Batman/The Flash: The Button (Rebirth) by Tom King


“And the moment I saw you… I knew every choice I’d ever made had been the right ones… Because they led to you.”

— Tom King, Batman/The Flash: The Button

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    The crossover events are back with Batman and The Flash teaming up to pursue one of the greatest mystery to hit the DC Universe in the Rebirth era. With Batman/The Flash: The Button, fans are presented with a highly anticipated story that continues things right where DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns left off. This four-part crossover, collecting Batman #21-22 and Flash #21-22, presents us with a couple of fantastic cameos of classic DC characters as well as a thorough recapitulation of one of the most important event that took place in the DC Universe: Flashpoint by Geoff Johns. With the hunting yellow smile button and its little smudge of blood, both the World’s Greatest Detective and the World’s Fastest Man look to decipher its eerie origin and meaning. This storyarc kicks things off with the arrival of another character who sees something devastating in this enigmatic button and propels our favourite heroes on an adventure through time that will surely leave lasting scars, both physically and mentally.


    Similar to Batman: Night of the Monster Men by Steve Orlando, the creative teams who’ve worked on each issue doesn’t remain the same throughout this short event. While Tom King remains the main writer for both Batman issues and Joshua Williamson remains the main writer for both The Flash issues, the artists on each series rotate between talented artists Jason Fabok and Howard Porter. The alternating artwork from one issue to another continues to be a sad reality in these DC Comics crossover events as the style never truly matches and demands visual readjustment as you progress through the event. However, besides this issue, the artwork is solid throughout the story and is far from being a repulsive element to this fantastic adventure. The artwork by Howard Porter genuinely ended up being a nice little change of style and offered us a different visual take on our heroes. Even the alternating writers was pretty interesting as it really brings forth a clear contrast between both King’s (the less wordy and repetitive Batman) and Williamson’s (more wordy and much more true to character; especially with a detective-oriented Batman and forensic-oriented Flash) writing styles. One of the biggest problem that should however be pointed out is the aberrant short length of this event. With only four issues, this story felt a lot more like a prelude to bigger things to come, similar to what Geoff Johns’ DC Universe: Rebirth #1 felt like, than a sequel that would go down as a turning point for the DC Universe.

    There isn’t a lot that happens in The Button as the mystery behind the button continues to torture our DC heroes. In fact, upon completing all four issues, I felt like there was a lot of panels and pages that were dedicated to simply refresh the memories of fans on past events and their pertinence in the current problematic that clouds the DC Universe. Even if these recaps, especially regarding Flashpoint and the sudden temporal loss of the past 10 years, constituted a huge portion of this storyarc, the entertainment value stayed high and happened to be quite exciting. What I loved most of the storyarc are the cameos of  Spoiler (Highlight To See) : « Flashpoint Batman (who isn’t Bruce Wayne, but actually his father) and a “new” Flash (Jay Garrick) ». Their integration into the whole investigation made the storyline just that much more fascinating. Questions about their presence would come raining down in a furry and leave us suffocating with a desire for bigger things. And bigger things is exactly what Geoff Johns seems to be planning with the revelation of his next project: Spoiler (Highlight To See) : « Doomsday Clock ».

    The Button turned out to be a short and exciting crossover event that does nothing more than continue to tease fans. It isn’t exactly filled with mind-blowing narrative, but it does contain some very important moments that will surely leave a big impression on our heroes. Spoiler (Highlight To See) : « One can only wonder what will happen to Batman after his amazing father-son moment. I couldn’t help but pray that Bruce Wayne would not abandon his life as Batman upon the wishes of his father to pursue happiness for once in his life and forget about his cowl and cape. The death of Reverse Flash will also launch The Flash on a journey of introspection as revenge is now fulfilled. ».  While the alternating artwork isn’t ideal or very appealing, all the artists, inkers and colourist do an amazing job in making their respective products vibrant and excellent. This short crossover event also brings fan a nice little break from respective series by diving slightly deeper into the big threat that had been looming around since the launch of the Rebirth era last year. What’s to come will surely be cataclysmic and epic in scale. Patience is all that will be required from now on.


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35 thoughts on “Batman/The Flash: The Button (Rebirth) by Tom King

    1. I personally only collect Batman issues and whatever other issues that are part of a crossover event, but man.. reading these couple Flash issues really did make me want to try out The Flash (Rebirth) series from scratch. Do you plan on reading part 1 to 3 of The Button event though?


    1. Based on the comic reviews I put on the blog, I think everyone has figured out by now that Batman is my favourite as well hahaha If your library doesn’t have any of the Rebirth titles, a recommendation would be nice! Although, I’d highly recommend Scott Snyder’s Batman run from the New 52 series over Tom King’s Batman run in the Rebirth era, anytime! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Been a while since I read the New 52. Loved the reboot. Nightwing and Aquaman were particular favourites. I thought ‘A Death in the Family’ had more promise than it delivered. Even if the Joker cutting his face off was insanely cool.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I enjoyed Tom King’s batman run at first, but haven’t really enjoyed it since. As much as you make this crossover sound like fun, I’d kind of need more than just teasing to read it.

    Have you read any of Scott Snyder’s All-Star Batman series? I didn’t from the start, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeh, I know what you mean. I had issues with Tom King’s Batman since the beginning. I’ll probably never stop getting these issues cause it’s Batman though. There’s definitely not enough material in this event to redeem Tom King’s Batman run, but if you’re interested in continuing the mystery behind the button that was first introduced in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, then it’ll be definitely a good thing to pick this one (maybe the collected version when it releases later this year).

      I was hesitant to pick up the issues of All-Star Batman when it was initially released, fearing that the title was cursed (I can’t stop thinking about Frank Miller’s All-Star). I too have heard great things about it though, and I’m now convinced that Scott Snyder is a writer in whom we can trust. I did read his recent Dark Days: The Forge and found it excellent for a prelude (it has issues in the artwork department, especially with Romita Jr., but its minor when you look at the storytelling). Have you tried Dark Days: The Forge? You plan on following the dark multiverse? 😀

      I’ll definitely try and collect the issues for All-Star Batman soon, especially with the recommendation of so many fellow blogging friends. 😀 Or even just go for the collected editions.


    1. Yep. That was actually the big plot twist that was introduced when Rebirth began. They’ve made one of the Watchmen the big bad villain for the DC Universe. I didn’t mention it in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, since it would’ve been a spoiler, but with this crossover event, and especially with its cover, it’s hard to hide it anymore anyways.

      Honestly, I’m not freaking out too much like a lot of hardcore fans of Watchmen are, fearing that DC would fck around with a classic and just taint it. I was excited in the idea of merging the two worlds together since it definitely opens new directions that the DC Universe can go for now. I trust #GeoffJohns and am excited to see what he’s going to do next.

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  2. This worlds still feels foreign to me and I thought the review was in Japanese xD Gosh, my knowledge of comics and stories is so minimal! But the fact it’s called “The Button” made me laugh, if that’s any consolation!! Great post! I’m just not the right public for it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I swear, you and Japanese must have bee through soooooo much! It always sounds like it became your archnemesis. 😛 But yeh, no worries! I still appreciate that you took the time to drop by to check it out even if it felt like you were on another planet. I can definitely see how the title could have such a effect. It does have such a childish vibe to it when taken out of context hahahah Thanks again for reading, MEGGGYY!!! 😀


  3. I am glad this one panned out even with the majority of it being a refresher! I have fallen behind on graphic novels lately. I think it must be a mood thing haha. If I were to be swayed to explore the world of super heroes in GN, which would you recommend to start with?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was especially nice to finally give something related to Tom King more than just.. 2 or 3 stars. Although it probably helped that he only had to write 2 out of 4 issues… 😛 #nomercy

      It’s nice to take a break from any genre and come back when you’re craving for them. Your level of appreciation will surely skyrocket hahah 😀

      The simplest answer I’d give you is to check out Watchmen by Alan Moore. It is a titan of a book but it does tackle the subject of superheroes in an excellent fashion. It is known as a classic masterpiece and is rarely despised by people (unless maybe if it’s forcefed by teachers or something; but even then I hear people who read it for a course end up loving all the themes they discover throughout the graphic novel). It’s definitely “heavy” and not a “light” read, but I believe you’ll appreciate it a lot. Worse that can happen might be a “outdated” feel compared to the artwork in Low, for example. I thought it felt timeless when it came down to the ideas it explored and how brilliantly the artwork was delivered.

      Besides that, if you want to explore a traditional superhero, something from DC Comics or Marvel, it’ll entirely depend on the superhero that you want to know more about. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks Lashaan! I actually have Watchmen on my TBR (sadly it has been for too long). So I will take that as a sign. I will probably fair well with it. And I normally embraced some of the more dated content openly so we should get along. I will try to remember to pick it up soon. Sounds like it is heavier than I might have expected, which is a good thing 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Awesome review Lashaan, as always I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts. Agree with you 100% on everything you have to say about “The Button”, at first I was a little sad that it was so short and not the epic ‘event’ I anticipated but I soon realised that it’s just a little push forward towards Doomsday Clock (and the callbacks to Flashpoint and Rebirth were welcome and rewarding for us devoted DC readers).

    The change in artists didn’t turn out as bad as I’d feared – Howard Porter would certainly be welcome as a regular penciller on the Flash – yet it would’ve been all the better if Jason Fabok had been able to do all four chapters. It’s a shame we don’t get much of Fabok in DC comics these days (no doubt due to the ultra tight schedules and fast turnarounds instigated by the twice monthly shipping on most titles)…his run with Geoff Johns on Justice League was phenomenal!


    1. Thanks Chris, it really was underwhelming that it only lasted 4 issues. Even when we first heard about it, we probably knew deep down that it was never going to be enough, but I did wish that it would somehow surprise me. The Doomsday Clock was probably the ultimate goal of this issue and I’ll definitely be happy about that epilogue reveal. A project by Geoff Johns could only be a huge game-changer for DC.

      Yep.. I don’t think we’ll ever be seeing crossover events with one artists till.. the end of Rebirth. We’ll just have to enjoy those “event” runs that aren’t part of ongoing series (i.e. Metal by Scott Snyder). I have yet to reach the volumes with Fabok as artist for Justice League. I’m getting there.. very slowly hahah Next up is Throne of Atlantis though! Looking forward to seeing what that classic is all about. 😀 Thanks for reading good sir!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oooh, Throne of Atlantis is a good one with some good art as well (Ivan Reis handles most of it)…there are some pretty epic moments in that story I’d love to see on the big screen. If you enjoy it, the animated movie is also worth checking out!

        I’m glad DC are still giving us ‘event’ series like Metal and Doomsday Clock where we get one writer and one artist and a better chance of delivering something special (the only crossover that’s actually worked really well was Justice League vs Suicide Squad which featured a different artist in each issue but looks largely similar). I remember reading prior to Rebirth being announced that Geoff Johns was planning another Aquaman Justice League arc called “the Seven Seas” (I think)…wonder if that will ever see the light of day?

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Nana nana nana nana Batmaaaan! 😀
    You really rock those comic reviews… I can’t say I’ve ever read anything that had Flash in it… don’t think I’ve seen him in any films either? Hmm..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaha, your comments are priceless. 😛 I’m not too surprised to hear that you haven’t read anything The Flash in it! But his character is definitely a very amusing one. Loads of humour inside that speedster. There is a Flash tv series, but I don’t think you want to dive into that world unless you’re feeling very family-television-y 😛 There will be a Flash movie with Ezra Miller around 2020 (if they get a director and writer for it in time hahah) 😀

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