Upcoming Superhero Movies and How to Prepare For Them (Chapter 2)


I really hope everyone is enjoying their summer to the fullest! Personally it has been pretty hectic with work as free time became quite a luxury! Nothing to worry about though. Come July, the world will still keep on spinning and superhero movies will keep on coming out by the dozen! 😀

Way back in November, I started this feature with the very first chapter and had a feeling that it would be nice to help compile a list of upcoming superhero movies that are soon going to hit the theaters (first trailers are already launched) and get people psyched for all the superhero goodies that both DC Comics and Marvel have in store for us!

I thought this feature also offered us a nice little wrap-up of not only what to get excited for on the big screen, but also for what you can all pick up and read to learn a bit more about these heroes before they blow your minds on the big screen!

*Thank you, Lashaan!*


     Although there are thousands of different comics you could check out, I’m going to point you towards two particular volumes that could potentially tease you enough to get you running to your local comic stores (or the online shops) for more books and superhero fun! Of course, if you’re 100% new to the comic world and are about to take my word on these recommendations, I might have to warn you about potential spoilers in some of these stories as they sometimes are part of a continuity! Then again, if you’re pretty knowledgeable on these heroes, picking up these volumes will just be hella fun!


Image result for spiderman homecoming banner

Three reboots for this superhero on the big screen in one lifetime. One could say I’m lucky, but another could argue that the last Spider-Man duology (Sorry, not sorry, Andrew Garfield) just didn’t live up to our expectations. Now that Sony and Marvel finally talked it out and got our friendly neighbourdhood superhero integrated into the MCU, we are finally getting a Spider-Man movie that seems to be doing A LOT right! Yeh, they might have changed a couple of things compared to the canon (looks at Aunt May and her dazzling looks), but it might be all for the better! 😀

For this movie, coming out on the 7th of July, 2017, I’d recommend checking out Ultimate Spider-Man (Volume 1) Power and Responsibility by Brian Michael Bendis as well as Spider-Man vs. The Vulture by Stan Lee as they are both known and loved volumes related to our teenage superhero! The first one being a classic to acquaint yourself to Mr. Parker, and the second one being a collection of every encounter with the main villain of Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Vulture!


Related image

Out November 3rd, 2017, Thor: Ragnarok is another piece of the puzzle before the Infinity War. I’m going to be honest and tell you that Thor was not my favourite of the bunch. His first movie was the worse debut in my books and really failed to capture my love for it. The second movie did however become a bit more interesting and felt less like a soap-opera/sit-com. However, Thor: Ragnarok, without Natalie Portman, seems like what a Thor movie should’ve been like since the start. It’s also nice to see The Hulk sharing the screen with Thor on this one and adding his own planet story into the mix too!

For this, you should definitely check out Avengers Disassembled: Thor by Michael Avon Oeming to find out more about Ragnarok. I hear this is one of the new volumes that touches upon the subject while there’s also an older storyarc that initially introduces Ragnarok. You should also check out The Incredible Hulk: Planet Hulk by Greg Pak to know what on Earth is going on with The Hulk!


Image result for justice league 2017 banner

Out on November 17th, 2017, this is by far my most anticipated movie right now. I mean.. Come on. It’s the Justice League. ❤ While there’s still a lot of controversy and hate circulating around this movie, I feel like everything will still be unwarranted and that this will be an amazing action-packed superhero movie that will surely deliver on all fronts. The level of epicness is just too high for it to fail too hard.

What you should definitely read is Justice League (Volume 1) Origin by Geoff Johns, which I reviewed a while back, as it is honestly what the movie will draw a lot of inspiration from. You could also check out JLA: New World Order by Grant Morrison, which is another run with the almighty squad but written by a different mastermind. I don’t think the DCEU will be based on this adaptation, so Geoff Johns’ run is probably your best course of action!


Image result for black panther banner

Surely, the release of this trailer was a major surprise since the movie is still very far away from us (February 16th, 2018). The introduction of this character in Civil War remains one of the movie’s biggest highlight and this trailer just puts even more emphasis on the originality and uniqueness of this character’s universe. Both a king and a hero, this movie is sure to dive into a lot of dilemmas and deliver a solid action-packed movie with an epic cast to gaze at!

To read? You could go with the recent series by Ta-Nehisi Coates, Black Panther (Volume 1) A Nation Under Our Feet. This writer was also know for his book Between the World and Me. You could also check out Black Panther (Volume 1) Who is the Black Panther? by Reginald Hudlin.



Now that will be all for Chapter 2, but expect the next chapters to come with more exciting superheroes movies that are going to rule Hollywood!

Are you excited for these movies? How ready are you to watch these heroes in action? I’m hella’ pumped! 200%!

Share your thoughts with me so we can fanboy/fangirl together! 😀



49 thoughts on “Upcoming Superhero Movies and How to Prepare For Them (Chapter 2)

  1. It’s hard to say which one of these I’m looking forward to the most. It’s probably JL yet that’s the one I’m most fearful about as well. I hope it’s not a case of one step forward (with Wonder Woman) and two steps back.

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    1. I agree. Justice League is what I’m most hyped for because.. well.. there’s Batman in it. And Justice League will forever be a superior team in my mind than anything Marvel can come up with it. And with Wonder Woman recent success and Gal Gadot <3, Justice League just became that movie that I just hope and pray will blow all the haters away. So many characters to be introduced and so much teamwork to come!

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  2. Some great suggestions my friend, I have a few of those titles but have not read certain others although I’m aware of them (Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man for example).

    I’m quite looking forward to Spider-Man but with just hope they now settle on this iteration of the character and we get to see him grow and mature within the MCU (high scholl Spidey is fun, adult Peter Parker is arguably better with classic stories like Kraven’s Last Hunt and Maximum Carnage).

    Thor I quite like (although I prefer the comic book version of the character) but not overly excited about Ragnarok, the trailer didn’t really grab me as much as I anticipated…I’m worried that it’s going to be a little too jokey. Now, Justice League I cannot wait for but it’ll be interesting to see how it’s received given the negativity towards Zack Snyder and how the Joss Whedon reshoots fit.

    Also looking forward to Black Panther after his awesome debut in Civil War. I’ve read the whole “Nation Under our Feet” arc and “Who is the Black Panther” and got a collection of the earlier comics on the reading pile.

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    1. Not going to lie, but I haven’t read much of anything I recommend, especially cause.. well.. most of them are not Batman-related and most of them are Marvel volumes. They are however on my TBR and do plan on checking them out if I ever run into cheap trades. 😀 Spider-Man is definitely my favourite Marvel character and if Batman hadn’t existed, I probably would’ve been all over his storyarcs. I do hope they nail it with his character as Holland seems to be the best of both worlds (as Peter Parker and Spidy) contrary to our other two Spidys who either owned their role as Peter Parker (Tobby) or Spidy (Andrew Garfield).

      Have you heard about the whole Venom movie controversy (belonging to the MCU or not) and Carnage being the villain for it? I swear, this was something I’ve always wanted to see happen on the big screen. Venom and Carnage. I was a bit sad that it had nothing to do with the MCU or Spidy at first, but when they got Tom Hardy as Venom, I just couldn’t say no! I hope it turns out pretty good!

      Yeh man… Thor’s humour really kills it for me. I would’ve preferred seeing none of it in the trailer, even that Hulk-friend-from-work moment. Otherwise, the world they’re now exploring really looks interesting. Cate Blanchett is also another reason why Thor Ragnarok looks like a game-changer, compared to the less appealing Thor movies so far..

      I’m with you on Justice League. I don’t know what’s the extent of Whedon’s contribution, but if he can refine the story-telling so that people stop hating Snyder’s products, I’m all in.

      Did you feel like the movie took inspiration from those Black Panther storyarcs? Definitely looking forward to the angle the movie’s going to go with.

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      1. I hear you my friend, it’s so hard to find the time to squeeze everything in – I’ve been wanting to read some classic Spidey in the run up to Homecoming…but I’ve still got some Wonder Woman on the reading list to plough through. Talk about spoiled haha!

        The casting of Tom Hardy in Venom is certainly awesome and taking the ‘R’ rated approach and having Carnage as the villain can only make things better. Yet, the fact that it won’t be connected to the MCU is a huge creative misstep on Sony’s part, Venom is so heavily tied to Spider-Man (his origin especially) that it’s really going to be hard to do it – and the other MCU-less Spidey-verse spin-offs they’re planning – without any sort of connection, if only at least a tenuous one. Still I’ll no doubt be seeing it, Venom and Carnage rocked my world as a young comics fan in the 90s!

        Bar Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, the humour in the MCU films is starting to kill it a little for me…I mean Doctor Strange, a more mysterious and more brooding character in the comics, was really let down by a lot of unnecessary – and often forced – moments of splapstick comedy. They seem to get it right with the Captain America films which seem more well balanced to me.

        I’m only just discovering Black Panther in the comics but judging by his intro in Civil War and the recent trailer for the solo film I’d say they definitely have the ‘flavour’ of the character and the world of Wakanda (I just hope the jokes are kept to a bare minimum). What I like about the comics is the political aspect and the fact that T’Challa is a leader of a nation who is sometimes burdened by also having to play ‘hero’ in the larger superhero community. “Who is the Black Panther” is definitely a good starting point!

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  3. I thought the first 2 Thor movies were just pathetic, to be honest. I watched the first because “of superhero movies” and the second because of the infinity stone tie-in [I’m a huge sucker for the infinity war stuff]. However, when I watched the trailer for 3, I actually got excited.

    I am looking forward to Spiderman the most I think. Garfield’s run of Spiderman really put me off the franchise and I figured this new one was going to be just as bad. But then I watched Civil War and my goodness, that kid made me laugh! And having a hot Aunt May is a definite draw.

    Black Panther didn’t do a thing for me in Civil War, so I doubt I’ll watch it when it comes out. Not unless I hear a boatload of good reviews raving about how cool the storyline is.

    JLA. After BvS [the directors cut] I am definitely ready for it. I know that Supes won’t be in most of it, but he’s what’s drawing me to it anyway. I want to see his Return…

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    1. Honestly, I’d 100% back you up with that statement. The Thor movies were truly underwhelming and Portman really didn’t help if you ask me (so far I haven’t liked any of her performances: V for Vendetta or Star Wars). I hear she’s got better movies, but I don’t know if they’d redeem it for her… Ragnarok looks just that much better without her, and with the exploration of a whole new “world”. I just hope Marvel doesn’t screw things up with too much unnecessary humour, even if it’s their.. well.. identity.

      The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2 were definitely sad to think about. It did have some interesting ideas (Sinister Six?) but man.. it had so many issues. Holland however was phenomenal in his 10 minutes of fame in Civil War. He stole the show for me. I feel like he might be the best Spider-Man casting choice ever so far. I just hope the movie will deliver and explore his universe even more further along the line.

      I was pleased by the aesthetics being Black Panther’s world and look forward to seeing what they plan on doing with his character. He definitely had less of that Marvel humour thing going on, and I hope it’s a hint to a darker and much more serious Marvel movie or something.

      Justice League is going to be a blast man. If critics hate it the same way they did BvS, I feel like I’ll end up loving it a lot. About Superman.. I feel like he might be an important game-changer during the movie or something. It’ll be nice if it happens out of the blue, as well as the introduction of that other green superhero 😀 😀 I wouldn’t mind if this movie was a set-up for the real fight since.. I believe.. they still plan on making Justice League a 2 part event (where.. Justice League 2 would release somewhere in 2020 or something).

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      1. I’ve heard that JL will follow the death and return of Superman storyline, with another Superman movie to tie it up or between. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

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  4. I liked Andrew Garfield! {Sorry, not sorry.I wish that reboot would have had a third episode to give it a balanced trilogy.}

    I am more excited about Michael Keaton as ‘The Vulture’ than the Spidey character.

    I have low expectations for Justice League. I do not care for a Batman that kills. I think that Wonder Woman was a brief moment of wonderful within the dreadful and overly dark DC universe.

    Thor…. meh.

    Black Panther! Hell Yeah!

    Happy Heroics, everybody!
    ~Super-Icky. 🙂

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    1. There is a time to kill… and a time not to kill…
      I don’t like Batman as a killer. I liked Christian Bale, not Ben Affleck.
      as hypocritical and contrary as it may be…
      I love me some ‘Johnny Quest’!
      Not the 90s reboot, but the old 60’s Hanna Barberra version. If you crossed Dr. Quest, Johnny, Hadji or Race, they would not send for the police. They would not capture you and turn you over to the police. They would kill your ass! Even Bandit, the damn dog was a ruthless killer! Johnny and Hadji would gun down adult men! Sometimes they would toss them a hand grenade. That is one reason I loved the show! Sorry to be inconsistent, but I wanted to share that observation.
      Though politically incorrect, the old ‘Johnny Quest’ show stands the test of time. It is a high water mark for a low-end animation company like Hanna Barberra. Also, the soundtrack MORE than stands the test of time. It beats everything else, hands down! It is even better than the title track for ‘Cowboy Bebop’.

      Happy Comicing!
      ~Icky. 🙂

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      1. I actually preferred Affleck as Batman, and Justice League might confirm that he’s the best actor to have played both Bruce Wayne and Batman, ever, for me. I liked the killing Batman idea in a world where Batman’s efforts didn’t work after his war on crime. He’s been through so much that he’s come down to extreme measures. This take is definitely original and I wonder if Justice League will reform him and bring back some hope into the character and maybe change his methods.

        I’ve heard of Cowboy Bebop, but Johnny Quest? I’m definitely a stranger to that one. It does sound pretty epic, and not exactly what I’d assume based on the images I just looked up for it! 😛

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    2. I think a third movie would’ve been nice to see, especially to clean things up. The whole Sinister Six angle would’ve been nice to see too. I don’t really hate the actor, but it’s really the writing that went with his character that messed things up if you ask me.

      Definitely looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight turned Birdman turned Vulture back in action. Then again, I’m hella excited to see Holland do his thing as Spidy.

      Low expectations is definitely good. Less room for disappointment. I definitely like the darker tone of the universe and Wonder Woman definitely showed us how a darker tone can be used to an advantage too! Hope Justice League continues the success of Wonder Woman. 😀

      Thor…… meh…indeed. But Black Panther? I’m ready! 😀

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  5. This is an amazing post Lashaan. I haven’t read any of the comics myself, maybe one day I will, but I LOVE the superhero movies. Black Panther is my most anticipated release to date, I am so beyond excited to see that on the big screen, the trailer makes it look like it’s going to be epic! Spiderman, Thor and the Justice League look amazing too. I’ve been making plans with my friends to see them all at the cinema in the first week of their release, and the sooner they’re released the better in my opinion! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Beth! 😀 They’re definitely worth checking out, even at a library or something, if you’re curious to find out more on the original source material. I definitely can’t wait for all four movies to come out already. Good thing Spider-Man is coming out pretty soon! Super pumped for that one!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right, and yeah if I manage to find them at the library or something maybe I will check them out. 🙂
        It’s really not long to go is it? It looks amazing so I hope the film itself lives up to what the trailer promises. 🙂

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  6. Oooh! The lineup looks promising!
    I agree on Thor sans Portman being an improvement, the first movie really was a bit soap opera.
    Never really paid much attention to Spiderman, but you managed to get me excited for the new movie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hell yeh! I couldn’t emphasize more how much Portman was a pain in the arse. I never really liked her as an actress too…

      Oh, Spiderman is going to be pretty huge. I think you will hear a lot about it around the first weeks of July. Definitely looking forward to seeing Michael Keaton back into the superhero movie game too!

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  7. I’m not much fan Of Spider Man movies but the new movie really intrigued me and it has Tony Stark in it. Thor Ragnorok is one of my highly anticipating movies of 2017. That trailer looks totally awesome! I can’t wait to watch it! I’m also looking forward to Justice League. It really looks pretty much action-packed and I’m so excited for it.

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  8. Thanks for this! I just might read the comics because I never know how the movies relate to them.
    The ones I’m really looking forward to though is Spider Man (looks fun) and Black Panther (looks bad-ass and Chadwick Boseman looks sexy in dem tights!).
    For some reason those DC Comics movies aren’t getting me. I saw Wonder Woman last week and didn’t like it much. To me, it was all going great until she became indecisive toward the end and then I got a little confused during the big fight. (Still, I might see Justice League just for Jason Momoa in tights).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is my pleasure! 😀 These movies often take inspiration on some comic book storyarcs, but most of the time they don’t go word for word or panel for panel. They take ideas and make it happen in live action. DC’s animated movies are much more accurate in their adaptation of the comic book stories though. You should definitely check out some of these titles just to see what the original idea was like and how they modify or adapt it on the big screen. 😀

      I see the tights trend here. 😛 They’re definitely going to be amazing and surely going to be awesome on the big screen. I do hope you’ll find new appreciation for the Justice League and the DC universe though! It’s definitely different to what Marvel has to offer.


  9. Yes sorry not sorry Andrew Garfield!! I am looking forward to the next Spiderman movie. I have to admit I have a soft spot for Loki though (I call them the Loki movies in my head and that way they’re half decent films) Black Panther looks seriously awesome! Really cool post!!

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    1. Ahahah honestly, they definitely could’ve done so much more with Andrew Garfield if they had much better structure and writing put into those 2 movies. Hahahahah Loki was probably the only highlight from those Thor movies. I do have some issues with Loki, but man.. he was something new and different as a villain, so that’s definitely a plus in my books. 😀 Hell yes for Black Panther!! I can’t wait to see those action sequences and all those actors in action. Thank you for checking it out!!! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree *so much*!! They were just not great in terms of how they structured/wrote them- which was a shame! hahahaha yes he was!! Yes! It looks like one of the best new superhero movies, by far! You’re welcome 😀

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  10. Maybe because I’m not a huge mega superhero fan I didn’t hate Andrew Garfield’s first Spiderman movie but felt that whole reboot suffered from poor writing rather than poor casting. Thor was always odd with Natalie Portman’s character… personally it seemed to be trying to pull in date moviegoers. Thor: Ragnarok though looks super cool, he’s going to be going through some tough situations! The Black Panther looks cool too from the trailer (I hadn’t seen some of the trailers for these.)

    What movies should be seen in preparation for Justice League…? I didn’t see the Batman vs. Superman… do you need to? It does look epic!

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    1. 100% agree with Andrew Garfield. The casting was pretty good (a good age for Peter Parker, instead of the older cast in the original Spidy trilogy). It really was in the writing that things fell apart and the movies took a hit.

      Never been a fan of Natalie Portman as an actress too… I’ll have to watch her bigger hits (Black Swan?) to be sure that it isn’t the actor, but the movie that makes her acting so… hard to watch. Hopefully a Portman-less Thor Ragnarok movie will raise Thor’s name back from the grave and make his character and world much more appealing.

      Black Panther looked epic (I think there’s only that one trailer out for now). I don’t plan on checking any other trailers till the movie comes out though (it’s how I’ve been doing it for quite some time.. as trailers often just said too much nowadays).

      Oh, you should definitely check out Man of Steel > Batman vs. Superman > Suicide Squad > Wonder Woman before Justice League. The last two movies only had some smaller scenes that were related to the bigger picture, but having seen all 4 of those movies will surely make any references in Justice League much more exciting. 😀 Hope you enjoy them if you ever get the opportunity to watch them!!

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  11. So you write this feature for me.. let’s be honest. You know you have your claws in me and have me ready to take the plunge. This is your sneaky little way of getting me to pick up some GNs and comics. I am soooo on to you buddy 😉 Btw – Justice League (Volume 1) totally just made my TBR!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaahahhah you know it! 😉 Superhero movies are dominating the industry and Danielle will succumb to their awesomeness! Unless some of them turns out pretty bad… Hope not! 😀

      Oh man, I’m definitely happy to hear your interest in one of these comic book storyarcs. Justice League Vol. 1 Origins will DEFINITELY give you all the info you need for the Justice League movie. Zack Snyder really takes almost 80% of the ideas and adapt it on the big screen (lots of hints to it in Batman vs. Superman). Hope you enjoy it when you get the opportunity to read that action-packed humour-filled comic! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Thanks Lashaan! I will definitely seek these out! I already wanted to see Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad has been on my radar but I wasn’t in a hurry about it! (I just saw Logan a few days ago so you see how slowly I get to movies!) Actually I was surprised by how good Justice League looked, now I’m excited! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s no rush! *applies pressure to go see them ASAP* 😀 😀 Logan was awesome!!! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s the only Wolverine movie that really blew my mind (the others were… bad…) I think my review pretty much conveyed my thoughts on that regard though ahahah

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, good sir. There’s plenty of ways to be ready for these movies, but there’s no obligation too. They can all be enjoyed without knowing anything about these heroes (although it would be pretty important to have seen the movies that led up to each of these). Thanks for checking this out.

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  13. I am excited to see the Justice League, then Thor and a toss-up between Spider Man and the Black Panther, although maybe I will choose the Black Panther. I am not overly excited about Spider Man because it seems more like a coming of age film than a super hero. Perhaps it’s because our super hero is in high school.

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    1. Definitely super glad to hear that Justice League is first on that list, but also surprised to see Spider-Man last hahah I think it’s nice that they finally cast someone who looks like the Spidy and Peter Parker we all know and love from the comics. The 10 minutes of fame he had in Civil War really won me over too. I just hope there isn’t too much Ironman throughout the movie though. I hope it explores a Peter Parker who learns about the weight of responsibility and becomes a changed kid by the end of the movie. But… JUSTICE LEAGUE! The hype is real. ❤

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  14. I am actually anticipating all the movies you spotlighted! A lot of past superhero movies have been hit or miss, so I feel they are finally hitting their groove. Love how you paired books to check out before the movie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There has been some pretty bad ones in the history of superhero movies indeed. I too think that the recent ones have been on a role too. Hopefully they’ll all strive to deliver high quality story-telling! Thanks for the kind words Nancy! I thought it be a cool a idea since superhero comic books can be.. a scary world for a lot of folks out there. 🙂

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  15. I want to watch all of these! I’m not what you would call a big comic book fan but I do love my superheroes and plan on getting into their backstories a lot more when I have the time (because getting into comics that span 50 years back – even if you’re not going that far – takes time)
    Thank you for the recs, by the way! Very helpful ^^
    I just hope Justice League doesn’t end up a big flop like Suicide Squad…
    Great post, Lashaan! I’ll look forward to your reviews on these 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree! It’s no easy task to dive into these comic books that have been around for ages now. With all these superhero movies and shows coming out by the dozen, I think comic books have become something much more enticing for quite a lot of people. Research is definitely needed to know where to begin too. But.. for sure.. You don’t have to go way back into the Golden Age of comics to start your adventure. There are reboots and runs that have much more modern artwork and better stories that are worth checking out without having read anything before. 😀

      I’m glad to be of help!!

      Suicide Squad turned out to be fun and entertaining, but if I had to pull on my critics pants and kept all of my DC love on the low… I’d definitely agree… It has huge issues in the writing department. Super hyped for Justice League though!!! The return of Batman and Wonder Woman!!! As well as an introduction to iconic members too!!! Aww ye! 😀

      Thank you so much for reading, Sophie! Your support is ALWAYS greatly appreciated. ❤

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      1. Yeah and to be perfectly honest, some of the Golden Age art makes my eyes bleed… Being the shallow reader that I am, it makes it almost impossible for me to enjoy the story, no matter how good! :/
        I liked Suicide Squad, it was entertaining – but that was it. It wasn’t spectacular like the trailer had promised! So I can understand why the fans were disappointed.
        YES, Wonder Woman and Batman! They’re definitely some of my favorite superheroes (although I did enjoy Bale’s rendition a lot more, Affleck was still cool. Gadot was AMAZING ❤ )
        Personally, I'm more of a Marvel fangirl (X-Men!!) but I'm starting to get into DC too.
        You're very welcome! Thank you for producing such awesome posts ^^

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like the hate for Justice League is going to be quite huge since the movie has been in development around the same time as Wonder Woman and what not. There’s no way they could’ve based the movie’s story direction on Wonder Woman and all, but maaaan I’m definitely excited to see Justice League. Pretty sure I’m going to end up loving it a lot! 😀

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