DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns


“Every second is a gift.”

— Geoff Johns, DC Universe: Rebirth #1

    Hey Lashaan, is this another reboot by DC? No, my friend. This is far from being a reboot. We don’t start from scratch. We aren’t about to re-explore all the origin stories of our beloved superheroes. We will not be looking looking at rehashed stories from the past. Wait. Are we? DC Universe Rebirth is a new step by DC Comics. You can gladly say goodbye to all the New 52 tags that you’ve been seeing for the past couple years. DC even changed their logo to mark their brand new beginning. While some people are probably lost and completely disoriented by all the things that happened during the New 52 era, others just jumped into anything that tickled their curiosity. More often than not, people found the New 52 a real big mess, even if some series had some really amazing runs here and there. Rebirth is probably something that was much needed by the company. I’m all in for a completely new management, new creative teams, new series and new numbering.

    DC Universe Rebirth #1 is a single-shot story with Geoff Johns as lead writer. This 80 page comic is where it all begins. Readers are presented with the big plot twist that will run throughout the whole Rebirth universe from now on. This is where everyone should start, theoretically, in order to understand anything Rebirth related. I say theoretically because the truth of the matter is that you would still need to check out some of the last issues of some New 52 series in order to follow some of the events that will directly continued. Among those series, Justice League (especially #50) and Superman (especially #52) from the New 52 universe are two key issues to have read before engaging Rebirth, unless you don’t mind getting spoiled to some extent. Once those have been read, DC Universe Rebirth #1 will propel you into a completely new and original storyline that will affect absolutely everyone. Except Wally West.

Check out my comic book guide for other great tips to jump into comics (especially Batman)!


    What Geoff Johns brings to DC Comics with this single-short story is ingenious. If you ask me, the idea behind Rebirth, based on this lone story, is a tremendous, extravagant and glorious step forward. It’s hard to talk about the story without jumping into spoilers, but to comprehend this story, several keys issues should be read. Besides the ones mentioned earlier, the famous story of Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert is also a MAJOR plot to be conscious about. Flashpoint is exactly what explains DC Comics relaunch notably called the New 52. In this story, Geoff Johns uses the Flashpoint again, but in an even more substantial manner. DC Universe Rebirth securely uses that plotline to devise a clever twist to the universe that will potentially revitalize DC Comics. To narrate the story, Wally West figures center stage. He alone knows what everyone else doesn’t. This factor drives the majority of the story until the denouement. A part of the story that will bring tears to our inner child.

   Wally West’s narration was flawless. Geoff Johns makes this a beautiful story about relationships and does a brilliant job in keeping the momentum steady throughout the issue. What Wally West knows could save every heroes future, but he, himself, is stuck in the speedforce looking for a way out. To do so, he needs to find someone that actually remembers him, which is not the case. While he tries to find someone to connect with, readers finds out that there’s a brand new villain that had something to do with Wally’s situation and the big secret that he alone knows: someone has deleted the past 10 years from existence. Throughout the story, Geoff Johns explores the current situation of a vast array of superheroes and popular characters. These quick moments give readers a glimpse into the lives of the heroes that they might soon follow throughout their respective Rebirth series.


    The best part of this story is the end. The big finale where we are finally shown the missing puzzle, and the big surprise, of what Rebirth has in store for us. Besides the great writing, the original direction, the efficient summaries of the lives of all our beloved heroes and the fantastic artwork, DC Universe Rebirth #1 delivers a formidable plot twist. Every time I went through this issue, it always ended up sending shivers down my spine. I cannot repeat how optimistic this series makes feel for the Rebirth series to come. But this is not to say that everything that is to come is going to be part of the classics we know and love to this day. I’m glad that about the direction its taking and the ideas that have been presented. I just hope that the future will have more amazing surprises for fans. Hopefully, DC Comics will know where they want to go with Rebirth.

    Where should you go after reading this issue? DC Comics is really good at confusing people, so I’ll hook you guys up with some tips and tricks. After this big one-shot story, DC Comics started to roll out these #1 issues (they are also one-shot stories) for major series (which comes down to around 21 different #1s). These Rebirth Specials is what you should look for before jumping into the Rebirth series of your desired superhero. And so, for example, if you want to read the Rebirth Flash series. You should go after the Rebirth Special called The Flash Rebirth #1. Afterwards, you should hunt for The Flash #1 and so on. These main series normally ship twice monthly, while others are monthly.

Click here to check out the list of series.

Of course, for those who don’t plan on collection issues, you can always wait for the DC Rebirth Omnibus (link below) for all the one-shot Rebirth Specials, including this 80 page one-shot story. And then check out the trade paperbacks of the series you’d love to follow! If you have any questions, I’d gladly answer them! 😀

Did you read the DC Universe: Rebirth #1 yet? What did you think about it?

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How about you read this story for yourself!

You can pre-order the hardcover copy of this one-shot story @Amazon / Indigo once it comes out or go to your local comic book store for the already-out comic issue itself!

You can also pre-order the hardcover omnibus containing this one-shot and all the first one-shot main stories of our DC superheroes (all 21 different series) @Amazon / Indigo or you can always go to your local comic book store and hunt for every already-out single issues!

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17 thoughts on “DC Universe: Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns

  1. Such a wonderful and poignant review my friend! You know my thoughts form my review earlier this year but needless to say where on the same page (or panel?) with this. What’s great is that it so perfectly restores a sense of hope to the DC Universe whilst adding a little cosmic mystery.

    I partcilularly love the way it, in a way, brings the DCU full circle for a new beginning from Flashpoint and that story’s instgation of the New 52 to the Rebirth ‘event’ – made even more evident by both of those stories focusing heavily on the Flash/Flash family.

    The subsequent Rebirth titles from DC have been pretty awesome too, especially Superman and Green Lantern. I’ve also heard great things about the new Flash series which I’ll be checking out at some point too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much man! It is definitely a refreshing new story that can’t really disappoint unless that big reveal at the end wasn’t of your taste (maybe it wasn’t something that they liked in the first place, somehow).
      I hear mixed reviews for Batman and the Detective Comics series, but hey, there’s so much expectations circling around those series. I’ve also heard that Superman, GL and Flash have been doing decent. I should check those out when I get the chance! Hope you’re enjoying your reads! 😀

      – Lashaan

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh I’m firmly in the camp of loving the big twist at the end of Rebirth! Definitely enjoying the reads…although the current Batman crossover is a little iffy. I minor blip in DC’s current crop of strong and exciting comics.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I picked up the Rebirth Hellblazer #1. Wasn’t bad, definitely a slow starter that looks to be building into something bigger! Gotta say though, your review is making me want to go see if I can still find a copy of Rebirth #1!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve always wanted to check out the original Hellblazer series! It has been on my list for months, and you just made me want to get it even earlier. You should definitely check this single-shot issue since it makes the parallel between the New 52 era and the Rebirth era! It might even make you want to check out other Rebirth series right after too.

      – Lashaan


  3. I basically jumped into the comic world again with the Rebirth series. I decided last year that I’d wanted to pick up reading comics again, because I hadn’t read any since my childhood. When I went to my local comic store last spring I think, the owner told me about the rebirth series and so I picked up the Rebirth One shot. Although I was a little confused, I recognized so many of my favourite superheroes (from comics I read in the past, tv series or movies) and I knew I wanted to start off with this. So I picked out some series and started with the Rebirth comics. I still have some gaps from the missing New 52 plots I haven’t read yet, but that’s totally okay and I’m really loving the series I picked 😀 (The Flash, Wonder Woman, Titans, Nightwing & Superwoman). I hope to read the other series too, someday, but it’s quite expensive keeping up with all of them 😛

    I really enjoyed your review! Your new follower, Yasmine @ Swissboowkorm

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally understand that rekindling. I actually newly jumped into comics around 2 years ago, especially for Batman; I wanted to know everything possible about the character since he’s been my favourite hero since my childhood. Entering the comic world had me discovering all these storyarcs, those before the New 52, the New 52 and now Rebirth. I now have a pretty good grasp on the chronology of things and how most series work. People who start their comic book adventures by diving into the Rebirth series might be slightly lost at first since it basically erases a couple years within the New 52 timeline because of that “mysterious” villain, a.k.a. Doctor Manhattan. But Rebirth also makes a lot more sense of the whole Flashpoint that caused a bunch of confusion and inconsistency among fans who entered the New 52 era. I’m glad that you’re really enjoying what you’re currently reading, and one thing is for sure: there is SO MUCH that you can discover and enjoy now. While reading Rebirth, you could always return back on past volumes and catch up on what had happened (especially those key stories that enlighten readers on what the hell happened after Flashpoint). Thanks again for checking out the review and for stopping by! Truly appreciate it! 😀

      – Lashaan


      1. Yes I don’t really understand yet what was erased exactly, but I’m still at the beginning of catching up so 🙂 I also picked up some TPBs from DC that are still running like Gotham Academy & Batgirl (I LOVE her, and I really like the artwork of the new series by Cameron Stewart). But so far I’ve concentrated on the Rebirths. At the top of my To read list though are The Flash and Superman! 🙂 Superman is my fave as you’ve probably read in Instagram 😉

        But I’m also totally into Marvel. Do you only concentrate on Marvel or are you also split like me? There I’m concentrating on the TPBs though 🙂

        And I think I should really read about Flashpoint because that’s one major thing in the story chronology that I’m still confused about 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Superman’s rebirth run sounds phenomenal nowadays! I also hear fantastic things about Nightwing. I’d definitely be struggling if I were to ever add another series to my pull list hahah 😛

        I only concentrate on DC Comics as well as some of the more indie comics with Image or Vertigo. I have read some Marvel trade paperbacks, but I don’t really collect them. I’d definitely start doing so in the future so that I could dive into some of the more classic stories within Marvel’s universe though!

        – Lashaan


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