The Conversion Prophecy by Michael Solomon


“However, although there is a belief that there is total peace in the world, it is not one that Islam truly embraces. According to our Qur’an, there will never be absolute and complete peace until the entire world’s population is converted to Island, a belief that is widely held by every true Moslem in the world.”

— Michael Solomon, The Conversion Prophecy

       It might not be the right time of the year to be talking about a touchy subject like this. Then again, there’s never a good time to talk about the bad things that people do and the wrong reasons that motivate them to do so. The Conversion Prophecy is the story of a global economic power change planned and executed over several years. It’s essentially a conspiracy story that circles around corporations and control over essential resources for human beings. The story conveys a well-thought plan by a secret organization that hopes to convert every human being through starvation and misery so that the Twelfth Imam can appear just like it is written in the Qur’an. While giving readers several point of views to slowly but surely lay out the plot, The Conversion Prophecy spans over several years and focuses on the dialogue between key characters. This tale of terrorism is one to depict an economic downfall for the American government and the G-20 countries, without ever dwelling on the microscopic impacts of an attack of this scale.


“They have been like a pimple on a camel’s ass—no matter how much the beast scratches, it won’t go away.”

— Michael Solomon, The Conversion Prophecy

         As much as I wanted to enjoy this story, the plot dragged on a lot and was mostly repetitive. You’re bound to hear the same story of a secret organization being behind a massive future terrorist attack being whispered from one power-infused-position character to another. In fact, the story is basically a spy thriller that was told in the most factual manner possible. Michael Solomon sets the table for this conversion prophecy for almost half the book and simply adores unnecessary descriptions of characters and setting. There are times that you just sigh and wonder what did knowing that the character was wearing blue sandals and white khakis could actually help readers in understanding that dramatic events that were about to unfold. To top it off, the first half of the book indulged in long descriptions of countless characters that barely ever made much appearances throughout the book. Although the idea behind the foreshadowed terrorist attack was intriguing, the way it was introduced was mediocre. The events in this book was on such a theoretical level that reading about the planning and the expected consequences were simply mundane.


“They have been carrying out a conspiracy in the name of Island, pretending to do their bidding to establish world domination.”

— Michael Solomon, The Conversion Prophecy

           The characters in this novel were just as tedious to tag along with. The two kid protagonists of The Conversion Prophecy were fairly cheesy and unbelievable; in a bad way. To think that they were the key to defusing a terrorist scheme of this level was far-fetched, but it definitely had its entertainment value. However, every other character weren’t special in way. They all felt like highly-placed individuals in society that were divulging crucial information. The villain himself was unimpressive and sounded like any other man. For a novel that was supposed to display a religious terrorist scheme that was bound to rule the world, this novel didn’t manage to instigate fear in any shape or form. Nonetheless, Michael Solomon succeeds in delivering a novel that illustrates extremists and radical individuals who take a page out of a religion in order to justify their actions. Atrociously outrageous on its own, the conversion prophecy that was meant to be exhausted is one to be on the look out. In the world we live in today, it is definitely an economic domination that is most likely to bring forth huge consequences on human life. Or maybe Mother Nature will flip the table and do the job before anyone else could.


“They have no choice. We control everything they need to sustain themselves. It is either our way or nothing. It has been written, and it will be done.”

— Michael Solomon, The Conversion Prophecy

          This international political thriller was a quick fun ride through a plan of world domination. Although it was longer than necessary and was way too repetitive in its dialogue, the core of The Conversion Prophecy is somewhat interesting. The main idea behind the scheme to have everyone begging for resources until they convert to Islam is interesting, but still chaotic. For terrorists who seek to bring the Twelfth Imam without shedding blood or using guns, this book seems to overlook the countless number of deaths that are bound to happen when you strip individuals of essential things that permits them to live. Michael Solomon’s novel is a piece of fiction that is quite interesting, but still has ways to go in the story-telling department. The Conversion Prophecy was told more factually and was far from being immersive. Ultimately, the novel wasn’t memorable and the ending couldn’t hand over the final twist with as much shock as the author would have loved to give.

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My overall rating: ★★★☆☆/

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