The Muiread by Luke Taylor


“Let me walk to that day without fear, fair Ivy. Let me walk where the dawn and dusk collide, and there, standing tall against Eternity’s foe, fight the fight of my life.”

— Luke Taylor, The Muiread

     Have you ever read a novel that said more about the author than his biography could? It’s quite the insight, I tell you. I’ve known Luke Taylor since the first day he contacted Bookidote for a review of his novel The Quiet Kill. Since then, he has built a bond with us like no other author has attempted to do so. Through Goodreads, I’ve seen his passion for novels unfold and I’ve learned about classics that I should quick get my hands on thanks to his vast and profound knowledge of the existing literature. It is only much later that I’ve gotten the chance to read The Muiread and see for myself what style he fancies as an author. I jumped into this book with my eyes closed and had close to no expectations on what was about to unravel. It is now with absolute certainty that I can see that Luke Taylor is a man with a deep-seated love for literature. This novel screams that its creator can take upon himself countless styles and reinvigorate even the most lost arts that literature has ever known.


    As the world faces the wrath of a dark and powerful being, an inevitable battle is anticipated in order to rid the world of this Ageless Evil. From deep-rooted love to tragedies, this novel makes sure to develop relationships through vows and hardships. The story jumps right into the lore that Luke Taylor has created and it doesn’t hesitate in presenting the characters, the setting and the time period in the most mysterious fashion possible. The most stunning part of the experience lies in the writing, from the narration to the dialogues. It is reminiscent of folklore legends that are told from mouth to ear, and also found in gigantic and ancient books with the most lyrical and poetic writing possible. In fact, the dialect in this novel is quite archaic which made the conversations really natural and believable. While it remains a challenge and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, The Muiread will send you into a beautiful and descriptive world that has its own touch of fantasy and action.

     There’s no denying that the novel will teleport you into a unique universe and make sure that you feel the era in all its splendor. Unfortunately, a novel that relies strongly on vivid imagery and a strong attention to details, while still keeping everything interesting by adding a mysterious atmosphere to anything new, will also know a certain point of saturation here and there in intrigue. What I mean is that I couldn’t help but feel like the pace could dramatically slow down and be filled with a lot of world-building information. I sometimes felt like I was chewing way more than I could handle, and that could really kill the ability of the novel in keeping my attention. The upside however is the action scenes that are scattered throughout the adventure. The way that Luke Taylor takes in describing these scenes and how he presents them makes these moments absolutely unforgettable. It will have you imagining the most epic fantasy scenes that you wish cinema could ever capture.


     I’ve always welcomed challenges. It’s part of me. And The Muiread was a challenge. In order to enjoy this novel, you honestly have to take your time to read, absorb and digest every word. Only then will its true potential arise and amaze you. This novel is something fresh and amazing on several level. It’s sheer ability to revitalize the classic vibe of ancient tales makes this a novel to treasure in an era that lacks of this genre. To top it off, every character had their own story to tell and having the novel alternate the narration between different characters made it an intriguing ride. What I enjoyed the most of the various characters in The Muiread is how they weren’t presented as skeletons that needed their flesh, armor and weapons added. They all appeared in their entirety and readers only get to know them if they stick around. The story also starts to spice up when the different narrators cross paths and when their motives are reconstructed, only to coincide. If anything the world-building is promising and the future seems bright. Leave it to Luke Taylor to bring something legendary to the table with this trilogy.

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7 thoughts on “The Muiread by Luke Taylor

    1. He is, isn’t he! I’m happy to have met such a wonderful guy. He’s always got something thoughtful to say, and definitely someone very resourceful. I just love his love for literature, something to admire right there! 😀 You should definitely check it out when time permits it. I’m pretty sure it’s completely different from his other novels. Quite an arsenal he possesses when it comes down to writing styles.

      – Lashaan

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  1. I haven’t read any book by this author before, but my, this one sure sounds deep! I get what you say about books sometimes speaking volumes more about the author than their biography would- I’m glad this book resonated with you in such a way.

    Thanks for introducing me to this author- he sounds wonderful! Great review, Lashaan! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad we’re on the same page about books speaking volumes about authors. His books are definitely worth giving a shot! It’s also one of those really rare self-published authors that establishes real connections with his followers.

      – Lashaan

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  2. Great review! I think the best part is when you see the author so dedicated and committed to his work. Passion really does help make a book that much more phenomenal. I can’t wait to read, just to be able to experience the great imagery he is able to procure from his words. Great job 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! That is so true! An author that has a real passion for literature will definitely show it through his own projects, whether it’s consciously or not. :O I hope you’ll enjoy his books if you ever get the chance to read them!

      – Lashaan

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