Batman Vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles by Robin Wildman


“If I know him—and I do—I know what his next move will be. What he doesn’t know is what my next move will be.”

— Jeph Loeb, Batman Vs. Superman The Greatest Battles

         And who dares to tackle a task this big? Was their sanity on the verge of extinction when picking up their pencils? Citizens of Gotham, Metropolis and probably every human being on Earth had to ruminate on this idea throughout their whole childhood. Who would want to satisfy our deepest desire and spare us this endless torture on mulling over which of the two Gods would come out as the sole superior in the greatest battle of all time? Luckily for us, brilliant and legendary writers have conceived some of the most captivating tales that touch upon the battle between two of the most iconic superheroes in history. You might be cognizant of the upcoming sequel to the Man of Steel movie. A big screen attempt to depict the epic quarrel between Superman and Batman. In anticipation for this soon-to-be box office killer, DC Comics presents fans with a collection of some of the greatest battles between the two members of the Justice League throughout comic history. This collection has six stories by authors that, as likely as not, ring a bell or two: Jeph Loeb, John Byrne, Joe & Jack Kelly, Geoff Johns, Scott Snyder and, of course, Frank Miller. Although these stories are pulled out of their context and gives readers a glimpse into the climatic point of each story arc, readers get to enjoy some of the most thrilling clashes between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.


“A remarkable man, all things considered. Who knows? In a different reality, I might have called him “friend.””

— John Byrne, Batman Vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles

           Who’d win? It’s easy to cheer for your favorite, but here’s the thing. Any one of these two could win. It would all come down to circumstances. Superman could just fly through Gotham while Batman is having his daily dose of Joker, heat vision his flesh and bones and get back to Louis Lane in Metropolis. On the other hand, Batman could also easily create a deadly well-thought trap filled with Kryptonite and lure the Man of Steel into a prison for life—cause Batman doesn’t kill. Those weren’t spoilers by the way, those are fan fictions that point out the obvious. However, the battles that writers put forth are ones to leave a lasting impression on every fan’s mind and these writers certainly wouldn’t want to kill one of the superheroes or the other; maybe some day though, who knows. Most of the stories that are collected in this are fairly impressive and do deliver fascinating adventures where the two Giants go up against each other. The downside is how you’re usually left without the rising events that precedes the confrontations. It would probably be a lot more interesting to read the entire story arc before reaching the climax instead of jumping right into the heated and long awaited moment of the story.


“They’d never give up, either one, ever, until… both of them were… dead.”

— Joe & Jack Kelly, Batman Vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles

           What you mostly get from these stories is the differences between Batman and Superman. Through all six stories, you come to understand what truly is their identities. What one would do and the other wouldn’t. It’s in these details that you find the true beauty of Batman versus Superman. Scott Snyder’s story was probably the most intriguing and original one of them. From start to finish, the main idea that he wanted to deliver was excellent and without a doubt clever. It was also the story with the most innovation and with a lot going on. After all, it was part of the New 52’s Batman Endgame. The artwork was also intriguing. The thing about trade paperbacks that are collections of various stories, compiled for one big theme, is that the artwork is bound to change from one story to the other. This volume collects some of the more modern artworks and they are indubitably eye candy. Thanks to this volume, readers are able to rejoice in various artist talents and enjoy the infinite ways to excel through the comic medium. Batman Vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles succeeds in giving readers a glimpse into numerous beautiful illustrations featuring our two favorite heroes.


“See, but the truth is… when gods do come down… it’s terrifying… because you never know what they’re going to do.”

— Scott Snyder, Batman Vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles

           This compilation is colorful, brilliant and perfect in collecting the greatest battles between Batman and Superman. It gives reader a clear idea of what in store for them once the two heroes get on the big screen. It also gives a great idea of what story arcs to find and read to get a clear idea of how these two Gods go up against each others. The different talents who took on the mantle to think and draw up these stories excel in giving readers a good dose of adrenaline. Without ever going for the easy way out, these stories are well-though, clever and ingenious in their own ways. Although you’d wish them to be friends and bring down evil together, the inner conflicts and the contrast in ideals definitely gives us an excellent story to tell. Batman and Superman will probably be one the best match-ups that every fan would desire. Hopefully, more artists will tackle the task on illustrating the clash between the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel. Hopefully, they’ll bring something absolutely new, witty and original to the table. Hopefully, Batman and Superman will live on forever cause I’m craving for more of these two fellow’s brawls.

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My overall rating: ★★★★☆/

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10 thoughts on “Batman Vs. Superman: The Greatest Battles by Robin Wildman

  1. Top review as always, although I’ll most likley skip this collection (as I already own most if not all of the stories as part of other collections/individual issues) it sounds like it’ll be a good primer for newer/more casual superhero fans going into BvS and hopefully realise there’s more depth to conflict between the two characters than just physical blows.

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    1. Exactly! There’s no real need for anyone who has the original story arcs to get this collection other than wanting to add more books to their collection. Hopefully, this will pique the interest of people and get them to invest some time into some of these Batman and Superman stories. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words! 😀

      – Lashaan

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  2. I didn’t know this came out.. I think the volume wonderful! Thank you for reviewing it too I will buy it for sure since the movie is out real soon. My friends say hello too, ahha we are the guys that always look at your comics review but we never find the time to comment. One of the guys have actually read the battles because he collects other stories and his favourite is also from Snyder.

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    1. Ahhh hey there guys! 😀 Been a while. Thanks for checking out the review, so glad to hear from you guys again! You should definitely check out the volume if you don’t read too many comics. It gives a great idea of how the battles between Batman and Superman are. Snyder’s story was definitely the most entertaining to me. It has so many plot elements, it would also help if you’ve read the whole New 52 Batman issues before the story arc by Snyder shown in this volume.

      – Lashaan


  3. Amazing review!!! It’s so great to read about new comics ! I WAS HESITATING in buying this >< Its new and I dont know what to expect ! I've read so many batman comics and LOOVEE it ! I'm excited for the movie 😀 ARE YOU?? It was a blessing finding your blog!! Comics fans are so rare in this world (blogging world I mean) 😉


    1. They are pretty rare, but there are some pretty decent comic reviewers out there on WordPress. I’m absolutely thrilled about the upcoming movie too ! 😀 Can’t wait to see all the big superheroes show up in the movie. I’m just scared of the abundance of heroes and villains in that sole movie. I know it’s going to build up to foreshadow the upcoming Justice League movie, but I really hope they have a good plot for the Batman and Superman fight! Glad you stumbled upon our blog and I hope to hear from you again on our future posts !

      – Lashaan


  4. You should review the movie too!! And compare it with the graphic novel 😀 Or nst comics in generall 😉 Gosh this is gonna be a BIG BIG YEARR for comics ! ! !

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    1. I know right ! This is definitely the year for comic fans ! So many great movies to come, both from DC and Marvel ! I’ll definitely put up a post related to the movie and, most probably, a trade paperback related to it ! 😀 Thanks for checking out this review though, hope to see you again on our future posts ! ❤

      – Lashaan


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