopped doing what he was doing – not to watch the screen, but to watch me xDDDD said it was one of the more hilarious things ever.

    Boyfriend also really loves Metal Gear Solid (he sings Snake Eater at karaoke xDDD I am serious. In a bar setting. People think it’s probably a James Bond song or something :D) I haven’t watched this series yet though. Haven’t tried, but I don’t know if I’d like it, it’s a bit too military for me, although boyfriend says it’s got an incredibly solid story.

    Anyway, you have a good taste in games 🙂 what about Mass Effect? Or Horizon Zero Dawn? Have you played those?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. There’s definitely better reasons to look at than video games for understanding all the gun deaths they have in the States. It’s unlikely that they can fix something like this in a day, or a year, but there’s definitely things that can be done over time (years) to make these tragedies we see everyday a lot less likely.

      Hahaha yes, I remember you mentioning about your high scores in that game. It’s still gaming though. 😉 It’s probably not the hardcore gaming things that some people do everyday with a controller/mouse and keyboard. It’s unfortunate that you have such a huge reaction when gaming though. So many wonderful things you could enjoy for yourself, but it’s nice that your boyfriend is there to solve this problem. 😀

      I’m glad to hear Uncharted is also a favourite of yours! The first one was the first game I played on my PS3 and it blew my mind. The jump in innovation and storytelling from PS2 games to PS3 games was so staggering that what the first Uncharted game showed me couldn’t have been more perfect.

      Hahahaahha no way! I swear I was stressed as hell when those things appeared. I love the supernatural twist to the series. It was such an awesome surprise! I might have played each Uncharted games like 3-5 times and beat them on the hardest difficulty too. Imagine those zombies on the highest difficulty. They’re not only on crack, they hit HARD hahahaha

      Hahaha that’s nice! It’s definitely a nice game, but it can also be confusing if you’re new to the universe since it has characters from past games reappear and all. But MGS IV was definitely easier on new fans and was phenomenal, both in cinematics and storytelling!

      Oh yes, I’m a sucker for Playstation exclusive games. They are the best! Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the latest new ones and it definitely didn’t disappoint the world. I have tried Mass Effect, but I felt the controls were clunky so I never got around to going through the whole series. Maybe in the future, if I got time, I’ll try to revisit it!

      Thanks for reading, Evelina! 😀


  21. I’m excited to see what new titles are coming out and where the game industry is gonna be in 50 years 🙂 so many endless possibilities! Of the ones you mentioned I really enjoyed Batman. Really well done and FUN! And also on your first point- I don’t think games make us violent. If anything they provide an outlet for folks so that they aren’t as violent. I’ve heard that sentiment expressed amongst my friends that they are able to relieve stress by playing games. Well, whatever the case, haters are gonna hate, but I love games nevertheless. Thanks for sharing your perspective!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Tell me about it!!! It’s already pretty insane! I hope that within the next 50 years VR will see significant improvement so that triple A titles will be playable in all their splendor! Imagine how cool that would be. 😮 So glad to hear you’ve played and enjoyed the Arkham series!!! You’d easily have made a friend of me in real life hahahah And yes, that is so true. Had a friend over who was only into sports games and he played one of those UFC games and you could totally see how all his craziness (or violence hihi) was filtered into the game and made the whole experience so much better hahaha Thank you for dropping by Lara! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol yeah!! I bet they will be absolutely amazing in 50 years! I hope they don’t quit making 2d and cartoony 3d either. How far we’ve come from the world 8-bit though. Also yep! Some of the best stress relief games I’ve played are the Diablo games!

        Liked by 1 person

  22. I really like the Uncharted games as well, although I wasn’t a huge fan of Uncharted 3’s story. Pretty much everything about The Last Of Us is marvelously done though.

    Have you played any of the other Metal Gear Solid games? Of the original 4, I think Metal Gear Solid 3 is actually my favourite (although 4 isn’t all that far behind.) It takes place in a jungle, there are survival elements added into it (MGS 4 replaces 3’s hunger meter with the stamina meter), and it’s got a grueling sniper duel for a boss battle that may be the most memorable part of the series from a gameplay standpoint. It also might be the only MGS game where you spend as much time playign the game as you do watching a movie (all the others are more movie than game. Not saying that’s a bad thing.)

    But if I’m going to talk about my favourite games, there are three I have to mention.

    1 – The Donkey Kong Country trilogy for the Super Nintendo. I grew up on those games, and they’ve really stood the test of time. All three games are also full of very memorable music – the underwater theme in the first one has even been used in mainstream documentaries that have nothing to do with the game.

    2 – The Mass Effect Trilogy. By far my favourite game series from the previous generation. It’s full of brilliantly written characters, all of which are drastically affected by the choices you make throughout the trilogy, it’s got some of the best video game music of all-time (up there with Zelda and Donkey Kong Country). Admitidally, the first game’s gameplay hasn’t aged all that well.

    3 – The Witcher 3 – easily the best RPG I’ve ever played. It’s a very emotionally driven story with a great balance of humour, bleak storytelling and heartwarming moments. It’s a game that’s more than 100 hours long, yet even the side-quests all have a story worth telling. I’ve never seen a game with more attention to the writing and the world than The Witcher 3. Great gameplay too. As much as I really want to replay this game at some point, there’s no way I’d find the time at least until after I move closer to my new job.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I understand hahah Uncharted 2 was such a major leap in development though. Uncharted 3 felt more like an Uncharted 2.5, but I still loved it. Yep. An undying love for Naughty Dogs, I have. 😀

      I did want to replay the older MGS, especially when they got remastered on PS3 but new games always kept me busy till PS4 came out. Maybe someday I’ll revisit them, but they did seem awesome (although they’re really different from what MGS4+ gave us).

      I actually wanted to try the Mass Effect series when it got ported onto Playstation, but then something held me back (I think it was the controls or something). The whole decision-making story development was really intriguing though. I liked the good vs. bad decision-based gameplay that Infamous gave us too (that’s another series I absolutely love too).

      I got Witcher 3 on my PC and am ready to dive into it soon. I do have to admit that I have an itch to read the books first, but right now it’s still a continuous battle of whether I read or play first hahah


      1. One thing that’s nice about Witcher 3 is that, although you’ll understand the context of the references to Witcher 2 better by playing it, you’ll more than understand everything you need to know whether you’ve played a previous game or not.

        I would say that gameplay wise, the Metal Gear Solid 3: Substinence edition is very similar to MGS4. Interestingly enough, while I played the Gamecube version of the first MGS back when Gamecube was still selling alright, I didn’t play the 2nd or 3rd until after I played the fourth (and I ended up playing all three inside a month). At some point I’d like to play through them again, in order of release.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I sort of missed out on the Hitman hype back on PS2 since I was in elementary and was into other great games (got to say the PS2 had a crazy arsenal!). 😛 Deus Ex is definitely a pretty cool series! The series is developed by a company in my hometown too. #represent 😀 😀

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Montreal?

        Can’t beat Deus Ex for atmosphere and music. I also like my turn based strategy like Civ etc.

        You should consider giving the latest Hitman a go (unless it really isn’t your kind of thing of course). The best part is how creative you can be in how you accomplish your mission.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here. It was a truly nostalgic and fun ride. I hear the author plans on making a sequel to the book too. I have no clue where that would go if it would be a good idea. Thank you for the visit. 😀


  23. Just came across this gem of a post whilst browsing your wonderful blog and I have to say it’s unleashed the geek in me 🤓

    Call me biased but I think you hit the nail on the head when you those of us who grew up with games in the 80’s and 90’s had it best. I remember the likes of the Sega Mega drive and early PlayStation and Nintendo consoles – I loved them (more so because they were indestructible back then! I actually dropped our SMD down the stairs and it didn’t break 😂). The only games I play now are on the Nintendo 3DS – Mario Kart, Super Mario and Professor Layton being my favourites.

    And I definitely agree with you – computer games tell stories just as books do, they just use a different medium. In moderation, I think they are actually beneficial.

    Thanks for this post Lashaan. It was nice to be reminded of the good days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad that you discovered this post. It’s one of the rare times that I actually spoke of my secret love for gaming and indeed, the 80s and 90s kids have known some of the best games out there; wow at your story of dropping it and not breaking it, I know I’d be sad at the mere thought of it dropping hahaha

      Glad to help you reminisce about the good ol’ gaming days, although it’s a blooming industry right now! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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